Immortal in The Apocalypse – 44

Chapter 44

The rabbit moved again and opened its eyes. A pair of red eyes looked up and saw his masculine jawline. The red eyes were confused for a while before becoming clear. Rubbing its eyes, Tu Tu raised her small head and looked at him again.

“Master, can we go back to see my master?”

Long Shengyu finally looked at the rabbit. When he looked at the rabbit, memories that did not belong to him appeared. It’s like his memory, but also not his memory. Annoyed by those memories that keep coming without stopping, he plans to kill the rabbit. But whenever he raised his hand, he couldn’t bear to let go of those strange memories. He can’t kill the rabbit.

Tu Tu stared at the pair of red pupils that were exactly like her own. The nostalgic little rabbit snuggled up in his arms. He habitually raised his palm and stroked the soft fur of the rabbit.

Tu Tu felt the familiar hand, and said in a low voice, “Master, she must have missed you too. Aren’t you going back to find her?”

He knew who the ‘she’ the rabbit was talking about was. Looking at the faint sunlight falling on his body, he said, “She said she didn’t know me.”

“But you know her.”

“I’m not sure….”

Looking at the faint sunlight for a long time, his eyes hurt. He closed his eyes, and the room fell into silence again.


Inside the Iron base, Zhu Lin was in a bad mood. Her connection with her rabbit was cut off, and she couldn’t feel Tu Tu’s whereabouts at all. It had been two days since the man abducted her rabbit.

Ye Yu looked at her, who was emitting a dark aura, and stared at her calmly. After the strange phenomenon that zombies suddenly stood like statues happened two days ago, the zombie tide is getting bigger and bigger. He knew that the zombie behind this zombie tide was gone. Without a leader, the zombies were instinctively moved and attacked the base where humans gathered.

The statue phenomenon only lasted an hour before the zombies resumed their activities. When Huo Ming and the others came back that day, they already knew that her rabbit had been abducted by a mysterious person. He is sitting in front of Zhu Lin while making new plans. The zombie wave has changed so much that he can no longer use the same plan.

Zou Wuhan opened the door and saw them sitting face to face with dark faces. Not knowing if they had quarreled, he walked to the kitchen and put down the bag in his hand. He walked back to the living room and sat down between them, carefully studying the faces of the two of them.

“You guys quarrel?”

As soon as his question came out, two pairs of eyes looked at him at the same time and successfully shut him up. After a moment, he asked again.

“What’s going on?”

Zhu Lin sighed and said sadly, “I’m worried about Tu Tu.”

“Ah…” Upon receiving her answer, he turned to look at his captain.

Ye Yu wasn’t interested in answering his question, so he stood up and said, “I’ll check the situation.”

“It doesn’t look good, the wall can’t hold it anymore.” Zou Wuhan leaned back and sighed.

Ye Yu lowered his eyes and didn’t speak.

“Huo Bai is monitoring the situation now. He just sent back the latest information.” He added.

After listening to his words, Ye Yu sat back down again. Knowing that his captain was waiting for a report, Zou Wuhan took out a document from his backpack and handed it to Ye Yu.

“The defense of the base can only stand for a few days. Several parts of the city wall have collapsed under the pressure of the zombies. Fang Yaozhi used ability users to make up for the collapsed walls, but it won’t last long.”

Ye Yu flipped through the documents, read the report and asked, “What about the other three sides?”

“No movement.”

He glanced up at Zou Wuhan slightly and continued to read the report. “It appears we need to act before it’s too late.”

Zou Wuhan smiled and asked, “Which one do you want to cut first?”

“The brothers.”

“Ye Yu closed the report, put it on the low table, and said: “Lure the younger brother, use him to strengthen the defense. When his resources run out, we will use the older brother. “

“What about the other two?”

After thinking about it, he said, “Let them go for now.”

Listening to their conversation until now, Zhu Lin suddenly felt a little curious and asked Ye Yu.

“Didn’t you say that you don’t want to get involved in the power struggle? Why did you suddenly change your mind? If you want to treat them as puppets and survive this zombie tide, there is no need to get too deeply involved with them, let alone help any of them.”

Ye Yu smiled at her and asked, “Why do you think I’m helping one of them?”

She smiled at him and said, “If you don’t help one of them, why do you ruin the others? There’s no benefit for you.”

He chuckled and said, “Because Fang Yaozhi came to see me yesterday. He offered a good deal and I agreed.”

Raising her eyebrows, she knew her guess was right. “I understand. Let me know if you need my help.”

Standing up, she looked at them. “I’m going out to find Tu Tu.”

“I will accompany you.”

“No need. You go about your business. I’ll be back soon.”

Before Ye Yu could stop her, she left like a gust of wind. He rubbed his eyebrows and sighed. Zou Wuhan looked at him and smiled wearily.

“Has she forgotten that she has severe directional blindness?”

The room suddenly fell silent. After a while, Ye Yu’s sigh came again.

Coming out of the old dormitory building, Zhu Lin stood in the middle of the street, lost in thought. She should accept Ye Yu’s offer just now. If she went back and let him accompany her, would she lose face? Torn between the need for guidance and the humiliation, she stood there motionless.

“Zhu Lin?” A calm male voice called her.

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