Immortal in The Apocalypse – 45

Chapter 45

Looking up to the direction of the voice, she saw the Hua siblings walking towards her. Seeing them, she smiled slightly and greeted them.

Hua Xi walked faster towards her, then hugged her while complaining. “Why don’t you stay with us? It’s so hard to see you.”

Hua Xi’s warm actions made her a little embarrassed. She patted her on the head and said, “Aren’t we meeting now? It’s rare for everyone to gather together. Why are you here?”

Hua Dong scratched his head and smiled. “Hahaha. We are here to find Mr. Ye.

“Ye Yu?”

“Yes. There is something we want to discuss with him.” Hua Nan said.

“I see. Ye Yu is inside.” She pointed at the old boarding house building.

“Then let’s go in first. See you later.”

Hua Nan waved at her and while Hua Xi was still hugging Zhu Lin, he led his brothers into the building. 

“Brother, I’ll go with Zhu Lin. You go talk, I won’t go. It’s boring.” Hua Xi shouted at their backs.

“Okay. Be careful, remember to come back quickly if the situation is not good.” Hua Dong reminded her.


Seeing her brothers walking in, Hua Xi let go of Zhu Lin and held her hand. “I heard your rabbit was kidnapped. Shall I help you find it?”

Although the brothers and sister of the Hua family have never seen her rabbit, they heard about the kidnapping from Zou Wuhan two days ago. It was the first time they knew that Zhu Lin had a rabbit as a pet. Looking at Hua Xi’s clean and beautiful face without ghost makeup, Zhu Lin was secretly delighted.

Nodding, she gave Hua Xi a sincere smile. “Um. Thank you, Hua Xi.”

Almost blinded by her smile, Hua Xi grinned. “Okay. To find the lost pet, we need information. How about we go to the mission center?”

Zhu Lin didn’t know if the mission center could find out the information about that person named Long Shengyu. He is so strong that he can disappear without a trace before her eyes. It is almost impossible for these humans to find him. But looking at the sincerity in Hua Xi’s eyes, she still nodded.

Hua Xi was satisfied with her answer. She took her hand, and went to the mission center together. Along the way, Zhu Lin saw the current situation of the base. It has only been two days since the zombie tide surrounded the base, but more than seventy percent of the population has already escaped or died.

Now the combat power and supplies are seriously insufficient, and no one can go out from the zombie siege to find supplies. Teammates or family members of the injured ability users wandered around the base, anxiously looking for the medicines seller. Others try to use the crystal nuclei to buy food and water but not many are willing to sell.

High demand for supply and scarcity of goods create high inflation in prices. She looked at the dire situation and gloomy atmosphere in the base with deep eyes. If Tu Tu is there, the rabbit will be happy to have something ready to exchange with the crystal nucleus. Sighing in her heart, she quietly followed behind Hua Xi.

It didn’t take long for them to arrive at the mission center. The bustling place seemed deserted at the moment. When they walked in, there were not many people in the spacious hall. Few people turned their heads to look at them as they stared at Zhu Lin’s Hanfu for a while before looking away. Accustomed to being stared at by such curious eyes, she didn’t react at all.

“Let’s release the missing person information first.” Hua Xi said while leading her to the missing person counter.


Hua Xi stood in front of the counter and knocked on the table. “Hello, we would like to issue a missing person notice.”

The staff handed her a form without looking up, “Fill out the form first.”

Hua Xi took a step aside and asked Zhu Lin to fill in the form. She took a pen and wrote down the information and characteristics of the rabbit. She even drew her rabbit as a portrait in the empty column. After finishing, she put down her pen and let Hua Xi take over.

“We’re done.” Hua Xi returned the form to the staff and waited.

The staff looked at the form and looked up at Hua Xi strangely. “Are you looking for a rabbit?”

She raised her chin and asked, “Got a problem with that?”

The staff smiled and said nothing. He stamped the base stamp on the form and handed it back to her. “Ten crystal nuclei.”

Zhu Lin took out ten crystal nuclei from her Qiankun bag and placed them on the counter, while Hua Xi took the form of a missing person. She brought the form and led Zhu Lin to the notice board where countless missing person forms had already been posted.

She found an empty space in the upper left corner and posted Tu Tu’s missing person form there. Looking at the cute little rabbit drawing on the paper, Hua Xi was very satisfied. Turning to look at Zhu Lin, she said: “Just wait now. What do you want to do after this?”

Zhu Lin looked at the missing person form and said, “Go to get more crystal nucleus.”

She was in a hurry to recover from her injuries. In the past two days, she felt that there was a seal in her inner palace, sealing part of her memory. To break that seal, she must first restore her original strength. Therefore, she must obtain more high ranked crystal nuclei as soon as possible.

“I’ll go with you. These days, my brothers really don’t want me to earn crystal nuclei. I’m almost suffocated to death in that small room.”

Looking at Hua Xi’s funny face, she couldn’t help but chuckled softly. “Let’s go together.”

Deciding what to do, they walked out of the mission center. When they walked to the entrance of the base, a man stepped out of the shadows on the street corner. The tall figure cannot be completely hidden in the shadows. Looking at their backs, he pulled down the hood and followed them from a distance.

While no one was paying attention to him, a small white head poked out from the half-opened hoodie jacket. His fingers gently pressed down on the small head, and a low voice came from under the mask.

“Don’t make trouble.”

The rabbit struggled for a while. It still showed a small part of its eyes, and glanced up at his covered face. “Master, why did you secretly follow my master?”

There was no answer for a long time. Until Tu Tu thought he would not answer this question, he asked the rabbit slowly. “If she knows I’m following her, won’t she snatch you back?”

Although Tu Tu has lived for more than twenty two thousand years, her personality is still that of a ten year old child. Not understanding the reason behind his question, the rabbit tilted her head in confusion.

“Then the master stayed with my master. If you two are together as before, there is no need to snatch me.”

Long Shengyu paused his footsteps for a few seconds, before continuing to follow behind the two women in front of him. His eyes were gloomy as he said softly, “He is not me.”

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