Immortal in The Apocalypse – 46

Chapter 46

Zhu Lin and Hua Xi stood on the half collapsed high wall, looking at the devastated scene below. Despite the continuous efforts of human beings, the number of zombies around the Iron base has doubled from the initial number. The corpses of the zombies continue to pile up, forming a ladder for the next wave of zombies.

It was obvious at a glance that the advantage of this high wall was gradually diminishing. Not to mention the part of the city wall that has collapsed, the current six meter high wall feels only two meters high. Standing on the top of the wall, the zombie’s claws almost touched the corner of her clothes several times.

Zhu Lin drew out her long sword, examined the situation calmly, and said to Hua Xi. “I want to hunt zombies above third rank. Can you help me dig out their crystal nuclei? I will split the crystal nuclei with you later.”

As a water type ability user, Hua Xi’s attack power is weaker than others. Killing a low ranked zombie is enough, but killing a high ranked zombie is simply impossible with her current second rank abilities. Thinking about how many crystal nuclei she needs to rank up, she agreed.


After receiving her answer, Zhu Lin activated the immortal arts light step technique, circulated the sword aura to strengthen her muscles and bones, and jumped into the sea of zombies.


As she leaped into the air, the power of her sword aura sent cracks through her soles to the top of the wall. Standing on the high wall, Hua Xi watched the impact of Zhu Lin’s soles, her eyes were as wide as marbles. Swallowing, she searched Zhu Lin’s figure with her eyes, and found that she had already started the beheading madness a hundred meters away.

“She is really strong…”

While Hua Xi was stunned by the speed at which she beheaded the zombies, Zhu Lin was immersed in the tension of the battle. She likes the feeling of blood rushing through her veins, and the feeling of becoming one with the sword. For fear of destroying the world, it was difficult for her to truly display her true strength in the Six Realms before. But now, without using any divine power, she can release it to her heart’s content and feel the thrill of fighting.

Circulating the immortal arts, her body instantly became lighter and faster. With a movement of her wrist, she cut off the heads of several zombies with one move, and she used the decapitated corpses as her footsteps before they fell to the ground.

Tap! Tap!

Soaring into the sky again, her divine sense spread out. There are at least a few hundred second rank zombies and less than one hundred third rank zombies around the Iron base. She landed gently on the ground, harvested more zombies’ heads along the way, and then soared into the air again.

Crystal nuclei below fourth rank are useless to her. As she goes deep into the zombie tide, she is looking for higher ranked zombies. Behind her, Hua Xi could no longer follow her. She decided to go back to the wall of the base to kill ordinary zombies and first rank zombies.

Hua Xi raised her head, and saw a pale yellow figure shuttle among the zombies, like a dancing immortal. The awe in her eyes turned into determination after a while, as she continued to work harder to kill the zombies around the walls.

While Zhu Lin was immersed in the battle, Long Shengyu was standing on the top of the wall with the excited Tu Tu, hiding under the shadow.

“Master! Quick! There are still so many sparkling crystals in there!”

He looked down at the pair of furry paws that slapped his arm calmly. He gripped those paws with his fingers.

“Stop hitting my arm.”

Tu Tu lost her composure, looked up at him, and said, “There are so many crystal nuclei there. My master is too busy to pick them up. I have to go and help her!”

While Tu Tu was talking, she saw a group of humans picking those crystal nuclei, and became agitated. “Look! Those humans actually stole my master’s crystal nuclei!”

Long Shengyu raised his eyes and looked in the direction the rabbit pointed. He didn’t understand why the rabbit was excited at one moment and angry at another moment. He stroked the soft fur to calm the rabbit.

“Does she like those crystal nuclei?”

Tu Tu glanced at him, then turned her gaze back to those humans who were collecting crystal nuclei in the distance. Her childlike voice sounded calmer when she answered him.

“It’s not that my master likes it. But she needs it.”


Raising his eyebrows, he hummed to let the rabbit know that he understood. He wasn’t interested in asking why, because he was only interested in those memories that appeared when he was with the rabbit. Not satisfied with his reaction, Tu Tu struggled to break away from his fingers and arm.

“Master, let me go! I need to pick those crystal nuclei quickly before those people take them all away.”

Watching the fluffy little white ball desperate attempt to escape, he let go of his fingers. After finally breaking free from Long Shengyu’s arm, Tu Tu rushed towards the heads of the unharvested zombies.

Whoosh~ Whoosh~

The rabbit is small and its movement is very fast, leaving only a white fuzzy shadow wherever it passes. Those who were fighting the zombies saw a white light passing by, thinking that they were too tired and were deceived by their own eyes.


Stepping lightly on the zombie’s head, Zhu Lin rose into the air again and turned her body around in the air. Looking back in the direction of the base, she saw her little rabbit rushing towards her. A smile broke out on her calm face as soon as she saw the small white ball.

“Tu Tu! You’re back!”

With tears in Tu Tu’s red eyes, she rushed over and hugged her master tightly. Two small paws tightly grasped Zhu Lin’s collar, as her small body trembled.

“Master! I really miss you! Wuu… Wuu…”

Feeling the wetness of her clothes, she kissed her bunny while cutting off the head of another group of zombies. “I miss you as well.”

Stopping crying, Tu Tu raised her head and said, “Master, let me collect those crystal nuclei for you. A group of humans are stealing your crystal nuclei!”

Zhu Lin looked in the direction Tu Tu pointed, and saw more than a dozen humans digging out the crystal nuclei from the heads of the zombies that she chopped off. Refusing to be taken advantage of, she let go of Tu Tu.


“Yes, master!”

With her master’s permission, the little rabbit was excited like she had returned to the spirit mountain. Without wasting any more time, Tu Tu runs around at a very fast speed. Wherever the rabbit passed, there was a hole in the head of the beheaded zombie’s head on the ground.

Seeing her rabbit happily collecting those crystal nuclei, Zhu Lin turned her attention back to find a high ranked zombie. With her eyes closed, she spread her divine sense again. This time, she discovered that a more powerful dark energy was approaching her at an extremely high speed. Before she had time to open her eyes, the incoming zombie’s sharp claws were already aimed at her head.


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