Immortal in The Apocalypse – 47

Chapter 47


In the chaos of human screams and zombie roars, there was a loud sound of metal collisions. Zhu Lin, who was repelled by this powerful blow, somersaulted a few times in the air, and then landed lightly on the ground. Without raising her head, she raised her sword to block another round of attacks.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Every time her sword collides with the zombie’s sharp claws, sparks fly everywhere. The immortal art was activated, and the sword energy in her body accelerated. Her movements and reactions became faster and faster. In just a few seconds, she turned the situation around and began to fight back against the zombie.

Slash! Clang! Swish! Clang!

The high rank zombie who is fighting with her now is a fifth rank wind ability zombie. It has a small body and moves very fast. If the zombie decided to attack the base instead of her, the human casualties would be disastrous.

With a flick of her wrist, the sword moved like a snake, drawing countless wounds on the zombie’s body, but failed to deal any significant injuries.


With a roar, the wind zombie jumped ten meters back, raised two claws and cross slashes at her. Two huge wind blades struck in Zhu Lin’s direction, cutting all the low rank zombies along the way into pieces. Her eyes flickered as she stood up and waited for the incoming wind blade.

Making a hand seal with her left hand, she raised the sword and swiped it from the hilt to the tip with the index and middle fingers of her left hand. The moment her fingers touched the sword body, the sword shone with ice blue color light, and the temperature around her plummeted.

Bang! Shss…

Two huge invisible wind blades collided with her sword and solidified instantly, allowing everyone who was watching the battle to see the true form of the wind blades. She clenched her long sword tightly and slashed towards the frozen wind blade that was still colliding with her sword, shattering it into pieces.

Bang! Crash!

The force of the blow sent dust and cold wind flying, clearing a circular area around her as the center. Raising her head, she looks for the wind zombie but it has already disappeared. Zhu Lin didn’t panic. She closed her eyes, and her divine sense spread, covering a radius of a few kilometers around her.

Tap! Whosh~ Tap! Tap!

Focusing on the movement of the wind zombie, she heard footsteps, jumping and wind sounds, telling her where the wind zombie’s location was at this time. Continuing to wait for the next attack of the wind zombies, she stood motionless in the middle of the zombie tide. On the city wall, Fang Yaozhi was watching her with binoculars.

“Who is she?” There was deep surprise and a hint of interest in his calm tone.

Beside him, Zou Wuhan also watched her fight with the wind zombie, the corners of his mouth twitching from time to time. Putting down the binoculars in his hand, he glanced at Fang Yaozhi for a few seconds, then raised the binoculars and watched the battle again.

Not knowing that her battle with the wind zombie had aroused the interest of others, Zhu Lin still didn’t move. Seconds passed, and she had been standing for several minutes under such heavy pressure. When she felt a gust of wind approaching her back at an extremely fast speed, she knew that the wind zombie had made a move.

Swish~ Swish~ Swish~

This time, instead of parrying, she bent down slightly, and countless wind blades passed over her head, chopping countless zombies in front of her into pieces. With her body slightly bent, she jumped in the direction of the wind zombie.


The ground cracked as she leaped backward, leaving a cobweb-like rift. The sword light was still bright, as she slashed at the wind zombie, and cut off one of the wind zombie’s arms. When the severed limb fell to the ground, thick black blood splashed on the ground.


The wind zombie was furious, roared, and rushed towards her, wishing to rip her into pieces. Seeing the unscrupulous attacks of the wind zombies, the corners of her lips rose slightly. The opportunity she had been waiting for finally came.

Standing on the ground calmly, she made another hand seal, and an ice blue formation appeared behind her. This is one of the sword formations she created that specializes in attacking. The tip of the sword points to the sky, and her index and middle fingers of the left hand point to the wind zombie.


With a slash of the sword, the formation behind her soared into the sky, and countless sword energy in the form of ice swords flew out of the formation, pouring down towards the wind zombie. The wind zombie roared, as the sword rain pierced it into porcupine, blasting holes in its rotting body.

“Roar! Roar!”

Since the zombie didn’t feel any pain, the wind zombie ignored the countless ice swords falling from the formation in the air, and rushed towards Zhu Lin as before. She didn’t move, and made another hand seal before clenching her left hand tightly.



The ice swords that stabbed the wind zombie, as well as the zombies around her, all exploded, leaving countless huge pits full of rotting flesh and dark thick blood. The loud explosion shook the ground for a few seconds, and the humans who were still fighting fiercely around the high wall stopped when the ground shook, while the zombies staggered and fell to the ground. A few seconds later, the battle around the wall resumed.

Zou Wuhan watched Zhu Lin’s fight from the top of the wall, and was speechless for a moment. He knew she was strong, but he never knew she was so strong. Just when he was still questioning his eyes, Fang Yaozhi’s voice came from his left side.

“I heard that one of your members is female and always wears Hanfu. Is it her?”

Lowering the binoculars, Zou Wuhan smiled at Fang Yaozhi and said, “Yes. She is one of our core members. Why did Mr. Fang ask?

Fang Yaozhi didn’t look at Zou Wuhan, because his attention was still on Zhu Lin. There was a smile on his lips as he spoke. “I want Mr. Zou to introduce her to me.”

Hearing his request, the twitching of Zou Wuhan’s lips became obvious. He secretly rolled his eyes at Fang Yaozhi, despising him as an idiot. With which eye does he see that he can control Zhu Lin? It’s already good if she doesn’t control him in return, all right.

Without giving him a clear answer, Zou Wuhan said with a business-like smile. “That will have to wait for our captain’s decision. When we get an answer to your request, I will contact Mr. Fang.”

Fang Yaozhi looked away from Zhu Lin and looked at Zou Wuhan. He frowned slightly, apparently displeased with Zou Wuhan’s answer. Looking at Zou Wuhan’s smiling face, he sneered and said, “Is she yours? You still need Captain Ye’s consent before I can talk to her?”

Zou Wuhan shrugged and pretended to be helpless. “I’m sorry, Mr. Fang. I have no authority over this. It is her wish not to participate in other parts of our team’s business. All matters related to her must first go through our captain.”

Throwing the binoculars to the soldiers behind him, Fang Yaozhi looked at the zombie tide in front of him for a while. After a few minutes of silence, he said, “Make an appointment with Captain Ye.”

“Yes, sir.” The soldiers behind him responded to his order and turned to leave.

Knowing that his task was completed, Zou Wuhan said, “Well, I’ll take my leave first. I hope that Mr. Fang can give us a satisfactory answer.”

After speaking, he walked down the wall and glanced in Zhu Lin’s direction. When he thought about how many things he still had to deal with because of her, he suddenly had a headache.

Long Shengyu hid in the shadows, quietly listening to the conversation between Fang Yaozhi and Zou Wuhan. He looked at Zhu Lin and Tu Tu who were busy collecting crystal nuclei in the zombie tide for a while. Raising his hand, he controls the zombies and disperse the zombie tide.


With his current mental strength, it is still very difficult to completely control so many zombies at once. He swayed and leaned against the wall behind him. Seeing the slowly dispersing zombies, he clenched his hands and teleported back to his dark room in an instant.

Sitting in the chair, his head throbbed as he closed his eyes. Watching her fight with the wind zombie just now, he suddenly had an urge to fight alongside her. The future is long, and he can take revenge slowly. But it is almost impossible for him to find someone who can make his heart beat.

In that dark room, soft chuckles echoed slowly. As the chuckle faded away, a deep male voice came from the dark room like a desperate prayer.

“I really wish I was him…”

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