Immortal in The Apocalypse – 48

Chapter 48

Standing in the slowly receding tide of zombies, Zhu Lin felt the breath of heaven for a moment before dissipating. Looking at the top of the high wall, she frowned slightly. While the humans were busy cleaning up the zombies around the half-collapsed wall, she ran back to the base with Tu Tu on her shoulder.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

With a light jump, she landed on the top of the wall, where Long Shengyu was standing a few seconds ago. When she saw a few drops of blood on the ground, her frown deepened. If her senses just now were correct, it was that man who stood here just now. Looking at the blood, she couldn’t think of anyone who could hurt him.

Tu Tu jumped off from Zhu Lin’s shoulder, sniffed the blood on the ground for a while before raising her head and looking at her master.

“Master, he is injured. There is a trace of Heavenly Dao’s aura in this blood.”

Picking up her own rabbit, Zhu Lin fell into deep thought. After a long silence, she said, “Do you think he is the Heavenly Dao?”

Tu Tu shook her small head, and said confidently. “He is not the Heavenly Dao. He is my master and your husband.”


Taken aback by Tu Tu’s words, she couldn’t react for a while. What is this rabbit talking about? She never had any lover, or even a husband in her life. Picking up the rabbit, she looked at those red eyes with displeasure.

“Don’t talk nonsense and ruin my reputation. I have never had a lover or been married before, and he is not your master. I am your master.”

Tu Tu looked into her master’s eyes and sighed inwardly. The master is so forgetful, what should she do? Can someone help this little bunny?

Seeing that her rabbit was obedient, Zhu Lin smiled and said, “Since you said he is not the Heavenly Dao, then we need to find the real Heavenly Dao. Without the Heavenly Dao, this world cannot survive.”

Turning around, she looked at the zombie tide slowly dispersing. She had a hunch that it must have something to do with that man. While she was still observing the movements of the zombies outside the wall, a group of men and women were in the middle of a meeting.


Tu Dazi was so angry that he banged the table and pointed at his younger brother, Tu Erzi. His face was flushed with anger, and his whole body was shaking.

“You white eyed wolf! I raised you up and let you live comfortably, how dare you covet my wife?!”

Tu Erzi, who was sitting on the right, was displeased when his elder brother pointed at him. He raised his chin and smiled mockingly at his elder brother. “Brother, don’t make a fuss about women. Don’t you feel ashamed to talk about family affairs in front of Chief Sun?”


He ignored his brother and looked at the woman sitting on the other side of the oval table. “Chief Sun, don’t you think so?”

The woman leaned back on the chair, blowing on her beautifully painted nails, but didn’t answer him. She is wearing an elegant and sexy dress with perfect makeup and bodyguards standing behind her. She is one of the co-founders of this Iron base, Sun Cui. Only she knew that Fang Yaozhi was the one who leaked the news about affairs between Tu Dazi’s wife and Tu Erzi.

Not getting her attention, Tu Erzi sneered secretly. His eyes wandered over her sexy body in secret, perfectly concealing his desire under his gentlemanly facade. Looking up, he looked at his elder brother and said, “Enough about that woman. Aren’t we talking about the zombie tide?”

Hearing him talking about the zombie tide, Sun Cui leaned over to the large oval table and asked, “Mr. Tu, what do you want to talk about about the zombie tide?”

He smiled gentlemanly at her and said, “You can just call me Brother Erzi.”

Sun Cui began to get impatient with his actions, and frowned. “Stop talking nonsense. What about the zombie tide?”

Seeing her displeased expression, Tu Erzi shrugged and said, “I just received a new report of the zombie tide. Thirty minutes ago, the zombie tide surrounding our base suddenly dispersed. Judging from the observation report, there is a high ranked zombie, who controls the zombie tide from the shadow. Today, a young woman in ancient clothes killed a wind zombie of the fifth rank. Afterwards, the zombie tide slowly dissipated. Although there are still many zombies attacking the base, it’s not as organized as it used to be.”

After listening to the report, Sun Cui looked at Tu Dazi who was burning with anger, and asked, “What does Chief Tu think about this?”

Tu Dazi suppressed his anger, sat back in his chair, and answered her. “That young woman, we must get her. With her strength, we can further expand the base and cut off the East’s control. I’ve had enough of working for those old bastards.”

Sun Cui tapped the table with her red nails, and glanced at Fang Yaozhi who was sitting quietly on the side. She already knew that her ex-boyfriend was in contact with a man named Ye Yu, and was planning to deal with the Tu brothers. Knowing his temperament and ambitions, she doesn’t want to disturb his plan, because she can benefit from it no matter the outcome.

After calculating for a while, she still decided to continue to sit on the sideline and get something without needing to do anything. She smiled and looked at Tu Dazi. “Then… This problem should be left to Chief Tu?”

Tu Dazi glanced at his younger brother and fell into deep thought. A few minutes later, he said, “Okay. But I want ten high rank ability users from Chief Sun. You also know how strong that young woman is, and I lack ability users. Chief Sun will not refuse this small request, right?”

Clenching her hands under the table, Sun Cui couldn’t help sneering in her heart. What a greedy mouth! Although she was very angry at Tu Dazi’s greed, her face was still calm, as her red lips evoked a seductive smile.

“Naturally. I’ll send the team to Chief Tu tomorrow. But I want the results in three days.”

Getting a team of high ranked ability users from Sun Cui, Tu Dazi was very satisfied and nodded. “I will let you know the result in three days.”

“Great. Now, if there’s nothing to discuss, I’ve got things to do.”

Sun Cui got up gracefully and left the conference room. When walking past Fang Yaozhi, she bent down and whispered in his ear. “Ah Zhi, come to me if you need anything. You know where I live.”

Looking at his handsome profile, she kissed him lightly and left. As soon as the door was closed, Tu Erzi clapped his hands mockingly and said, “Deputy Fang is really capable. I don’t know how you made that proud Chief Sun like you so much. This really opened my eyes.”

Fang Yaozhi ignored his sarcastic remarks, stood up directly, and nodded to Tu Dazi. “Chief Tu, there are still many things to deal with. I will take my leave first.”


With his permission, Fang Yaozhi left the meeting room with his men without even looking at Tu Erzi. 

“Tsk!” Seeing Fang Yaozhi walking away, Tu Erzi spit on the ground.

There were loud shouts in the conference room as the door closed behind him. With a sneer, he calmly walked away with his subordinates.

“How’s the preparation?”

The assistant who was walking two steps behind him opened the report and said, “It’s almost ready. With the help of Captain Ye and his team, the preparations are going smoothly. However, the reward they want is quite excessive.”

“No problem. Give them what they want.”


The assistant whispered something to the soldier beside him, who nodded, turned around and left. Fang Yaozhi left the central command building and returned to his mansion. Before he started, there was one last step to prepare. He has to replace these idiots before he could start his plan.

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