Immortal in The Apocalypse – 49

Chapter 49

A week after the zombie tide receded suddenly, the Iron base was still in danger of being besieged by hundreds of thousands of zombies. There was a shortage of food and medicine, and countless people died of starvation and injury. While the people are struggling to survive, the leaders are busy fighting for power.

In the old boarding house, the Silverline Squad, Zhu Lin and the Dawn Squad were crowded in the small living room and dining room. Their faces were calm, without any panic. It was as if the dire situation at the Iron base had nothing to do with them.

Chen Xiaoxian, the captain of the Dawn Squad, looked at Ye Yu and said, “Captain Ye, we agreed to your proposal a few days ago. We will go with you to build your new base. Last time, my team was powerless. But this time , we will help you as much as we can.”

“Thank you.” Ye Yu nodded to him.

“This is what we should do as members of your base.” Chen Xiaoxian said with a smile.

It is really a coincidence to meet this Dawn Squad here. Knowing that they lived in his base before, Ye Yu decided to recruit them to help his father build their new base. He just tried it and didn’t expect anything. But today, Chen Xiaoxian brought his team members to visit. They came just in time before their plan to leave the Iron base was finalized.

While talking, Zou Wuhan took out a stack of documents and put them on the low table. “Since Captain Chen has agreed, I will share the information we have with you.”

He didn’t speak until Chen Xiaoxian and Long Xiyin finished reading the materials. After they closed the reports, he spoke again.

“As the report said, the power struggle in this Iron base is coming to an end. Fang Yaozhi’s plan succeeded, splitting the Tu brothers and causing them to kill each other. Although they coveted Zhu Lin’s power, and attempted to kidnap Zhu Lin several times, none worked.”

Hearing that the leader of the Iron base was going to kidnap Zhu Lin, all members of the Dawn Squad looked at each other, seeing the same questioning look in each other’s eyes. Did they break their heads? They really dare to kidnap her?

People really shouldn’t be competing with each other. They simply cannot win against the stupidity of these leaders. It really takes courage to try to kidnap her after seeing her strength. They secretly gave the Tu brothers and Sun Cui a thumbs up in their hearts. Seeing their reactions, Zou Wuhan chuckled and continued calmly.

“Thanks to their attempt to kidnap Zhu Lin, we have arrested more than fifty ability users. The average strength of these ability users is at the third rank, and the highest is at the fifth rank. When Fang Yaozhi succeeds in his rebellion and pays us, we will work together and get out of this base. In the meantime, please prepare as much as you can before the departure time.”

After Chen Xiaoxian finished listening, he glanced at his best friend Long Xiyin. What Zou Wuhan said just now, both of them captured very important information. They arrested more than fifty ability users, and the strongest of which was the fifth rank ability user. To be able to arrest such a powerful opponent, how strong is this Silverline Squad?

They were not wrong in their thinking, but they were also wrong. They were wrong because it was not Ye Yu and the others who arrested those ability users, but Zhu Lin. But they also were not mistaken, because Ye Yu’s team did have the ability to capture those ability users alive.

Looking at each other, Chen Xiaoxian nodded. “I understand. Since there is still time before departure, I will finish my business here first. I will wait for the departure time from Vice Captain Zou.”

“Alright.” After talking, Zou Wuhan smiled and shook hands with Chen Xiaoxian, while Ye Yu just sat there and listened to them.

Wei Ziming, who was leaning against the wall, has been looking at Zhu Lin with a smile since he saw her when they arrived. Seeing that the official meeting was over, he approached her with a smile on his face. Under everyone’s gaze, he sat directly on the floor next to her chair.

“Zhu Lin, do you remember me?”

Zhu Lin looked at him and couldn’t remember his face, but she remembered his voice. His cheerful and energetic voice is unique and memorable. She nodded and said, “I remember your voice. Didn’t we meet in the zombie city before the toxic acid rain?”

Hearing what she said, Wei Ziming’s eyes lit up. He nodded like a chicken pecking rice. “That’s right! I’m Wei Ziming. I’m glad you remember me.”


Chen Xiaoxian deliberately coughed to remind his friends, but was ignored. He glanced at Ye Yu and the others, and saw that their expressions were not very good looking. It’s like Wei Ziming wants to steal their treasure. Fearing that his friend would die under six pairs of sharp eyes, Chen Xiaoxian coughed again.

“Ahem! Ziming, we have to go. There is still a lot of work to do before we leave the base.”

Wei Ziming looked back at his captain, and said with an innocent face. “You used to do it alone. You don’t need me to follow you, do you? I still want to talk to Zhu Lin. We only met again after so long.”

Zhu Lin looked at his tired face and nodded in support of his words. It’s really been a long time since they saw each other again. Seeing her nodding her head, Chen Xiaoxian covered his face in his heart. What are you nodding for?

Chen Xiaoxian pulled the corners of his lips to force a smile, and said, “Then I will let Qingqing and Bingxin go with you. They also wanted to talk to Miss Zhu. “

Sitting quietly on the couch, Ning Qingqing and Yang Bingxin were dragged into the water. They glanced at their own captain, and saw him sneaking a glance at the Silverline Squad. As soon as their eyes moved, they saw six pairs of eyes staring at Wei Ziming vigilantly.

Ning Qingqing finally understood what he meant, and said, “That’s right. When I met Zhu Lin at the gate of the base, I wanted to chat with her. But the situation at that time was inappropriate.”

“This is correct. We would also like to thank Zhu Lin for her reminder that day. Otherwise, we would not have been able to defend the wall on time. Her reminder saved many lives.” Yang Bingxin added.

Under the awkward situation, Long Xiyin suddenly spoke. “I also want to talk to Miss Zhu.”

This time, it wasn’t just Ye Yu and the others who were looking at him. Even his teammates looked at him in surprise. It’s not a secret that the vice captain of the Dawn Squad values his words more than gold. And now, he said he wanted to talk to someone? The most important thing is, does he want to talk to the opposite sex? Is the sun coming out from the west today?

Long Xiyin didn’t care about those gazes as he looked at Zhu Lin and said, “Do you know a man named Long Shengyu?”

Hearing this name, Zhu Lin looked into his eyes. Her reaction fell into everyone’s eyes, and the expressions on their faces were also varied. Knowing that her silence was an admission, Long Xiyin continued: “I know him too.”

“What’s your relationship with him?” She asked with a frown.

“He’s my younger cousin. Our fathers are brothers.”


His teammates exclaimed in unison. Besides Chen Xiaoxian, none of them knew he had a younger cousin. Zou Wuhan had heard of Long Shengyu’s name before and knew that he was the successor of the Long family, the founder of the Dragon base.

But he disappeared twenty years ago. According to a police report at that time, Long Shengyu died after being kidnapped. He couldn’t help but glance at Zhu Lin, thinking how she knew Long Shengyu. He glanced between her and Long Xiyin, and asked her curiously after a while.

“Zhu Lin, how did you know this Long Shengyu? Have you actually met him?”

Zhu Lin frowned in displeasure, and answered him calmly. “Um. He’s the one who kidnapped Tu Tu.”

“What?!” At this moment, everyone present was stunned, while Ye Yu raised his eyebrows at her with curiosity clear in his eyes.

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