Immortal in The Apocalypse – 42

Chapter 42

Walking to the small window, Ye Yu looked at the situation outside. He observed for a few minutes, then moved away from the window and sat on the old couch in the living room. Seeing his captain’s calm face, Quan Yun quickly sat down beside him.

“Captain, do you have any plans?”

Ye Yu glanced at him and gave him a word. “Wait.”

“Wait? What are we waiting for?”

He couldn’t understand his captain’s way of thinking at all. The horde of zombies has already attacked the wall of the Iron base, and he still wants them to wait?

Huo Bai patted Quan Yun’s head and walked to the dining table. “Don’t be nervous. Let’s just wait as Brother Yu said.”

Touching his head, Quan Yun looked at him. “But I’m anxious, ah.”

“If you are anxious, let’s kill some zombies to calm down and earn crystal nuclei with your uncle.” Fu Hu said while wearing his metal gloves.

Quan Yun didn’t say anything, but still left with Fu Hu. Seeing them go out to exercise, Huo Ming looked at Huo Bai. “Brother, are you going too?”

Huo Bai shook his head, but he didn’t lift his head from the drawing book. “You go. I’m busy here.”


He took out the small waist bag from the bedroom, and walked to the door. Before leaving, he looked at the other three and asked, “Do you guys want to go together?”

Ye Yu and Zou Wuhan shook their heads, but Zhu Lin stood up. “I want to.”

Happy to gain a strong team member, he smiled at her. “Let’s go. We’re going to snatch the high ranked crystal nuclei from Uncle Fu and Quan Yun.”

Before they closed the door, Ye Yu’s voice came from the room. “Don’t kill too much. Keep a low profile.”

“Yes sir.” With that said, they also left the old boarding house building.

Sitting in the living room, Zou Wuhan looked at his captain. “You want them to fall into despair before making a move?”

Ye Yu glanced at him and didn’t speak, but the faint smile on his lips had already given Zou Wuhan an answer. Zou Wuhan couldn’t help shaking his head, and lit candles for the leaders of the base.


Back in their small apartment, Hua Nan explained everything he knew today to his siblings. Accompanied by the screams and chaos outside, the siblings fell into silence. Hua Dong looked at his siblings and said solemnly. “We’ll stay.”

The other three looked at their eldest brother and nodded. With the current development of the situation, instead of running away and having nowhere to hide, it is better to stay and guard the base.

Hua Nan agreed with his brother and said, “Let’s do that. Xiaobei, how much food did you prepare today?”

Hua Bei looked at the dining table full of boxes, and said, “It’s enough for a month. Five people’s rations, three times a day.”

“That much?” Hua Xi was taken aback when she heard her younger brother’s words.

Hua Bei counted with his fingers, and said: “There are still fruits, desserts, snacks, and dry food. Sister Lin had already kept them before she left.”

Hua Nan wrote down the list in his notebook and said, “I have to ask Zhu Lin to help keep these foods too.”


“By the way, where is Zhu Lin? Why didn’t she come back with you?” Hua Xi looked at his brother with a puzzled expression.

Hua Nan still listed the food while answering her. “She met her friends and they chatted at their place.”


He glanced at his sister’s face and continued: “Don’t interfere with other people’s privacy.”

“I know.”

After sorting out the list, he handed it to Hua Bei. “Xiaobei, you are in charge of our logistics. I don’t know how long this zombie tide will last. It would be best if we can reduce our food consumption so the supplies can last longer.”

“Okay.” Hua Bei folded the list and nodded.

Hua Nan looked at his brother and sister, and said, “Brother, Xixi, let’s go out tomorrow and hunt some crystal nuclei.”

Thinking about his suggestion, Hua Xi has no objection. “I just listen to the arrangement of my second brother.”

“Good. Today, we’re not going out yet. We’re going to fill these bottles with as much water as we can and then sell them when the time is right.”

“Okay.” The other three nodded.

Having temporarily completed their plan, the siblings quickly stood up and started to work.


On the high walls of the base, ability users and soldiers are busy killing zombies. Colorful skills were thrown at the zombies like fireworks, and the echo of gunfire made the zombies even more excited.

Standing on the base’s wall, Fang Yaozhi looked at the zombies coming in like a tide. The reason why it is called a zombie tide is because when you clear the first wave of zombies, the next wave of zombies has already arrived like the ocean, not giving humans much time to rest.

By the time the fourth wave of zombies hit the high wall, most of the ammunition had been used up. Taking the radio communicator from the soldier beside him, Fang Yaozhi pressed the button.

“Let the soldiers retreat and deploy the ability users.”

“Yes sir.” The answer came from the radio.

He returned the radio communicator to the soldier, took out two long swords, and jumped off the high wall. The ability was activated, and his figure flashed, leaving behind a shadow. With skillful movements, he chopped off the heads of more than a dozen zombies with one move.

Slash! Slash! Slash!

While chopping off the zombie’s head like a cabbage, he yelled at the soldiers by the city wall. “Pick up the crystal nucleus!”

The soldiers quickly ran down from the city wall and came out to pick up the crystal nuclei. With the joint efforts of soldiers, hired guards and ability users, the pressure on the city wall can be temporarily relieved. When Huo Ming and Zhu Lin arrived, they couldn’t find Fu Hu and Quan Yun in the crowd. It’s hard to find a single person in the middle of the battlefield.

“I’ll go first.” Huo Ming said, and lightly jumped off the wall of the base.

Seeing that Huo Ming had disappeared into the sea of ​​zombies, Zhu Lin was also ready to join the battle. She took out her sword and was about to jump. But before she could make a move, Tu Tu’s figure suddenly appears in front of her.

“Master! It’s the Heavenly Dao!”

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