Immortal in The Apocalypse – 41

Chapter 41

Zhu Lin looked at the map Ye Yu was pointing at, and said, “Eastern area… Isn’t that the Dragon Base?”

“That’s right.”

His slender fingers followed a blue line and landed on a small dot in the middle of the map. “This is where we are now.”

Looking at those few lines, Hua Nan’s scalp felt numb. He hesitated but still asked. “Doesn’t that mean we are at the main line of the zombie tide?”


When Ye Yu confirmed his guess, he was stunned. They must leave this base as soon as possible. He couldn’t let his siblings have an accident. He looked at Zhu Lin and asked, “Zhu Lin, do you want to leave with us?”

Before she could answer, Ye Yu said, “You better stay.”

Hua Nan was puzzled and asked, “Why?”

“Along the way, when we were looking for Zhu Lin, we encountered a zombie tide several times. As long as we stay away, the zombie tide will leave us alone.”

After listening to his explanation, he suddenly realized something. He looked at Ye Yu, and Ye Yu nodded at him. Hua Nan was silent for a while, and said, “If we can’t leave, what should we do? The zombie tide will pass through this base for sure?.”

This time, Huo Bai said, “We defend. According to our observation, behind this zombie wave, there is a high rank zombie. It must be at least rank seven. As long as we guard long enough, this high ranking zombie will bypass this base.”

“How can you be so sure? There is no information on zombies above fifth rank.” Hua Nan looked at him doubtfully.

Huo Bai looked at him and chuckled lightly. He pointed to the circle in the middle of the countless lines on the map. “Because its goal is here. The Dragon base in the east.”

Seeing the confusion on his face, Huo Bai continued. “Dragon Base is by far the strongest base in the apocalypse. To attack this base, the zombie must at least regain consciousness and have high intelligence and enough strength. If the zombie wants to regain consciousness, it must be at least fifth rank or higher. But this is not enough to command hundreds of thousands of zombies. This kind of power to command hundreds of thousands of zombies can only be achieved by zombies above the seventh rank.”

After listening to his explanation, Hua Nan couldn’t close his mouth. Today, he has received unbearable bad news. He left without saying a word, and went back to find his siblings. They have to discuss it carefully and make a plan.

“Is he okay?” Fu He raised his eyebrows and pointed to the closed door.

“Should be.” Zhu Lin answered him calmly.

She turned her attention back to Ye Yu. Knowing him, she asked to be sure. “Have you made any preparations in advance?”

He nodded to her. “We made some preparations. But we can’t do much because we don’t want to get involved in a power struggle at this base.”

Tapping the table lightly, Zhu Lin’s slender fingers made a dull knocking sound. No one spoke, and the room suddenly fell into silence. After a long silence, she finally stopped knocking on the table and looked at them.

“Since you don’t want to get involved in power struggles, why don’t we use them instead?”

“Please explain.” Zou Wuhan said.

Zhu Lin didn’t explain, but asked him instead. “How many parties are involved in this power struggle?”

Huo Bai opened his drawing book to show her. The parties involved in the power struggle are detailed in the diagram on the page. Pointing to the two names with the most followers, he said, “These two are brothers. The elder brother is the founder of this base, and the younger brother wants to usurp the throne. The reason is that he had an affair with his sister-in-law.”

Zhu Lin was taken aback by the information, and stared at him with wide eyes. Seeing her reaction, he chuckled and pointed to another name. 

“This is the co-founder of this base. She has the most soldiers and ability users under her command, but she has no reason to join the power struggle at this time. Because no matter who is the winner of this battle, she will sit safely in her seat .”

Zou Wuhan pointed to a name under the eldest brother and said, “The reason for her may be this person.”

“Who is that?” She asked curiously.

Zou Wuhan smiled and said, “Her ex-fiance.”

Speaking of this, Zhu Lin suddenly didn’t know how to deal with these complicated relationships. Huo Ming looked at her puzzled face and asked, “What are your plans?”

Looking at the complicated drawings, she sighed. “I want to use these people as our puppets. You don’t want to get involved, but we need to defend this base. The easiest way is to use the rulers to do our binding without them knowing it.”

“Then use him.” Ye Yu pointed to a name.

Raising her eyebrows, she tilted her head. “Ex-fiance?” 

“Yes. He has enough power and has relationships with everyone. I suspect that the real ruler of this base is this man. Fang Yaozhi.”

Wung~ Wung~ Wung~

Just as they were planning, an alarm suddenly sounded in the base as seven pairs of eyes looked at each other. Quan Yun quickly rushed out to the living room, and looked out of the small window. Through the window, he could see waves of black lines on the horizon slowly approaching the base.

Below, there was already chaos as people fled one after another. But where can they go? There is no safe place in the apocalypse. Regardless of the panicked people, the soldiers rushed towards the city wall with their weapons in hand, and some ability users who signed up as guards followed.

Many people with abilities and ordinary people have fled from another gate in chaotic manners. There is no order or law that can bind these people from leaving and saving their own lives. After Quan Yun watched the chaos for a few minutes, the black line on the horizon became clear.

Swallowing, he turned to look at his friends. “Not good. The zombie tide is here.”

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