Immortal in The Apocalypse – 40

Chapter 40

Walking on the bustling street, Hua Nan took Zhu Lin to the simple stall selling seeds. Hua Nan looked at Zhu Lin curiously as he walked.

“What do you want to ask?” She said after meeting his eyes for the nth time.

Scratching his head, he asked, “What’s the relationship between you, that man named Zou Wuhan, and that Ye Yu?”

She pondered on his question, but wasn’t sure what her relationship with them was. They have strict business cooperation. But to say that they are not friends, they have also experienced life and death battles together.

After thinking about it, she finally said, “Comrades.”

He raised his eyebrows, because he didn’t expect it. He thinks at least there is some kind of romantic relationship between her and one of the men. But in the end, she gave him this answer. He glanced at her, touched his chin, and pondered on her answer.

While Hua Nan was still guessing, they had already walked on the right street of the base’s market. Not far away, Zou Wuhan was still sitting on a stool, reading a book calmly. Seeing him from a distance, Zhu Lin smiled. They hadn’t seen each other for a few days, but she could tell he was exhausted.

“Zou Wuhan.” She called him in a clear voice.

Looking up, Zou Wuhan saw her coming, a relieved smile appeared on his handsome face. Putting down the book, he got up and walked towards her quickly.

“Zhu Lin, it’s really hard to find you. How are you? Is there any injury?”

Zhu Lin stood where she was, let him check on her for a while before she patted his hand, and said, “I’m fine. Where are the others? Why are you here?”

Holding her hand, he breathed a sigh of relief. “My team is here. General Ye took the rest to the west according to our plan.”

“I see.”

Hua Nan stood on the side, silently observing their interaction. He coughed as he saw more and more people staring at them. “Cough. I think we should find a place to talk. “

Zou Wuhan looked at the people around him and nodded. “Let’s go to our place. Ye Yu is really worried about you.”

She looked at Hua Nan and asked, “Hua Nan, are you going with us, or should you tell your siblings first?”

“I think it’s better for me to go with you first. There is still time before noon.”

“Okay. Let’s go.” Zou Wuhan packed up his booth and led them to the inn where his teammates were waiting.

The place where the Silverline Squad lives is an old boarding house. It’s in a slum and the area is littered with trash. The residents are emaciated and malnourished, and most of them are women, children, the elderly and the disabled.

Except for the three seemingly habitable boarding houses in the slum, the rest of the slum dwellers live in crude tents made of scrap or patch cloth. Looking at the size of those tents, Zhu Lin guessed it was only about one or two square meters.

Zou Wuhan glanced at her and said, “We chose this area because we didn’t want to attract attention. There is a power struggle in this base, so we’d better not attract attention for now.”

“I see.”

Led by Zou Wuhan, they walked to the last dormitory boarding house building and walked in. “It’s on the third floor.”

When they came to the second door on the third floor, he knocked on the door. Not long after, a young man’s voice came. “Who?”

Zou Wuhan coughed lightly and said, “Genius Zou.”


Receiving Zou Wuhan’s stare, Hua Nan quickly held back his laugh. The closed door opened a small gap, and they saw a young man peeking through the gap.

“It’s me. Open the door.”


Quan Yun opened the door and stepped aside to let him in, but saw Zhu Lin following behind. His eyes widened as he pounced on her and hugged her excitedly. “Zhu Lin!”

“Uh…” Embarrassed and shy by his sudden hug, she could only pat his arm.

“Zhu Lin?! You found her?!”

One after another, footsteps sounded in the small room. The burly Fu Hu came out from the kitchen, followed by the twins, Huo Ming and Huo Bai, and Ye Yu came out last. Before she could break free from Quan Yun’s arms, four pairs of arms tightly wrapped around her. The sudden collective bear hug surprised Hua Nan.

“It’s really you!” Fu Hu laughed and hugged her tightly.

“We worry about you very much.” Huo Bai said.

“Yeah, very much.” Huo Ming agreed.

“It’s good that you’re fine.” Ye Yu whispered.

“Uh…” Not sure which arm to pat, Zhu Lin stood there awkwardly.

Zou Wuhan, who was standing aside, could only rub his eyebrows. He sighed and said, “She’s suffocating. Let her go and close the door first.”

“Oh, okay.”

Fu Hu let her go, and the others followed suit. Zhu Lin could finally breathe a sigh of relief. Ye Yu glanced at her and held her hand. “Are you okay? Why did you lead that zombie queen away by yourself?”

Feeling guilty, she smiled apologetically at him. “Uh… The zombie queen is targeting me. So…”

Knowing the reason why she left that day, he frowned. “Why is the zombie queen targeting you?”

She considered whether to tell him, but decided to tell him the truth. “The zombie queen is Su Yueniang. She said she was angry with me and wanted me to die.”

“Su Yueniang?” Zou Wuhan was startled when he heard the name.

She nodded to him and said, “Yes. She said her name is Su Yueniang. “

Zou Wuhan frowned when he heard some strange words from her. “She said? Who? The zombie queen?”

Zhu Lin nodded again. “Yes. She told me her name is Su Yueniang, and I’m not allowed to forget it anymore.”

“It’s impossible. Zombies can’t communicate with humans.” Huo Bai said.

Seeing that they were confused, she said, “Ah, she talks to me telepathically. I guess she has psychic abilities.”

“Psychic zombie queen… This is very bad news.”

As soon as Zou Wuhan said this, the room fell silent. Seeing their tense faces, Ye Yu led Zhu Lin to the dining table. He helped her sit down, and then sat beside her. Not long after, other people followed, and the small dining table was suddenly crowded.

He opened a map on the dining table and showed them. Many lines are drawn on the map with the center on the east side of the map. He pointed to the east area and said, “This is the final destination of the zombie tide.”

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