Immortal in The Apocalypse – 37

Chapter 37

The siblings were shocked when they heard this. They couldn’t believe that with a zombie queen following her, she could still be so calm. What is a zombie queen? Based on the latest information obtained from random radio frequencies, a zombie who can claim the title of zombie queen must be at least level five or above. At this level, zombies can easily destroy a small base.

Hua Nan came back to his senses and said, “Then… since we encountered the zombie tide and zombies along the way, doesn’t that mean that the zombie queen no longer follows you?”

Thinking of Su Yueniang’s angry look as she chases her persistently, Zhu Lin is not sure. But when she started to scan the surroundings along the way with her divine sense, there was no trace of her. After a long silence, she said, “I think she should have stopped following me.”

After finally getting the answer, the siblings breathed a sigh of relief. Hua Bei patted his chest and said, “That’s good. I was almost scared to death just now.”

“Me too.” Hua Xi added.

Feeling guilty for frightening them, Zhu Lin gave them a bunch of grapes as payment. With these unexpected gains, their journey to the base was filled with a happy atmosphere. While the siblings were eating grapes, she suddenly thought of Ye Yu and the others.

They have been separated for several days. Have they found a suitable place to build a new base? Have they escaped the zombie tide safely? These questions kept circling in her mind until Hua Nan’s voice pulled her back from her thoughts.

“Looks like this is the base.” He pointed to a high wall in front of them.

Hua Dong said with a smile: “I can finally find a better place to sleep today.”

“That’s right. I’m tired of sleeping in the wilderness,” Hua Bei said with a bitter face.

Hua Xi smelled her body and said, “I want to take a bath. These makeup also make my skin itchy.”

The other siblings nodded and silently agreed to her. With the need to take a bath, Hua Dong accelerated. It didn’t take long for them to join the long queue in front of the base. After getting out of the car, Zhu Lin looked up at the high wall. Just as she was observing the surroundings, someone called her name.

“Zhu Lin!”

Zhu Lin turned around and saw a woman in her twenties smiling brightly at her. The woman looked at her blank face and approached her with a smile. The woman standing in front of her pointed to her own face and said, “Do you remember me? We met in zombie city before. You saved me and my teammates.”

After thinking about it, she really had such an encounter before, but Zhu Lin couldn’t remember her. She touched her nose and gave the woman an apologetic look.

Not caring about Zhu Lin’s forgetfulness, she smiled and said, “My name is Ning Qingqing. Do you still remember me?”

Zhu Lin scratched her head and apologized shyly. “I’m sorry… I’m not good at remembering people’s faces. But I remember we’ve met before. We ran back to base under toxic acid rain.”

Ning Qingqing clapped her hands and laughed. “That’s right! Nice to see you again. By the way, are you here alone?”

“I’m not alone. They are my companions.” She pointed to the Hua siblings who were busy registering at the gate.

Ning Qingqing looked at the siblings and nodded. “I see. I’ll see you later. My team stays at this base and is committed to help establish the base. Call us if you need help.”

Seeing her walking away, Zhu Lin suddenly stopped her. “Wait.”

Turning around, Ning Qingqing tilted her head. “Yes?”

After pondering for a few seconds, she said, “The zombie tide is moving in this direction. I think you should know.”

When Ning Qingqing heard this, she was obviously taken aback. Her face was a little pale, but she calmed down quickly. “I understand. Thank you, Zhu Lin.”

After leaving these words, she hurried back to the base. Zhu Lin saw her show her ID and the guard let her go without checking. Not long after, Hua Bei came.

“Sister Zhu Lin, let’s go. We only need to perform a physical examination before entering the base.”

Hearing the word ‘physical examination’, Zhu Lin’s calm face suddenly blushed. Hua Bei stared at her pinkish face, fascinated by her. Unknowingly, he said, “Sister, you look very beautiful.”

Hearing his straightforward compliment, her blushed face turned redder. Not knowing what to say, she just walked towards the other siblings. Hua Bei came back to his senses and hurriedly followed behind his beautiful Sister Lin.

Seeing them coming, Hua Xi quickly stepped forward and took Zhu Lin’s hand. Without saying a word, she took her to the female medical examination building. Seeing their impatient sister, the other three brothers looked at each other and went to the male area for a physical examination.

This physical examination was quick. Seeing Hua Xi’s impatient expression, coupled with her ‘unique’ makeup and clothing, the female workers quickly completed the inspection without them needing to take off their clothes. In less than five minutes, the two had already come out.

Zhu Lin looked at Hua Xi with admiration, and decided to learn to put on an impatient expression when she needed a physical examination. Seeing her impatience, the female officer just looked at their hands and feet, and let them go. So effective!

Not knowing that Zhu Lin’s impression of her was soaring, Hua Xi walked quickly to meet her brothers. She waited impatiently for a few minutes before Hua brothers came out.

“You guys are too slow. Come on, I need to take a shower now. It’s so itchy.”

In the wild, she can also hypnotize herself that it’s not itchy. But now standing in front of the base gate, she couldn’t hide her desire to wash off the ugly makeup anymore. As they drove into the base, she urged her brothers to find a place to stay as soon as possible.

At her constant urging, they decided to rent a two-bedroom apartment. After paying twenty rank one zombie crystal nuclei, Hua Xi grabbed the key and dragged the others along. Ten minutes later, they walked into the rented apartment. Without waiting for others to appreciate the room, she hurried to the only bathroom to check the water.

Turning the faucet, nothing came out. Open the water barrel, there is not even a drop of water in it. Nearly fainting, she walked out of the bathroom dejectedly. Seeing her walking out of the bathroom like a walking dead, Hua Dong guessed what was going on.

He stood up from the soft leather couch and said, “You wait here. Brother goes out to buy water for you.”

“There’s no need.” Zhu Lin stopped him.

Seeing Zhu Lin walking to the bathroom, the siblings also followed. Opening the lid of the water barrel, she stuck the water summoning talisman on the wall a little bit higher than the water barrel, pressed the circle in the middle, and the water gushed out. Behind her, the exclamation of the siblings came.

“Wow~ look at the water! It’s like a waterfall!” Hua Bei shouted excitedly.

“What’s the logic behind this? It’s very interesting. Hmm…” Hua Nan took out his notebook and wrote something.

“Who cares about the logic behind this. The most important thing is that there is clean water here!” Hua Xi said happily.

Looking at the behaviors of his siblings, Hua Dong couldn’t help but rub his eyebrows. Sighing, he said, “Did you guys forget something?”

The three stopped bickering, and after Zhu Lin filled the water barrel, they said in unison. “Thank you, sister, for giving us water.”

Seeing their sincerity, Zhu Lin smiled slightly and said, “No problem. This water summoning talisman can summon a hundred barrels of water. Press the circle in the middle to release the water.”

Hua Nan looked at the yellow paper with a strange symbol on the wall and asked, “Won’t it get wet?”

“It won’t.”

After knowing how to use it, Hua Xi said: “Can I take a bath now? I’m so itchy that I’m dying.”

Seeing her pleading face, the four of them walked out of the bathroom and let her take a bath. Waiting for their turn to shower, the others went to pick rooms and check out the apartment. Walking to the kitchen, Hua Bei checked the cabinets one by one, only finding some kitchen utensils and nothing else.

He turned on the stove and nothing happened. In desperation, he came out of the kitchen and fell on the couch.

“I thought we’d get some hot food when we got to the base. But no water and no gas. How to cook?” Groaning, he rolled over on the couch.

Zhu Lin, who was looking around the bedroom, heard it. She stuck her head out of the bedroom door and asked, “Are you going to cook?”

“Yeah. But no gas, no water, and no ingredients.” He sighed.

Walking to the kitchen, Zhu Lin glanced at the installed stove and found a similar stove in the warehouse of her inner palace. When she looked for supplies in the zombie city before, she had obtained many such portable stoves and gas. Putting the portable stove and two cans of gas on the kitchen table, she called Hua Bei.

“Hua Bei, come see if you can use these.”

Hua Bei jumped up from the couch and dashed to the kitchen. When he saw the portable stove and two cans of gas, he almost knelt down and worshiped Zhu Lin as his ancestor.

“Sister, you like Doraemon!”

“What is Doraemon?” She asked, but Hua Bei was too busy to answer her.

He checked the portable stove and found out that it was a new, latest model stove. This model was very expensive before the apocalypse. Let him admire the portable stove, she takes out cooking ingredients such as salt, oil, sugar, soy sauce and other condiments.

Putting down the condiments, she took out vegetables and several kilograms of spirit beast meat. Opening the cabinet, she took out a large pot. A spirit fish was taken out from her inner palace pool, and she also put some divine water from her pool to keep the fish alive.

When Hua Bei turned around after admiring the portable stove, he was surprised to see that the kitchen table was already filled with condiments and fresh ingredients. There was even a live fish in the pot!

Seeing Zhu Lin, his eyes changed as he stammered and pointed to the kitchen table. “This.. this..”

She didn’t notice his shock and said lightly, “You said you wanted to cook. So, these are the ingredients. Please cook something delicious.”

After finishing speaking, she walked out of the kitchen, leaving Hua Bei with a speechless face standing in the kitchen.

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