Immortal in The Apocalypse – 36

Chapter 36

Hua Dong glanced at the roof and drove faster. He maneuvers from side to side, trying to shake off the zombies on the roof. The other four passengers were also thrown to the left and right, but the zombies were still squatting there steadily.


Looking at the delicious meat below, the zombie roared excitedly. The zombie raised its claws and rushed towards Hua Bei, who was sitting in the middle of the back row.


The exclamations of the siblings made the zombies even more excited. Zhu Lin pulled out her long sword and hurriedly parried.


Sparks flew as sharp nails collided with her sword. While their bodies were still shaking from side to side, the zombies launched another attack. This time, Zhu Lin directly pressed Hua Bei’s head down as she fought the zombie.

“Stay down.” She reminded the other two as she struggled to defend against the zombies.

Knowing that the long sword was inconvenient to use, she replaced it with a dagger. Her dagger is a gift and she rarely uses it. But in such narrow places, it is more effective to use a dagger rather than a sword.

Clang! Clang! Clang!


Unable to hit the target and eat delicious meat, the zombie feels irritated and angry. When the zombie roared, a gap was found and Zhu Lin stabbed it directly in the eye. Although zombies can’t feel pain, they still need to see. As one of its eyes was destroyed, the zombies went berserk.


It jumped forward, stood on the hood of the car and punched the glass. A few punches and the glass shattered.


“Be careful!” Hua Xi shouted anxiously as the glass shattered.

“Both of you, duck down!”

Hearing Zhu Lin’s shout, Hua Dong and Hua Nan hurriedly lowered their heads. The next second, a purple lightning came from behind and hit the zombie directly. Burnt a few strands of their hair.

Crack! Boom!

The zombie flew out of the impact, but the attack didn’t kill it. Zhu Lin stood up and looked back at the zombie from the hole in the roof as she looked at Hua Dong and said, “Keep driving. I blocked the zombie.”


The zombie that fell from the hooves of the car quickly ran towards them. Its stomach was partially charred, but not much damaged. Because she was afraid of hurting Hua Dong and Hua Nan, she used the weakest lightning talisman. As a result, she failed to kill the zombie with one shot. Taking out a few stronger lightning talismans, she launched another round of attack on the zombie.

Crack! Boom! Boom! Boom!

As the sky darkened, lightning fell from the sky when she activated the talisman. Attacked more than a dozen times, all dodged by the zombie. Looking at the fast movements of the zombie, she said, “It’s a zombie with speed ability. Stop the car.”

“It’s too dangerous!” Hua Nan rejected her idea without thinking.

“It’s alright. I’m better at using swords.”


“Okay! You have to be careful!” Hua Dong interrupted Hua Nan’s protest and stopped the car quickly.


Zhu Lin jumped out of the car and switched the dagger with her sword. She held the long sword and waited for the zombie to approach before jumping towards the zombie and directly encountering it.


Seeing that its meal is coming, the speed zombie quickened its pace and turned into a flash of shadow. Seeing the zombies disappear, Zhu Lin also used the immortal art light step technique. She and the zombie disappeared in an instant, but the sound of battle continued to echo in the surroundings.

Clang! Boom! Clang! Crash! Slash!

Sparks flew everywhere as the collisions grew louder. The siblings stayed in the car, nervously watching the flying sparks. None of them dared to speak out, so as not to distract Zhu Lin.

Boom! Crash!!

When the loud crash came, they saw Zhu Lin and the speed ​​zombie appearing not far from them. Blood splattered everywhere as the speed zombie fell heavily to the ground. With the long sword in her hand, she leaped towards the speed zombie, killing it with one move.

Slash! Pluk~

The severed head fell to the ground, followed by the body of the speed zombie. She dug out the crystal nuclei with her sword, then cleaned her sword and crystal nuclei with the water summoning talisman. Walking back to the car, she calmly got into the car.

“Let’s go before the zombie tide approaches.”

Nodding, Hua Dong stepped on the accelerator and left quickly.

Under the pressure of the zombie tide, Hua Dong drove for four hours at high speed. When they finally stopped to refuel, it was almost noon. Standing beside the car, Hua Nan was working on the radio.

He sometimes looks for radio frequencies while writing something down in his notebook. Zhu Lin stood beside him curiously, watching him work for more than ten minutes. After filling up the fuel, Hua Dong looked at his brother’s notebook and frowned.

“Still nothing?” He asked while flipping through Hua Nan’s notebook.

“It’s not easy. We don’t know if anyone has established radio communication,” Hua Nan replied as he worked.

Putting down the notebook on the car’s hood, Hua Dong went to take out a piece of hard biscuit from his backpack. As he chewed his biscuit, he said, “Have something to eat. Let’s take a break before continuing.”

Look at their big brother who is chewing hard, the two younger siblings also took food from their backpacks. Hua Nan was still busy listening to the radio while Zhu Lin watched from the side, like a strict teacher.

Bzzt.. Bzzt..

Suddenly, some noise came from the radio. Hua Nan became serious and turned the small button carefully to find the right frequency.

Bzzt… Bzzt…

‘…. se location is 51TUG8989753041. We repeat, the base location is 51TUG8989753041.

The information kept repeating as Hua Nan quickly opened the map to check the location. Not long after, he marked it with a red marker and said, “Brother, there is a base not far from here.”

Hua Dong came over to look at the map and thought about it. They need to find a place to resupply, repair their car and rest. Nodding his head, he said, “Okay. We’ll take a look at this base. Since the location can be broadcast, this base must have some capabilities.”

The others had no opinion and they drove quickly to the base. If nothing happened on the way, they should have reached the base by night. After hurriedly finishing their late breakfast, the five continued on their way.

Along the way, they saw groups of zombies scattered around. This number is even higher than before the cold winter. Hua Nan looked at them and suddenly said, “By the way, we didn’t see any zombies yesterday. Why did we suddenly have an encounter with the zombie tide today? Also, look at these zombies. The number is at least five times compared with before winter. “

After thinking about his words, Zhu Lin asked, “What if there are higher-level zombies nearby? Will it affect other low-level zombies?”

Hua Nan wrote down something in his notebook and answered her. “That’s correct. Under normal circumstances, if there are high-level zombies around, low-level zombies will naturally stay away from the territory.”

“Why?” Tilting her head, she felt that it was really illogical for the high-level zombie to let go of its subordinates.

Seeing the doubts on her face, he said, “There is a reason for this. Let me ask you. How do you think zombies upgraded their rank?”

She never thought about how zombies ranked up. But she thinks it must have something to do with dark energy. Since she wasn’t sure about her assumption, she just shook her head. Seeing that she didn’t know, Hua Nan explained to her.

“For ability users, they can keep using their abilities to upgrade slowly, or absorb crystal nuclei to speed up the upgrade. The same theory applies to zombies and mutants. For zombies, they either eat humans, or absorb the crystal nuclei. Naturally, they prefer the ability users because their flesh contains more energy. They also have a spirit core, which has the same function as the crystal nuclei in zombies and mutants.”

Raising his eyes, he looked out the car window and continued. “For mutants, it’s a bit different. They mainly eat humans, zombies or other mutants. They don’t absorb crystal nuclei, and they don’t rely on the ability to level up. So if there are powerful mutants in one place, there must be fewer zombies in that place. The same rules apply to zombies too.”

After he finished explaining, he turned and looked at her. “Why are you asking these questions all of a sudden?”

She looked at him and said with a bit of guilt. “I didn’t think there were zombies before because there was a zombie queen following me.”


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