Immortal in The Apocalypse – 35

Chapter 35

Bang! Bang! Boom! Boom!

The sound of gunshots and abilities echoed in the silent night. A group of soldiers can be seen chasing a female zombie. The body of the female zombie is covered with countless new gunshot wounds, and her arm has no lower part, only a mutilated upper arm left.

“Capture her alive!” The leader ordered as the soldiers besieged her.


The female zombie, Su Yueniang roared angrily at the soldiers. For this group of well-trained soldiers, her mental ability couldn’t do much damage. She summoned an army of zombies, but with the explosives, the soldiers blew her army to pieces with ease.

Knowing that her chances of killing the soldiers were low, she decided to run away. Along the way, she kept using her mental power to summon zombies as shields, but she couldn’t get rid of the soldiers who were chasing her. In desperation, Su Yueniang stunned the soldiers with her greatest mental strength, and then jumped towards the leader of the soldiers.

She opened her palm, her sharp nails instantly lengthened as she clawed towards the leader. The anger and murderous intent made her dead eyes seem to be alive, shining in the dark night.


The leader saw her attack, but he was a slow mobility metal ability user. He is not as fast as her, who has reached the fifth level. His teammates saw the attack but were too far to help, so they could only shoot at Su Yueniang to distract her.

Bang! Bang!


Time felt like it was moving in slow motion as his heartbeat echoed in his ears. The leader quickly raised his arms and covered them with metal, blocking Su Yueniang’s attack.

Clang! Boom!

The impact between them was so great that the ground under his feet cracked and a huge pit appeared. Before he could react, another wave of attacks had already struck. It was too late for him to cover his body with metal.


Su Yueniang kicked him in the stomach with all her strength, knocking him out like a broken kite. Flip a few times, she landed gently on the ground, and then went to attack the nearest soldier.

Bang! Bang! Crash! Boom!

Fierce fighting continued as more and more soldiers were wounded or killed.


The leader was badly injured by that kick. Two of his ribs were broken and his internal organs were torn. Blood flowed from his ruptured stomach.

“Captain! Are you alright?”

One of his subordinates saw the leader coughing out a mouthful of blood, and hurried over to check. He raised his head and looked at the battlefield calmly. Things don’t look good. In less than a minute, more than half of the soldiers were killed, but they were still unable to subdue the zombie queen.

Pressing the communicator in his ear, he said in a hoarse voice, “Use the medicine.”

“Yes, sir!”

Their squad’s doctor calmly retreated from the battlefield, opening his backpack. Taking out a box, he calmly assembled a special weapon prepared by the research institute.

Click click click!

He assembled the weapon in seconds. Pressing the communicator, he said, “Ready.”

“Cornered the zombie queen.” The leader ordered.

“Yes, sir!”

With a clear goal in mind, this well-trained army of soldiers quickly lined up. Use weapons and abilities to surround Su Yueniang and push her to self-defense with the barrier formed by her mental abilities. For almost ten minutes, the rain of bullets and abilities never stopped. Under such a heavy attack, Su Yueniang’s mental strength was slowly exhausted.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Crash!

When the final blow directly shattered her barrier, the doctor saw the opportunity and pulled the trigger without hesitation.

Bang! Stab!

A special bullet flew out of the weapon and directly hit Su Yueniang’s head. When the bullet hit her, the tip of the bullet turned into a needle and pierced her the middle of her brows. Soon, the crimson liquid inside the transparent bullet was injected into her brain.

“Roar! Roar!”

She pulled the bullet out of her head, but it was too late. The liquid flowed into her brain, where her nuclei were, slowly shutting off her power. A few seconds later, Su Yueniang fell to the ground, twitching. As her roar grew weaker, her body slowly stopped moving.


After she stopped moving, soldiers handcuffed her neck, hands, legs and waist using special equipment. They drag her to a cage specially designed for zombies and mutants. After the squad’s doctor gave first aid to the wounded soldiers, they left the place, leaving traces of fierce fighting.

The mission was a success, but out of fifty soldiers, only fourteen survived with more than half of them seriously wounded.


At dawn the next day, Zhu Lin suddenly opened her eyes. There was a big movement around them. Before she could open the small tent and come out, she heard hurried shouts from Hua Nan and Hua Bei.

“Brother! Sisters! Zombie tide is coming!”

When Zhu Lin came out, she saw a black line slowly approaching on the pitch-black horizon. Hua Xi came out of the small tent seconds behind her. At the urging of Hua Nan, they quickly packed up and got into the car.

“Quick!” Hua Dong urged.

“Hoo… Hoo… Hoo…”

They could already hear the strange noises made by the zombies. As soon as Hua Dong stepped on the accelerator, Hua Nan, who did not sit properly yet, almost fell out from the car.

“Hoo… Hoo..” 


Hua Nan looked back and saw that some zombies were running faster than others. Seeing the zombie tide, his scalp tingle. Like a tsunami, the zombies approached them at a fast speed.

“Drive faster!”

Hua Dong gritted his teeth and stepped on the accelerator to the maximum. The car’s engine roared as it shot forward like an arrow. The road was full of debris and abandoned vehicles, but he drove like a hurricane.


As the car shook, a loud bang came from the roof. Five pairs of eyes looked at the curved roof and knew what was coming next. Before they could react, a sharp nail had pierced into the roof of the car.

Stab! Creak~!

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