Immortal in The Apocalypse – 34

Chapter 34

With more than a dozen cannibals behind her, Zhu Lin walked for more than a kilometer before she found a huge iron gate on the path. She looked up when she read the name.

“Qinglin Zoo.”

The corners of her lips curved as she walked into the huge iron gate, the cannibals struggling behind her desperately. Glancing at them, she said coldly, “Stop struggling, be thankful I am not letting you die more miserably.”

Pulling on the vines, she dragged those cannibals to the zoo with ease. Spreading her divine sense, she seeks out the most ferocious mutant animals and plants still alive in the zoo. It didn’t take long for her to find it.

After walking for another twenty minutes, she stood in front of a big plank with a string of words written on it. Without looking at the person behind her, she said, “Enjoy the last moment.”

“No, please let us go! We are just trying to survive!” The woman who drank the child’s blood yelled in horror.

Zhu Lin looked at her bloody clothes and body coldly. Too lazy to waste words with that woman, she pulled the vine and walked directly inside. Walking through the gate, the surroundings suddenly turned into a forest of dense vegetation and trees. Everything in the forest has mutated, and some flowers even have teeth. However, this is not what she wants.

The deeper she went, the denser the vegetation and trees. When she saw the big tree in front of her, she stopped. Looking up, there are many cocoons hanging from the branches. This is a mutated bayan tree.

Zhu Lin dragged the cannibals, tied them to the tree trunk, turned around and left. Screams came from behind before she walked out of the zoo. She did not stop, but walked towards the Hua brothers and sisters with the immortal arts light steps technique.

Seeing her coming quickly, Hua Bei nudged his sister who was sitting beside him. “Sister, she’s back.”

The other three turned to look at her and were a little surprised to see her running so fast. When she arrived, Zhu Lin calmly sat beside Hua Bei. She looked at the empty lunch box, then took out a few packs of sandwiches.

“Try this. My friend made it. Really delicious.”

She distributes sandwiches to siblings and opens her favorite tuna sandwich before taking a bite. It was as delicious as she remembered. Glancing at her depleted Qiankun bag, she suddenly felt that she missed Huo Ming a little.

“Wow, it’s so delicious! Your friend is a chef?” Hua Bei swallowed the sandwich and asked.

“He’s not, but his skills are very good.” She complimented Hou Ming by the way.

The other three siblings were also busy eating their own sandwiches. The siblings had already finished their sandwiches before she managed to finish hers. She looked at them in astonishment, then took out a dozen apples from her inner palace warehouse.

The moment they saw those red, big and fresh apples, they couldn’t take their eyes off it. It’s been too long since they last saw such fresh fruit. Hua Dong swallowed and forced himself to move his eyes to Zhu Lin.

Meeting his trembling eyes, she calmly motioned them to eat. “Please make do with these. I’m out of sandwiches.”

“Are you sure?” He asked in a trembling voice.

“Yes. Please eat it with ease.”

He looked at his siblings and nodded to them. The other three quickly picked up an apple and took a bite. The crisp sound is clear, the apple is very fragrant, and the taste was sweet and sour that made them almost shed tears.

Watching his younger siblings sniff and eat apples, Hua Dong’s throat tightened. Following the others, he picked an apple and took a bite. Chewing the apple, the sweetness of the juice filled his mouth. He really forgot how delicious apples are.

While eating the apple, Hua Xi looked at Zhu Lin and asked, “What are your plans in the future?”

She put her hands down with the sandwich and thought for a while. Going to the west to find the Ye family is one of the things she has to do. Another priority is to find the Heavenly Dao. But she didn’t know where to start.

She took a bite of the tuna sandwich and said, “I don’t know yet. But I’ll have to go west and find my friend.”

“West?” Hua Xi looked at her in surprise.


The siblings glanced at each other, and Hua Xi whispered, “Miss Zhu, we’re going to the east now.”

“Ah?” Hearing her words, she looked at her with a confused expression.

Hua Nan suddenly realized that this young lady could not recognize the direction. As he chewed the apple, he said, “How about we take you to your friend’s place?”

“Can you do it?” she asked in surprise.

“Yes. We don’t have any plans. There will be no hindrance to send you to the west.”

The other siblings nodded and looked at her. Sending Zhu Lin there also gave them the benefit of eating delicious food along the way. They will not refuse.

Seeing that everyone agreed, she quickly thanked them. “Then I’ll accept your offer. Thank you.”

Hua Bei grinned and said quickly, “No no no. We need to thank you, sister. You gave us such delicious food and fruit.”

Zhu Lin looked at his happy smile that gave her a warm feeling and nodded to him. “Well, no problem. I still have a lot to eat.”

Listening to her words, the other three siblings gave Hua Bei a thumbs up in their hearts. Good job!

Looking at the dark sky, Hua Dong took out the sleeping bag from the trunk of the car. He set up their only small tent and said, “Miss Zhu and Xixi can sleep in the tent. We sleep in sleeping bags.”


“I will guard in the first half of the night. In the second part, Ah Nan and Xiaobei will do it.”

“No problem, brother.” Hua Nan and Hua Bei nodded.

He stretched and said, “Then go to bed earlier.”

The siblings fell asleep as Hua Dong sat on the ground, adding wood to the bonfire. Zhu Lin scanned the surroundings with her divine sense and went to sleep after confirming that there was no danger.

They didn’t know that Su Yueniang, who had been following Zhu Lin, was in the middle of a fierce battle against a group of soldiers. The leader looked at her retreating figure before raising his finger.


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