Immortal in The Apocalypse – 33

Chapter 33

The faint light from outside illuminates the dark room behind the metal door. It dimly lit the room but with her senses, Zhu Lin could clearly see the blood on the walls and floor. The blood was layered with dust. Some bloodstains on the walls had turned dark brown, while others still had fresh red blood.

Zhu Lin scanned the room carefully for any signs of zombies or mutants, but found only human breathing behind another door at the back of the room. The closer she got to the other door, the stronger the smell of blood in the air.

She is very familiar with the smell in the air. It is a combination of blood, carrion and human waste. This kind of smell is very common in the demon realm that treats humans as food. Standing in front of the metal door, her frowns deepened.

There were crushing and chewing sounds from behind the door, but no screams. If there were zombies or mutants, at least there would be a roar or howl. It’s so weird. Taking out the sword, she grabbed the door handle, turned it slowly and gently pushed the door open.


In the silent building, the creaking door was loud but the people behind the door didn’t hear it. She peeped in from the crack of the door, and the scene in front of her instantly raised her murderous intent.

A dozen people were gnawing at the body of a child lying in a pool of blood. The child’s body was already unrecognizable because of the many bite marks and missing flesh, leaving those cracked white bones. The bloody part was that the child’s eye moved slightly, facing Zhu Lin’s direction. There was pleading in his eye. The other eye had been pulled out of its socket, leaving a bottomless hole.

A woman who had bitten on the child’s arm was drinking his blood when she noticed the child’s eye was staring at the door. She turned her head and saw the door opened a small crack. Seeing that there was no one outside, she continued to eat.

Closing her eyes outside the door, Zhu Lin took a few deep breaths. Even the Six Realms where the strong oppress the weak, they do not eat each other from the same race. Demons eat other races, but never their own. Not to mention the Devils who are on the same level as the Gods. They even despised the Demon Race for this.

But these humans, they eat their own race. The same human beings as themselves. They have crossed the bottom line and are even worse than the demons. She opened her eyes and pushed open the door.


The humans who were still eating the child turned their heads and saw her standing there with the sword, clean and beautiful. They let go of the child’s body and stood up from the ground. In their red eyes, Zhu Lin saw their greed and desire.

When you commit cannibalism, you have violated the way of heaven. The punishment is to lose your mind and soul. These people have lost their humanity, and there is no burden for her to kill them.

When she stepped into a dark room full of blood and carrion, the first thing she did was not to kill the cannibals, but to end the poor child’s life. She cut his neck cleanly, ending his misery. Just before her sword aura slashed his neck, a tear fell from the child’s eye and slowly slid down. She saw obvious relief in his remaining eye.

“Rest in peace. I will avenge you.”

Saying that, she took out a wood talisman to summon vines and tied them before the cannibals could move.

Swish swish swish~

She activated the talisman, bound those cannibals firmly as slender and thick vines appeared. They opened their bloody mouths and shouted at her. They look more like living corpses than humans.

“Meat! Eat!”

After burning the child’s body with a fire talisman, she dragged those cannibals out of the dark room. Outside the warehouse, the Hua siblings were already waiting for her by the car. Looking at the group of people tied by the vines she was dragging, Hua Nan raised his eyebrows.

“Miss Zhu, this is…”

Zhu Lin put away her sword, but did not explain. She tied the group of cannibals to the back of the car, then looked at the siblings and said, “They ate a child in the warehouse. When we encounter zombies on the road, we feed them to zombies.”

As soon as she finished speaking, their faces changed. Hua Xi covered her stomach, her face turned pale and the youngest Hua Bei couldn’t hide his shock. The expressions of the two eldest brothers were better, but there is still a hint of shock in their eyes.

“We’re going to find a bunch of zombies before dark.”

“Ah, yes. Let’s go.” 

After waiting for the others to get in the car, Hua Dong hurriedly started the car and drove away. He thought that after the apocalypse, he had seen the darkest side of human nature. But now, he realized that what he saw was just the tip of the iceberg. Clenching his hand tightly, he vowed in his heart to protect his siblings even at the cost of his life.

As they drove, they dragged the group of cannibals behind to find a group of zombies. Too bad they couldn’t find any zombies even though they drove for over two hours. Hua Nan looked out the window, frowning.


Hua Dong glanced at his brother and asked, “What’s so strange?”

“Brother, don’t you think it’s strange that we haven’t seen a single zombie for two hours? Usually, we meet at least one or two zombies every five minutes of driving.”

Only then did Hua Dong realize that there was not even a single zombie around, which was really strange. “Stay vigilant.”

The others nodded and looked outside. After driving for more than an hour, he stopped on the side of the road. This is a good place to stay overnight.

“Let’s camp here tonight.”

Zhu Lin walked up to the group of cannibals tied to the back of the car, and saw that some of them had lost consciousness from the dragging behind the car. She had no sympathy for them as she untied the vines from the car, and dragged the cannibals.

“I’ll be back in a while.”

The siblings didn’t dare to ask her what she wanted to do, so they just nodded to her. She took out the rest of the lunch box for Hua siblings. “There are only three lunch boxes left. I’ll give more to you when I’m done with my business.”

Hua Nan gave her a stiff smile and said, “Take your time. No hurry.”


Turning around, she dragged away dozens of cannibals effortlessly. The siblings looked at her, and it was not until she walked away that Hua Bei swallowed and said, “She looks stronger than Hercules.”

“Well… Remember not to offend women.” Hua Dong educates the youngest.

“Yeah…” The other two brothers agreed.

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