Immortal in The Apocalypse – 32

Chapter 32

Inside the car, the siblings chatted happily while Zhu Lin listened curiously. It turns out that among the four siblings, only the daughter Hua Xi has the water ability. The other three are ordinary people. Because of the eldest son’s leadership, second son’s bright mind and the younger son’s creativity, they were able to survive the apocalypse.

The eldest son mainly acts as a leader to scare others from robbing them. That’s part of the reason they wear gothic clothing. Before the apocalypse, the siblings lost their parents since childhood and Hua Dong dropped out of school to raise the siblings. Hence the strong family bond between them.

At the time of Apocalypse began, Hua Dong was 29 years old, Hua Nan was 25 years old, Hua Xi was 23 years old, and the youngest Hua Bei was 19 years old. When they asked Zhu Lin, she told them her real age and they said she was a funny little sister. They subconsciously thought she was the same age as Hua Xi and changed the subject.

The conversation was light-hearted until they saw a thin young woman in filthy but revealing clothing standing on the path. Hua Dong and Hua Nan looked at each other when they saw her as they didn’t intend to stop.

After the apocalypse, they have encountered countless scenarios where robbers and murderers would lure their victims with children or women. They’ve been robbed twice and that’s enough to give them an idea of ​​what human nature really is. Falling for the same trick a third time would make them idiots.

Hua Dong drove past the woman without spare her even a glance. Before they could get far, a group of men suddenly jumped out from the roadside and blocked their car. Although it was possible to hit them directly with a car, when Hua Dong saw someone blocking his car, his first reaction was to slam on the brakes.


After the sudden braking, smoke came out of the tires and the passenger nearly hit the front.

“Damn it!” Hua Dong cursed at those people.

Hua Nan saw that the men’s faces were thin, yellow skinned and bloodshot in their eyes. He knew these people were bad news. Without turning his head, he said, “Hua Xi, Hua Bei and Miss Zhu, lower your head.”

Hua Xi hurriedly took a skull patterned mask, put it on Zhu Lin and lowered her head. Wearing a mask, Zhu Lin lowered her head but her eyes kept observing the situation. If something bad happens, she will have enough time to react.

One of the men smiled and knocked on the side window. He didn’t speak until Hua Dong lowered the car window slightly. His voice was hoarse, and his breath was enough to suffocate people to death.

“Brother, where are you going?”

Hua Dong put on a fierce look and raised his chin before answering the man. “Where Lao Zhu is going is none of your business. Get out of the way before Lao Zhu blows your head off!”

Seeing Hua Dong’s fierce face and loud voice, the man glanced at Hua Nan, who was staring at him coldly. He took a step back involuntarily, but quickly regained his senses.

He clicked his tongue and said, “Hey, bro. Shall we talk? We just wanted to do some barter with you. Are you interested?”

Hua Dong snorted coldly and asked, “What kind of barter?”

The man motioned for the scantily clad woman to approach them. Then, he grabbed the woman by the waist, pulled her up to him and gave her a loud kiss on the lips. After a one minute long kiss, he licked the woman’s neck, glanced at Hua Dong again, and said, “What do you think? Do you want to try it? A bottle of water and a packet of biscuits for an hour.”

Hua Nan’s face was calm, but his cold eyes darkened. Looking at that woman’s eyes like a dead fish, he couldn’t imagine what she had been through in the past few months. Hua Dong looked at the woman and could only sigh in his heart. He can’t help her because he needs to protect his siblings.

He spit on the ground and said loudly, “What do you think of Lao Zhu, huh?! Go away!”

He didn’t give them face as he closed the window and stepped on the accelerator a few times. The roar of the engine sounded a few times as a warning to them. The man pushed the woman away and motioned for the others to make way.

After the road was cleared, Hua Dong drove away. The men spit on the ground and cursed. He looked at the expressionless woman on the ground and slapped her while scolding her.

“Useless things! Punish her.”

Zhu Lin sat in the car and observed the people behind her with her divine sense. Looking at what happened to the woman after they left, she calmly retracted her divine sense. She will not and cannot help every living being in this world. Because her most important objective is to find the consciousness of this world, the Heavenly Dao.

What happens to all beings in this world is beyond her responsibility. As a god, her way of thinking is very different from other races. God has a higher responsibility for their existence and will prioritize important objectives that decide the fate of worlds or realms.

It is normal for them to sacrifice for their goals. This was also her choice in the past. A choice that she deeply regrets but cannot avoid. The cars fell silent until they stopped at the gas station while she looked out from the window.

Hua Nan got out of the car and went to check the gas station’s tank. There is still some gas in there. He walked back to the car and said, “Brother, there’s still some gas left. Let’s fill up here.”


Hua Dong drove the car near the fuel machine before turning it off. Hua Bei got out of the car, opened the trunk, took out four containers to fill them with gasoline. Seeing that there is a small supermarket there, Hua Xi also got out of the car.

“Second brother, I’ll go to the small supermarket to see.”

“Okay, be careful.” Hua Nan reminded her.

She nodded to him and walked towards the small supermarket. As the only ability user in the family, her job is to check her surroundings and clean up zombies. Zhu Lin followed her but not too close because she wanted to see how capable she was.

Hua Xi knew that Zhu Lin was following behind her and without saying a word, walked up to her and shielded her from any danger that would come. Opening the door of the small supermarket, the sound of the rusty door echoed in the silent room.


There is no light inside the small supermarket and no sunlight outside because it is already sunset. Hua Xi slowly stepped into the dark room and stretched out her hand to prepare to summon the ability. She looked back at the calm Zhu Lin behind her and couldn’t help but guess where her confidence came from.

She scrutinized every corner of the room to make sure no zombies or mutants were hiding in the shadows. Afterwards, she stepped out of the small supermarket and gestured to her brothers. After receiving her clear signal, the three brothers picked up their backpacks from the car trunk and went to collect the supplies.

Hua Bei handed a backpack to his sister and then followed his brothers to stuff those supplies into the backpack. There’s not much supplies left in the small supermarket. Some of them have gone bad after thawing as the temperature slowly rises after a cold winter. Even canned food with a long shelf life can spoil after such a drastic change in temperature.

The siblings worked together while Zhu Lin walked out of the small supermarket and looked at another building behind the small supermarket. If she guessed it right, this building must be a warehouse. Since none of the siblings have space abilities, if she can find more supplies, she can take them away by herself.

Standing in front of the metal door of the warehouse, she senses a group of people behind the door. There was also a faint smell of blood in the air, coming from the gap in the metal door. She frowned and slowly opened the door.


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