Immortal in The Apocalypse – 31

Chapter 31

Zhu Lin walked back to the house after harvesting everything. Since there is only one house in the whole village, she can only live in that house tonight. Back in that house, she opened the door and went to the bedroom to clean up the zombies. Bringing those corpses into the yard, she burns them with a fire talisman.

She waited until the body turned to ashes before going in and cleaning the house. Her meridians were just getting better, so she chose to clean manually instead of using a cleansing spell. After spending some time cleaning and tidying up the bedroom, she looked at the room with satisfaction.

“Um, it’s not bad.”

Sitting cross legged on the bed, she began to meditate. Entering a state of meditation, she draws divine energy from the inner palace and slowly repairs her meridians. When she meditates, time flies fast.

At dawn, she opened her eyes, stretched, and walked out of the house. Too bad the world is full of dark energy. If not, she can absorb the purple aura contained in the first rays of sunlight and recover faster.

The morning air is fresh and contains thin dark energy. She walked slowly, enjoying the rare fresh air. The sun was already fully in the sky as she passed the border of the small village. Temperatures are rising every day as the cold winter passes. She guessed it wouldn’t be long before humans needed to hide during the day.

Come to think of it, if humans really need to hide during the day, the only time they can come out is at night. But at night, zombies and mutants are stronger and more active. With a sigh, she pondered how human beings survive in this world. While thinking about the situation in this world, she didn’t pay too much attention to where she was going.

Honk! Honk!

A loud horn sound came from behind her. She came out of her contemplation and turned to take a look. A modified jeep approached her and stopped beside her. The driver lowered the window and craned his neck.

“Hi, beauty. Where are you going? Need a ride?”

The person who asked her was a man in his late twenties with tattoos on his arms and side neck. He has a short haircut and several rings on his lips and nose. Zhu Lin stared at him, wondering why he had so many rings on his face.

Seeing her just staring at him, the man thought she was fascinated by his masculinity. Lift his chest and chin slightly.

“So? Do you want to join us?”

Since she didn’t feel their malice, she nodded. One should not judge others by their appearance. She would ride with them until they reached their destination. Seeing her agreement, the man gestured to the others sitting in the back row.

“Get in, beauty.”

She got into the car and closed the door before they drove away. Sitting next to her was a young woman in her twenties, in exactly the same style as the driver. Her makeup was heavy and her skin was as white as powder. The main colors of her makeup are black and crimson. Sitting next to her, Zhu Lin’s plain face looked even more beautiful sitting beside her.

The young woman turned her head and stared at Zhu Lin secretly. Seeing her soft, smooth, milky healthy skin, the young woman couldn’t help but glance again.

Feeling her gaze, she turned to look at the young woman. When they looked at each other, neither of them spoke. Not long after, Zhu Ling raised her hand and touched her face. Is there something on her face?

The young woman laughed softly when she saw her touching her face. This young lady in Hanfu looks innocent and cute. After a few hours of driving, they stopped by the side of the road. It’s already lunch time.

“Let’s have lunch here.”

In addition to the driver, there were three other people on their team. One is a woman sitting next to Zhu Lin, one is a man in the passenger seat, and the last is a teenage boy sitting next to the woman. They all got off when the car pulled up to the side of the road.

After getting out of the car, Zhu Lin saw that the man had taken out some food and distributed it to the others. The driver, the eldest of the four, motioned her to sit down with them.

“Come, take your seat.”

Zhu Lin chose to sit beside the woman. Before she could sit down, the woman smiled and handed her a protein bar. The ring on her lips tinkled softly as she smiled.

“Here.” Her voice was unexpectedly sweet and soft.

After taking the protein bar, Zhu Lin didn’t open it. She looked at the four good hearted people in gothic clothes. Suddenly, a flash of memory appeared in her mind.

‘Please don’t judge us by our looks and the way we cultivate. You know, there’s also a good natured devil, such as me. Don’t you think so, Lin’er?’

Memory disappears as fast as it appears. She didn’t know who told her these words, but she knew that person was important to her. Blinking her eyes, she came out of her daze and glanced at the protein bar in her hand.

“You only eat this?”

The other four stopped eating when they heard her question. The oldest man smiled and said, “Yes, there is not much food left. We hid in the underground bunker when it snowed. We only came out today and are on our way to find supplies. Fortunately, our car can still be used.”

Knowing their situation, she nodded. Since they gave her a ride, she should repay them. She took out four lunch boxes from the Qiankun bag. These lunch boxes are actually Quan Yun’s snacks. But since they were separated, she just gave it to these people.

“Here. Thank you for letting me ride with you.”

She distributed the lunch box and sat back next to the woman. The other four looked at each other and quickly opened the lunch box. There are two stir-fried dishes, a meat dish and a small bowl of soup in the lunch box. It wasn’t her who prepared it, it was Huo Ming.

When the other four saw the lunch box, they couldn’t hide their surprise. It has been almost half a year since they last saw vegetables and meat. The food was still hot and fragrant. The woman ate a mouthful of white rice, tears falling from the corners of her eyes. It was really delicious!

Zhu Lin was puzzled when she saw them crying while eating. She held a protein bar in her hand and watched them eat with her hand supporting her chin. Human emotions are still incomprehensible to her.

The four quickly finished their meal, looked at each other, and stood up together. Without any hint, they bowed their heads at her and said in unison: “Thank you for the food!”

She was surprised by their shouting. Zhu Lin shook her head awkwardly and said, “No need to thank me. This is my fare.”

The second oldest man smiled and said to her: “Since we met, it is fate. My name is Hua Nan. This is my eldest brother Hua Dong. This is my younger sister, Hua Xi. This is my youngest brother, Hua Bei. We are siblings.”

Zhu Lin looked at the siblings and couldn’t help but feel that their parents had a unique sense of naming. She stood up, clapped her fists, and introduced herself. “This one name is Zhu Lin. Zhu as in bamboo, Lin as in forest. It’s an honor to meet you.”

“It’s nice to meet you too.” The siblings greeted her.

After the introduction, they sat on the side of the road and chatted for a while before continuing their journey. An hour after they left, Su Yueniang arrived. She sniffed the air, but there was only a faint scent left. The red pupils lit up, and quickly chased after the fragrance.

This time, she must kill her!

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