Immortal in The Apocalypse – 30

Chapter 30

A bolt of lightning fell from the sky, burning a group of zombies into charcoal. Zhu Lin needs the crystal nuclei of these zombies, so she can only attack with a low-level talisman. Otherwise, those nuclei will disappear with the zombies and turn into dust. She would not allow herself to suffer such a loss.

Seeing that a lightning talisman can only kill ten ordinary zombies at most, she took out more talismans and threw them out at the zombies. This time, she used three lightning talismans at the same time, and the attack range expanded as the attack power increased.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Crack! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Another group of zombies fell to the ground, thick smoke rising from their bodies. Zhu Lin landed gently on the ground, jumping forward again while rotating her body in the air. She took out three more lightning talismans and continued to attack.

Crack! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Lightning strikes and loud explosions echoed across the barren land. Looking from a distance, Su Yueniang looked at the young woman in pale yellow Hanfu, dancing gracefully like an elegant fairy among the zombie army. Wherever she went, a group of zombies would turn into charcoal. Behind her, a little white rabbit was busy picking up crystal nuclei.

A look of displeasure appeared on her pale bluish face. She opened her mouth and let out another roar from her throat.


The zombie paused for a second, then rushed towards Zhu Lin frantically. This time, the zombies looked full of energy, as if they had swallowed a gallon of chicken blood. Within seconds, the area around her was packed with zombies.

Tu Tu looked at the incoming zombies, quickly picked up the crystal nuclei on the ground and ran back to her master. It’s not good to be too far from her master. Zhu Lin landed gently on the ground and drew her sword to kill the zombies around her. When Tu Tu landed on her shoulder, she performed the immortal arts light step technique again.

Swish! Crack! Boom!

She jumped up, took another lightning talisman and threw it to the zombie in front of her. Seeing an opening, she rushed forward, trying to escape the siege of zombies. TuTu looked back at the group of zombies and patted the Qiankun bag hanging on her neck.

“Master, the harvest is good.”

Zhu Lin glanced at their backs and saw that the number of zombies had only decreased half before another roar came again.


After the roar, another large group of zombies joined the party. It keeps repeating every time she manages to cut the number of zombies to half.

She looked away from the zombies and said, “It’s a good way to harvest nuclei. But my physical strength is limited now. We need to find a way to get rid of the red dress zombie or we need to stay away from these zombies. “

Tu Tu felt it was a waste to let go of these zombies, but her master’s health was indeed very bad. If she is in good physical condition, she can destroy this small world with a flick of her finger. What do these zombies count as?

Knowing what her rabbit was thinking now, she patted its little head. “After my physical strength recovers, we can get more crystal nuclei.”

Tu Tu reluctantly agreed to her and nodded. “Yes Master.”

While speaking, she had already distanced herself from the army of zombies who were chasing her. Su Yueniang looked at her disappearing back, and became more and more angry. Why after she became a zombie and could control thousands of zombies, she still couldn’t kill that woman?!

Since turning into a zombie, only the most primitive emotions remain. Anger, obsession and hunger are the only things she can feel right now. Her anger towards Zhu Lin, her obsession for Ye Yu, and her thirst for human’s flesh and blood. Failing to kill Zhu Lin, she roared angrily.

“Roar!! Roar!!”

As they ran farther, they heard the angry roars fade away. Tu Tu couldn’t help but sighed with melancholy.

“Master, can you tell me what you did to her? Her grudge is deeper than the devil’s abyss, ah.”

Zhu Lin was also confused. She really didn’t do anything to her, ah. This is an unfair grudge, oh.

After traveling for a few hours, they finally arrived at the border of a small village. Sitting on a stone boulder, she took a glass of spring water from her inner palace and regained her strength. Although immortal art does not require divine energy nor spiritual energy, it consumes stamina. Using it for a long time will definitely tire her injured body.

Not far from them, there was a small stream, and Tu Tu went to wash those crystal nuclei they got. She watched the little rabbit wash those crystal nuclei with a serious expression on her little face, and she finds it funny.

This small village is far from the city, surrounded by clear streams and high mountains. She stood up from the boulder and looked around. After walking for ten minutes, she saw a vast field full of ripe grains. There are corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava, taro, millet, wheat, and several legumes and other rare staple foods.

She looked left and right, but there was no one around. After thinking about it, she went to see the wheat. The wheat looks plump, large and very fragrant. It was better than any wheat she had ever seen in this world. This wheat can be said to be the inferior product of the spiritual wheat she possesses.

Touching the wheat, she did not feel any spiritual energy, but a faint dark energy. Is this a mutant plant? How does it survive the cold winter? Standing there, she fell into contemplation and didn’t come back to her senses until Tu Tu finished washing the crystal nuclei.

“Master, what are you thinking?”

She looked at the rabbit that was already lying on her shoulder as she patted its small body lightly. “I found that this is a mutated plant. It’s similar to the inferior products of low-grade spiritual wheat.”

Tu Tu looked at the vast farmland, her small red eyes lit up. “Then can we take these with us?”

She flicked the rabbit’s forehead and said, “You can’t. The owner should live near here.”

Tu Tu covered her forehead with her furry paws and whispered softly. “The owner must be dead or turned into a zombie. If not, they should have harvested the food already.”

Zhu Lin heard her rabbit’s soft murmur. She had the same idea. But being a good owner, she must educate her rabbit that stealing is an evil act. Closing her eyes, she spread out her divine sense and scanned the area. Within a radius of one hundred kilometers, there is only one house and two moving zombies.

She opened her eyes, looked at the vast farmland, and walked towards the house. If Ye Yu and others saw this, wouldn’t they be frightened and shocked silly? She chuckled at her own imagination and kept walking while keeping her guard up.

Not long after she arrived at the house, she saw two zombies stuck on the glass window. When they felt her breath from outside the window, they made a muffled ‘hoo, hoo, hoo’ sound.

“Looks like the owner has turned into a zombie.”

Tu Tu patted her shoulder excitedly and shouted, “Master, master! So can we harvest those plants? I want to get more seeds and plant more!”

Sighing at her rabbit’s behavior, she nodded and walked back to the farm to harvest those plants. Although she doesn’t need it, she can give it to Ye Yu, or exchange it for more chocolate. Along the way, her rabbit is also very happy. It is killing three birds with one stone. Such a good thing, she also wants.

Walking back to the vast farmland, she put down the rabbit from her shoulders and started harvesting. The sword she used to kill is now used as a reaping tool. When she chopped down the first batch of wheat, her sword spirit was already howling in despair.

“Master! Please spare me!” The sword spirit, who had always been calm, could no longer remain calm when his body touched the wheat.

Ignoring the sword spirit, it took her a few hours to complete the harvest. Tu Tu hurried towards her and said, “Master, I’m going back to the inner palace now.”

Zhu Lin looked at the happy rabbit and chuckled lightly. “Um.”

Tu Tu touched her middle dantian and flashed into her inner palace. She looked at her inner palace and saw that Tu Tu had already started to organize those things happily. Withdrawing her consciousness from the inner palace, she cleaned the long sword in her hand and put it back into the Qiankun bag. The sword spirit’s complaints were too noisy.

When she looked up, it was already sunset. She should find a place to rest for the night.

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