Immortal in The Apocalypse – 29

Chapter 29

Before Zhu Lin’s hand touched the doorknob, a sharp malicious intent hit her. She turned around and saw a woman in a red dress sitting on the highest roof there,with her legs put on top of the other elegantly. Her clothes were dirty and torn in a lot of parts and she wasn’t wearing any shoes.

Facing the woman, she still frowned. This woman… She thought she had seen her in the past, but she was not good at remembering faces. The woman in the red dress stared at her, and she could see all her subtle expressions clearly. Just as they looked at each other, a woman’s voice suddenly came out in her mind.

[You forgot about me again, right?]

Zhu Lin tilted her head to recall, but she still couldn’t remember her. The soft laughter of the woman in red resounded in her head.

[I know you forgot. Let me tell you one last time. You’d better remember my name from now on. It’s Su Yueniang.]

“Ah.” She knew who she was now.

Su Yueniang heard her soft ‘ah’ and knew that she finally knew who she was. She had always hated this wild woman who came out of nowhere. She stayed with her brother Yu every day, clinging to him like a pest. In the past, she couldn’t kill her. But now, everything is different.

Zhu Lin stared at her bruised skin and small pupils. This woman is no longer human. She is a zombie, but she can talk like a human. Strangely interesting.

“Why are you here?”

Listening to Zhu Lin’s question, Su Yueniang laughed, but there was only a ‘hoo, hoo, hoo’ sound from her throat. She touched her throat with melancholy in her eyes, and looked at Zhu Lin again.

[It seems that you are not as smart as I thought.] Raising her finger, she drew a small circle with her index finger.

This time, Zhu Lin could clearly feel it. There are thousands of zombies around. She finally knew where that strange feeling came from. She frowned and looked at Su Yueniang calmly. After knowing the enemy, she had nothing to fear.

Su Yueniang looked at her cold and calm face, and suddenly became angry. She hated her calm face the most! She wants to see her screaming and begging at her feet!

Before she could make a move, Zhu Lin’s calm and clear voice came. “What do you want?”

She glanced at Zhu Lin and slowly said: [Kill you.]

She talks like she’s tasting the best wine in the world. From her voice, Zhu Lin heard her insane hatred.

“I see. Then we should move to another place.”

[No rush. My motive this time is only you. I will not hurt brother Yu and his family. But… it’s hard to say for others. Unless…]

She watched Su Yueniang blow on her long, sharp nails and could guess what she didn’t finish saying. After making the decision, she swiped the door of the restaurant lightly and a string of words appeared on the door. When she had nothing to do in the past three months, she learned the world language from Huo Bai. Fortunately, she learns quickly.

After she finished speaking, she glanced at Su Yueniang then activated the immortal art light step technique and ran towards the east. Since Su Yueniang’s goal is her, she should be taken out of here to relieve the pressure on others. She just wished they saw the message on the door.

After leaving the gas station, she moved eastward quickly as Su Yueniang and her army of zombies chased after her. Tu Tu came out of her sleeve and lay on her shoulders, looking at the zombies on their back.

“Master, it seems that this woman has a deep grudge against you.”

She glanced at her back and couldn’t see the red dress zombie at all. This zombie named Su Yueniang must be a zombie with mental ability. Able to command thousands of zombies, she is at least level four.

In retrospect, they met when she first arrived in this world and one more time at Silverline Squad’s villa, and never saw each other again after that. What kind of deep grudge does she have with this zombie? Unable to find the reason for her deep hatred for herself, Zhu Lin did not speak.

Just as Zhu Lin and Tu Tu were heading east, Ye Yu couldn’t wait any longer and went to find her. He had waited for more than ten minutes, but Zhu Lin still didn’t come. Huo Bai said that she was behind him before he came to eat.

He had a bad feeling about her being late for dinner. Pushing the door, he walked out of the restaurant, but no one was there. The surroundings are quiet, same as before. Frowning, he decided to wait for her in the dining room. When she comes back, they can have dinner together.

Turning around, his eyes fell on a string of words on the door. Seeing these words, his pupils shrank.

‘There’s a zombie queen here. Get out of this place as soon as possible.

He read these words twice before he understood why she didn’t come. She took the zombies away. Clenching his hand tightly, he looked around. Looking for her trace, but the only trace was these words. When Huo Ming came out, he saw the captain looking around with worry in his eyes.

“Captain, where’s Zhu Lin?”

“She… took away a zombie queen.”

“What?” Hearing his captain’s words, Huo Ming thought he had bad hearing. 

Ignoring Huo Ming’s shock, Ye Yu pushed the door open and shouted. “There’s a zombie queen nearby! We’re leaving now!”

The people still eating in the restaurant quickly packed up and moved in an orderly manner. In less than five minutes, they had left the place. Ye Yu looked back at the gas station until he could no longer see it. She will be fine. They will meet again because she knows they are going west.

These words kept repeating in his mind, as Ye Yu forced himself to calm down. But there was one thing he forgot. Zhu Lin has severe directional blindness. Chased by a thousand zombies and a zombie queen, she didn’t have time to slowly find her way. She just moves like a blind donkey.

While she was still running, there was a loud roar behind her. Her lips rose slightly.

“Tu Tu, in a moment, I will use the lightning talisman to kill those zombies. You help me pick up those crystal nucleus.”

Knowing that she could finally pick up those beautiful crystals again, Tu Tu’s eyes suddenly lit up. The crisp voice of a child’s voice came from Zhu Lin’s shoulder, full of excitement.

“Yes, master!”


Another roar came from behind them. Zhu Lin flicked her finger and took out a stack of lightning talismans from the Qiankun bag. It was finally time for her to exercise. She channeled the energy of her entire body into her feat, leaping into the air using the immortal arts light step technique.

She rotated her body in the air, looking down at the zombies calmly. She held the lightning talisman between her index and middle fingers and threw the talisman at the zombies. The moment the lightning talisman flew towards the zombie, she moved her finger and the talisman instantly activated.

Crack! Boom!

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