Immortal in The Apocalypse – 28

Chapter 28

The well trained soldiers work fast. Soon, they were ready to move out. Standing at the roof of the military car is Yu Guang. He looked at the people standing below with a serious look on his face. When he spoke, his voice was solemn and imposing.

“Everyone, we’re leaving this place. The zombie tide is already on its way and will be here in nine hours. Our next destination is the West. If any of you want to go somewhere else, feel free to do so. We will distribute other base information and supplies fairly to everyone before the departure in ten minutes.”

With that, he came down and discussed with the other officers their route. Zhu Lin, who was standing behind, looked at the worried expressions on the faces of the survivors. She knew that not everyone would follow the Ye family to the west after getting the information about the Dragon Base. It stands to reason that they will go to the safest place, which is the current Dragon Base.

Ten minutes passed in the blink of an eye. The soldiers have already boarded the military vehicle, and there are only thirty ability users with them. The rest of the survivors choose to go to the east where the Dragon base is located. Their total number shrank to one hundred and twenty-two people. Apart from Mother Ye, several researchers and medical staff, and some soldiers, there were no more ordinary people.

She saw Ye Yu walking towards her calmly. “You will join me.”


They made their way to their car, where the rest of the Silverline Squad were already waiting. Quan Yun opened the door for her with a smile and said, “Come in.”

They were the last of the convoy to leave the temporary base. She looked out the car window and saw the survivors walking east. There is a reason for her to suggest that they go to the West instead of the East.

This is actually a very simple reason. Dark energy in the west is lower than in the east. Due to the lower dark energy, their chances of survival will be higher because there are fewer zombies and mutants.

She didn’t know why when she looked east, she had a feeling that there were clues of the Heavenly Dao. It was just a hunch, but the more she looked east, the stronger it was. Maybe she needs to help Ye Yu and the others build a base before going to the east.

“What are you thinking so seriously about?”

She heard Huo Ming’s voice from the right side and came out of her contemplation. Giving him a slight smile, she shook her head. “Nothing.”

“Here, brother Wuhan said you like chocolate.”

Zhu Lin looked at the small pack of chocolate in his hand in surprise. She had forgotten that she wanted to redeem them. But now, he gave it to her for free. Unable to hide her joy, she took the chocolate and smiled.

“Thank you very much.”

Seeing her full smile for the first time, everyone else was stunned. She was a very beautiful lady with a cold face. But with a smile on her lips, her cold beauty turned into a gentle and delicate face. It made them forget how to breathe for a moment.

“Zhu Lin, smile more in the future. With a smile, you look better.” Fu Hu’s rough face showed a big smile while teasing her. Everyone else nodded in agreement, including the sluggish Ye Yu.

Unresponsive to his teasing, she opened the chocolate and put a piece in her mouth. It tastes really good. She picked a piece for her rabbit. Tu Tu also likes sweet and bitter chocolate very much.

“Thank you, master.”

Amid the laughter of the Silverline Squad, the owner enjoys chocolate with the bunny. The cozy atmosphere didn’t last long. Twenty minutes after they moved out, the zombie tide had already arrived at the temporary base, not far behind them.

Ye Yu picked up the walkie-talkie and asked, “What’s going on?”

Ye Yin’s voice came from the other side immediately after he finished asking. “The data is wrong. The zombies have mutated and moved faster than before.”

“We need to distance ourselves before the zombies can smell us.” This time, it was Mu Zhexi who spoke on the walkie-talkie. With that said, the team accelerated.

After two hours of high speed driving, the voice of Ao Siyu came through the walkie-talkie. “We’re out of the danger zone. There’s a small base thirty kilometers ahead of us.”

“Take a detour and find a good place to rest for the night.” After a few seconds, Ye Yin’s voice came.

“Yes, sir.” All gave a response after his order.

Inside their car, Quan Yun asked in a tone of admiration. “Do any of you know what level Secretary Ao’s mental ability is now?”

Zou Wuhan glanced at him from the rearview mirror and said, “The last time he reported, he was a fifth rank ability user.”

“What?! Isn’t he only second rank three months ago?” Quan Yun asked in disbelief.

“In the past three months, everyone has ranked up very fast. Beside him, there are two fifth rank ability users. It’s Doctor Mu and Brother Ye Yin.”

Seeing Quan Yun’s face downcast, he said, “You have to work harder.”

Just when they were still discussing the rank of the ability user, Ye Yin’s voice came again. “We’ll stop at the gas station ahead.”

Ye Yu picked up the walkie-talkie and said, “Okay.”

They drove for another fifteen minutes, then stopped in front of the gas station. This gas station has a rest area, small supermarket and restaurant. Before the end of the world, people would rest in this place between trips.

Getting out of the car, they checked the place for zombies or mutants, but found nothing. Ye Yin signaled to the others. “All clear!”

At the signal, the soldiers moved into action, preparing a place to rest for the day. While the others were busy working, Zhu Lin stood by the car, frowning slightly.

Standing beside her, Huo Bai saw her frowning while drawing something in his notebook. “What’s wrong?”

She looked around and asked, “Don’t you think it’s strange? No zombies or mutants. It’s too quiet.”

Huo Bai’s hand holding the pencil suddenly stopped, closed his eyes, and listened carefully to the sounds around him. Too quiet indeed. Only the voices of those soldiers talking between themselves.

“Have you found anything?” He asked her when he opened his eyes.

She shook her head slightly. After that, neither of them spoke and they became more aware of their surroundings. Zhu Lin pulled out her sword in case of emergency. Although her body is much better than three months ago, her divine energy is still unavailable because her meridians have not been repaired.

The energy of this world is pitifully thin. Even after she came here, she worked hard to cultivate the meridians, but there was not much progress. With such a recovery rate, even after thousands of years, she would not be able to use her divine energy. Her only choice was to wait for her inner palace divine energy to slowly recover, and then use it to heal her injuries and repair her dantian.

While waiting, the soldiers finished their work and started preparing dinner. It didn’t take long for the aroma of the food to spread from the restaurant. Huo Bai calmly put the notebook and pencil back into his backpack.

“Let’s go.”

Looking at his back getting further, Zhu Lin put the sword in the Qiankun bag and followed behind him. For some reason, her instinct told her that something was wrong, but she couldn’t figure out what was wrong. When she reached the door of the restaurant, her frown deepened.


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