Immortal in The Apocalypse – 27

Chapter 27

Time passed slowly under the violent blizzard and strong wind. After solving the supplies problem, Zhu Lin lived alone in a small tent, recuperating and working with Tu Tu in her inner palace. At first, Mother Ye wanted her to stay with them but she refused. Without much choice, they let her live alone, but Ye Yu and the Silverline Squad would come to see her from time to time.

Before she knew it, three months had passed. One day, the never ending snowstorm suddenly stopped. Sunlight penetrated the dark clouds. The soft sunlight shines down, giving mankind another hope.

Outside, people started coming out of their houses one by one. After three months of hiding in the house, most of them already wanted to move their limbs and bask in the sun. In her small tent, Zhu Lin could clearly hear the cheers and laughter from outside.

She hugged Tu Tu in her arms, opened the tent door and walked out. The sky was still mostly covered by those dark snow clouds, but she could see the sun hiding behind the clouds. Seeing the sun is always a good thing. The little white rabbit snuggled into her arms and moved her petal-like pink mouth.

“Master, since the snow has stopped, what are your next plans?”

She looked at the horizon and stroked the rabbit’s soft fur. She spoke softly, like a whisper. “I don’t know. I’ve been dreaming about him for the past few months. I’ve tried to recall how he looked and how he sounded, but nothing comes to my mind.”

Tu Tu looked up at her Master’s sad eyes and sighed. She has been thinking about this. Why is it only her master who doesn’t remember him? Doesn’t the master remember that when she was a little jade rabbit without any consciousness, he gave her to the master? She also misses him terribly. But he is dead. After a long silence, she heard her master’s voice again.

“Tu Tu, have you thought about why we came here?” She asked softly.

The rabbit thought for a while and shook its head. “I always thought we came here by accident. Did master think differently?”

She nodded and said, “God’s dreams are never simple. I’ve been dreaming of him since we came into this world. I’m starting to think… that we’re here because of him.”

Tu Tu was taken aback, but quickly remembered how they got here. At that time, the other brothers and sisters tried their best to rush out of the sealed inner palace and drag the master into the void. They floated in the void for a long time until one day, an opening appeared in the void.

Since only herself and Brother Shuang, who was still awake at that time, they dragged her master and jumped into the opening of the void. When she woke up, Brother Shuang had used his last strength to bring them to a safe place and then lost consciousness. Leave her alone to take care of their master.

Now, after thinking about that incident carefully, she saw that something was wrong. Why did an opening suddenly appear in the void of space? The Void cannot be opened unless an abnormal event occurs.

Another way to open the void is by force. Someone has to be at least as powerful as her master to do this. And according to her rabbit brain memory, beside her master, only one person can do it. Thinking of this, Tu Tu’s body froze suddenly. It can’t be!

Zhu Lin looked at the suddenly stiff rabbit and asked, “Did you remember something?”

Tu Tu looked up at her master, her tone trembling with excitement. “Master… Could it be… Is he still alive? Could he be here, in this world?”

Listening to Tu Tu’s question, her heart skipped a beat. Is he really still alive in this world? How could this be? He clearly died in her hands. She didn’t remember him, but she still remembered the feeling of his warm blood on her hands, his body slowly getting cold, and then disappearing from her arms.

She closed her eyes and shook her head, she couldn’t believe it. “Impossible. I think.. I need to find the consciousness of this world first. The disappearance of Heavenly Dao really gives me a bad feeling.”

After listening to her master’s words, Tu Tu’s excitement suddenly disappeared without a trace. Just when the master and the rabbit were silent, Mu Zhexi hurried past them. Master and the rabbit looked at each other before following him.

Mu Zhexi, with half-walked and half-run paces, soon arrived at the command center. He rushed in, put the report on the table and tried to catch his breath. Ye Guang and others looked at his messy appearance in surprise. As long as they know this young man, he has never appeared so embarrassed as he is now.

They waited for him to catch his breath before asking. “What’s wrong?”

Mu Zhexi raised his face with a serious look, which made them have a bad feeling. “The zombies are already moving.”

The room suddenly fell silent. What he meant by his words, everyone present already knew. When the cold winter arrives, all the zombies are frozen and there is no threat. But since the blizzard has stopped and the sun is starting to appear, that means the zombies will thaw. Coupled with the number of zombies which continues to increase rapidly due to the snow containing the doomsday virus, the zombie tide is incoming.

“How much time do we have?” Ye Guang asked in a low voice.

Mu Zhexi looked at the gloomy faces of everyone and said, “Not much. According to the data, we have at most ten hours before the zombie tide arrives here.”

They fell silent again. After the cold winter, there were only half of the survivors left in the base. Most ordinary people can’t survive the virus in the air and snowflakes, and become zombies. A few lucky people have awakened their abilities. But there were still only about a hundred to two hundred people left. Can they survive this zombie tide?

Ye Yu calmly glanced at the reactions of the others. Then he looked at Mu Zhexi and said, “Doctor Mu, do you have any safe evacuation route?”

Mu Zhexi nodded and said, “Yes. The zombie tide will move south. To avoid it, we have only two ways. It is east or west. We have managed to build a radio system and communicate with other bases in these months and get in touch to gather information. In the west, there are many small bases but the relationship between them is not good. In the east, there are some medium size and small size bases and they coexist peacefully. There’s only one large base in the east,  that is the Dragon base of the Long family.”

“Then we should go to the East.” Ye Yin said.

Mu Zhexi shook his head and said, “No. Although this Dragon base is powerful, it is also full of mystery. From the information I managed to get, this base is owned by a man in his fifties. He alone managed to build this strong base and gather a lot of scientists and ability users. It’s too risky to go there.”

Listening to his explanation, it was really too risky to go to the Dragon Base without enough information and preparations. Just as the room fell silent, a clear and calm voice suddenly came from outside the door.

“Then you can go to the west and build another base. I still have a lot of supplies, enough for you to build a base.”

The people in the room looked towards the door and saw Zhu Lin walking in with the little white rabbit in her arms. Ye Guang thought for a while and said, “Just do as Miss Zhu suggested. Before gathering more information about other bases, we will move to the west and establish our own base.”

“Yes, sir.”

And just like that, the peaceful atmosphere of the temporary base was gone, replaced by the hectic activity of soldiers and survivors. Tu Tu looked at her master’s calm face for a while. It is strange that her master interferes in human affairs. Unless… there is something the master wants.

Feeling the rabbit’s gaze, Zhu Lin lowered her head and smiled at the rabbit. Tu Tu suddenly felt that her master was no longer a simple master. She stroked the rabbit’s soft fur while watching the busy humans and the sun in the sky. She finally found a purpose in this world.

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