Immortal in The Apocalypse – 26

Chapter 26

Ye Yu and Zhu Lin walked under the heavy snow for twenty minutes before arriving at the Ye family house built by the earth ability user. Knocking on the door, they waited while patting the snowflakes off their clothes. Not long after, Ye Yin opened the door and was surprised when he saw them.

“Why are you here at this time? Didn’t you hear the announcement yesterday?”

Ye Yu bypassed Ye Yin and took Zhu Lin into the house. Seeing that his younger brother didn’t speak, he closed the door and followed them in. The house is small with only two rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a living room.

As the person with the highest status in this base, Father Ye got the best house. The other houses are smaller than this one, with only one bedroom, one bathroom and one living room. To save space, all other houses are built the same. The only difference is how many people live in a house.

Seeing that her younger son and Zhu Lin came back together, Mother Ye quickly boiled hot water for them. “Why did you come out at this time? Didn’t your father announce it yesterday? Don’t go out when it’s snowing.”

After helping Zhu Lin to sit down, Ye Yu went to take the cups from Mother Ye. Putting the cups on the table, he sat beside Zhu Lin.

“Father, we have something to discuss with you.”

Ye Guang lifts up his eyes from the documents as he looks at them. “Speak.”

Glancing at Zhu Lin, he looked at his father again and said, “Do you remember when I told you that Zhu Lin’s ability is the Space system?”

“Um.” Ye Guang nodded.

“Zhu Lin and I had talked about the supplies she collected the other day. She agreed to give us supplies in exchange for seeds. My team got some seeds earlier and I will give it to her. We just wanted to inform you about this and ask how you distribute supplies,” He explained.

Ye Yin’s eyes lit up when he heard his brother’s words. Is there really such a good thing in this world? Curiosity was hidden under his calm face as he secretly looked at Ye Yu and Zhu Lin. Just when the eldest son was thinking wildly, Ye Guang looked at Zhu Lin gratefully.

“Miss Zhu, are you serious?”

She nodded and said, “Yes. I don’t need these supplies. Better use it to save more lives.”

He saw that she was sincere and did not refuse. They really need these supplies or they won’t be able to get through this cold winter. He smiled and said to her, “Then I thank Miss Zhu on behalf of the survivors. Thank you very much for your helping hand.”

She smiled slightly and said, “You don’t need to thank me. Ye Yu is my friend. And his family is also my family. Helping a family is what I should do.”

Hearing her words, Mother Ye and Ye Yin couldn’t hide their smiles. What did her words mean? Are they already a couple? Not knowing what the others were thinking, she continued, “So, where should I put these supplies?”

Ye Yin got up to get his long coat and said, “I’ll take you to the warehouse.”

With that said, the three of them went to the warehouse together. Zhu Lin took out another umbrella that she got from the mall for Ye Yin. Looking at the transparent plastic umbrella in his hand and the soft blue umbrella in his younger brother’s hand, Ye Yin felt sour in his heart. Being single is very sad.

Looking back at his elder brother, Ye Yu frowned. “Brother, lead the way.”

“Okay, okay.” With a sigh, Ye Yin opened the plastic umbrella and walked to the warehouse, followed by the other two.

The warehouse of this temporary base is not as good as the previous one. No good insulation or room temperature controls. It is also the hasty construction of the earth ability user, and the reinforcement of the metal ability user. The area is only three hundred square meters.

Walking in the warehouse, Zhu Lin was not sure whether the small warehouse could hold her supplies. She looked at Ye Yin hesitantly and said, “Brother Yin, I don’t think this warehouse can hold all my supplies.”

Looking at her, Ye Yin was a little surprised. How big is her space? After thinking about it, he asked her curiously, “How much supplies do you have?”

“There are about eight warehouses for clothing and other items, more than two dozen warehouses for food, and three for medical equipment and medicines.” She counted with her fingers.

The more he listened to her, the more shocked he became. Looking at Ye Yu, he asked him with his eyes. So many?!

“Um.” Seeing the question in Ye Yin’s eyes, Ye Yu nodded to his brother.

“Huh?” She turned to look at Ye Yu.


Tilting her head, she stared at him for a while before turning to look at Ye Yin. “So, do you have any other places to put supplies?”

Touching his chin, he thought for a while, and said, “You should put some supplies here first. Winter clothes and food are what we need most. For medicine, I will take you to a temporary hospital, where you can take them out. When we run out of supplies, you can replenish it later.”

She nodded in agreement. After identifying what they needed most, she walked to the back of the warehouse and began to take out the supplies, which were neatly stacked according to the type. Tu Tu had already arranged it, and she just took it out with those shelves and boxes.

After a few minutes, the empty warehouse was already packed. The Ye brothers looked at each other in dismay and decided not to ask. She turned to them and said, “Let’s go to the hospital.”

“Okay.” Ye Yin nodded and led the way.

The warehouse and the hospital are not far from each other. They walked under heavy snow and soon reached the hospital. When they opened the door, it was very chaotic inside.

“Get the gauze now!”

“There’s no more anesthetic! Tie him up!”

“Doctor! The patient has a seizure!”


“Quick! This one has turned into a zombie!”

Bang! Bang!

The three watched the chaos in the hospital as two soldiers dragged out the corpse of a patient who had just turned into a zombie and burned it with their abilities. One of the doctors saw them standing at the door and hurried towards them.

“Young Master Ye, why are you here?”

Ye Yin nodded to the doctor and said, “We brought medical supplies and equipment. Where is Doctor Su?”

“He’s in the surgery room.”

“I see. Can you show me the supply room then? We’ll just put the supplies in and go back.”

“Please follow me.”

They followed the doctor to the back room. “This is the supply room. I need to get back to the patient. Please excuse me.”

“Thank you.”

The doctor nodded and hurried back to his work. Before they could tell her, Zhu Lin took out medical supplies and equipment. Since she didn’t know what they needed, she just took them all out. When she just took out some of it, the room was already full.

“This… should I only take out one each?” She asked Ye Yu.

“I think you should do it.”

With a nod, she takes back some of the equipment to make room for the medication. After half an hour of choosing, they finally left the hospital. This is the first time she knew the headache of lacking a place to put items.

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