Immortal in The Apocalypse – 25

Chapter 25

Ye Yu opened the tent’s window and looked outside. The sky was darker than the darkest night, while blizzards and cold winds blanketed the base. Fortunately, there is a barrier to keep out the cold. Even though the outside temperature keeps dropping, the base is still warmer than the outside world.

He put down the window’s cover and walked back to the chair by the bed. Looking at Zhu Lin’s pale face, he tidied up her quilt, then picked up a document and continued to work.

Today is the first day of the cold winter, but many ordinary people are already sick. The ability user’s body is stronger than ordinary people, but they still feel the cold. It’s not surprising that ordinary people can’t stand this cold winter.

Time passed slowly, and the next day came without the sun. Just as Ye Yu was making a simple breakfast, Zhu Lin finally woke up. After arranging the formation, she fainted again. Hearing a slight sound behind him, Ye Yu turned around and saw her blankly opening her eyes.

“You woke up. How are you feeling?”

He turned off the portable stove, went to pour her a glass of water. He approached her and put the cup on the bedside table. Seeing that she was still in a daze, he touched her forehead and felt her temperature.

“Is there any discomfort?” He asked her to confirm.

Hearing his deep voice, she turned to look at him. Strangely, his face overlapped with the person in her dream. But she couldn’t remember the man’s face at all.

“Zhu Lin?” He called her in a worried voice.

Slowly, the confusion in her eyes disappeared, and she was completely awake. She rubbed her brows and hummed, “Um.”

Hearing her hoarse voice, he helped her sit up to lean on the pillow, and picked up the glass on the bedside table.

“Drink first.”

With his help, she took a few sips of water and felt better.

“What time is it right now?”

Ye Yu glanced at his watch and said, “Nine o’clock in the morning. You fainted after we came back yesterday. Is your body really alright? Your face looks pale.”

She closed her eyes, checked at her dantian and meridians before nodding. “Um. I’m fine.”

Looking at her calm expression, he let go of his worries. If she said she was fine, then he would just stay by her side and take care of her. Putting down the glass by the bedside table, he went to the table on the other side of the tent to continue making breakfast.

“Wait a few minutes. Breakfast is almost ready.”

She watched him make breakfast with the help of a little candlelight. He said it was nine o’clock in the morning, but there was no light at all. Out of curiosity, she lifted the quilt, got out of bed and walked towards the small window. She lifted the window cover and took a look at the outside.

There is no light source at all. As if there was only this dimly lit small tent in the world. Feeling the cold wind with her fingers, she guessed that the temperature outside was at least minus ten degrees Celsius. As she watched the snowflakes cover the ground, a warm hand retracted hers and closed the window.

“It’s too cold outside. As you’re not fully recovered, it’s better to stay away from the cold now. Let’s have breakfast first.”

She looked at the simple egg porridge on the table, she then followed him to the table and ate their breakfast silently. It didn’t take long for them to finish their porridge. Before she could move, he took the bowl and washed it.

She rested her cheek in her palm and looked at his back. “How is the situation now?”

“Not bad,” He replied without looking back.

They fell silent again. After a few minutes, he dried his hands and sat down beside her. He poured two glasses of hot water, put one in front of her, and took a sip from his own glass. She waited patiently for him to speak.

He put down his glass and said, “Some people are sick and we are short of medicine. Dr. Mu said these snowflakes contain the same virus as zombies. That’s why we better not go out until the blizzard is over.”

She lowered her eyes and said, “I remember Zou Wuhan said that you need clothes, food and medicine. Are you fully prepared?”

He tapped the glass slowly with his slender finger, and said after a moment of silence. “Not yet.”

“Then what’s your next plan?”

He looked at her. “Wait until the blizzard is over before going out to get more supplies. We’ve talked about buying your supplies before, but I haven’t had time to discuss it with my father.”

While thinking, she fell silent. For him and the other survivors, those supplies in her warehouses were very important. But she got these materials only because she wanted to earn some contribution points in exchange for crystal nuclei. These supplies are useless to her as contribution points are not available now.

“I’ll give you supplies since I don’t need it,” She told him after a long silence.

He raised his eyebrows and stared at her. “Are you sure?”

“Um.” She nodded lazily.

She really doesn’t need these supplies. But if she can get more seeds, she will not refuse. Raising her eyes, she looked at him and said, “Do you have any seed? We can exchange it for supplies. Any amount is fine.”

He tapped his finger on the table and said, “I think my team got some at the beginning of the apocalypse. But I don’t know if the seeds are still in good condition. I’ll check with Huo Bai later.”

“Um. By the way, you said that the base is short of medicine now. Should I take out the supplies?”

He looked at the closed window for a few seconds, then shook his head. “It’s not a suitable time to go out now.”

“Why? Because of the snow?”


She raised her glass and took a sip of the water that had already turned cold. “Let’s go out. I have an umbrella. We can use it.”

She glanced at his clothes and took out several thick winter clothes and coats from the inner palace. “Wear this. You’re wearing too little.”

He looked at the fashionable winter clothes on the table and chuckled. All the clothes there are black in color. He stood up and started taking off his summer clothes without batting an eye.

Zhu Lin was startled when she saw his bare chest as she turned around quickly, and covered her eyes with her hands. “What are you doing?!”

Confused, he asked, “Huh? Didn’t you tell me to change my clothes?”

She said in a panic, “Yes. But you should change places before undressing!”

He smiled helplessly. “Where can I go?”

Realizing that her request for him was unreasonable, she coughed. “You… you quickly change.”

Seeing her embarrassed and red ears, he chuckled and shook his head while changing his clothes. This young lady really seems to be from ancient times. After the apocalypse, there is no moral bottom line and women become more indifferent to this kind of thing. Women who react like her are rare now.

Zhu Lin blamed herself when she heard the clothes rustling sounds from her back. With a blushing face, she waited until Ye Yu finished changing clothes.

“It’s alright to turn around now.”

She put down the hand covering her face and turned her head slowly. Slowly opening her eyes to take a peek, she was relieved to see that he was fully dressed. Luckily her brother wasn’t here. Otherwise, you will either be killed on the spot or her brother will force her to marry him on the spot.

Seeing the way she patted her chest, Ye Yu couldn’t help but wanted to laugh at her cute reaction, but he held it back. He still has a lot of urgent things to do. He packed his summer clothes neatly in his backpack and asked, “Can you walk?”

“Um. It’s fine for me to walk slowly.”

She opened the Qiankun bag tied on her waistband and took out an umbrella with a soft blue color. Looking at the umbrella taken out of the small bag, he was very calm. Since meeting her, he has suffered more shocks than he has ever experienced in his life.

She held the umbrella and said, “Let’s go.”

He took the umbrella from her, opened the tent, and opened the umbrella. Stretched out his hand and said, “Come here.”

She looked at his outstretched hand for a while before placing her hand in his palm calmly. She has not regained her physical strength and walking is now difficult for her body. Since he was willing to be her crutch, she would not refuse.

The two held hands and walked towards the Ye family’s house together under the soft blue colored umbrella. After leaving the small tent, their figures were soon shrouded in a strong blizzard and heavy snow. Several people looked out of the window, but only vaguely saw them walking under the dark sky.

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