Immortal in The Apocalypse – 24

Chapter 24

Leaving the command center, Ye Yu and Zhu Lin walked towards the center of the temporary base. It’s an open place where people can gather and chat. But now, the place is deserted with no one around.

“This is the center of the base.” Ye Yu said while supporting her.

Zhu Lin looked around while calculating the energy fluctuations in the air. Arranging a defensive formation is not as simple as arranging an attack formation in battle. Defensive formations require more calculations and are affected by surrounding energy and landscapes. There are many factors to consider when setting up a defensive formation.

In order to learn how to arrange formations, cultivators must be good at calculation and have a keen perception of energy. In addition to this, they also need a deep understanding and talent for ancient languages and a high cultivation base. With these requirements, even in the Six Realms, not many Formation Array Masters appeared in history.

After finishing the calculation, she decided to use the sword formation combined with the ice barrier. With the ice barrier, it can withstand the cold, and the sword array can provide some defense to the base when needed. She also added four ancient beasts star formation to support the core formation.

With a flick of a finger, she takes out a bunch of things. A thousand year old ice crystal serves as the core of the ice barrier formation, one hundred and eight pieces of black iron serve as the core of the ancient beast star formation, and there is a mirror for the sword formation. Ye Yu saw the things in her hands and helped her hold some.

“Thank you.” She smiled at him.


She placed the thousand year old ice crystal on her left palm while her right hand formed a complex hand seal. A snowflake shape formation gleaming with ice blue light appeared in front of her. A second later, the ice crystals in her palm floated to the center of that formation.

The moment the ice crystals and the formation were integrated, the thirty centimeter wide formation shot up, rotated in the air and became larger and larger, covering the entire base. She raised her head and waited for the formation to stabilize before taking the black iron from Ye Yu.

She arranged the one hundred and eight pieces of black iron in the four ancient beast star formations on the ground before standing up. Standing in the center of the star array, she took out more than a dozen crystal nuclei, absorbed the spiritual energy in the crystal nuclei and then guided the spiritual energy to activate the star array.

The star formation array glows, floats into the air, and combines with the snowflake formation array. After waiting for a while, she took the mirror from Ye Yu’s hand. This time, she summoned her sword aura and injected it into the mirror. As her sword aura was injected into the mirror, the mirror turned into a small sword, with the surface as shiny as a mirror.

Putting the mini sword in Tu Tu’s paws, she said, “Can you help me put this sword in the center of the formation?”

Tu Tu held the hilt of the mini sword and nodded. “No problem, master.”

The little rabbit jumped off her shoulder, leaped into the air, stabbed the mini sword towards the center of the formation, then flipped three somersaults in the air and landed gracefully.

When she picked up the rabbit, she said, “Good job.”

“He he he.” Tu Tu laughed happily, jumped back on her shoulders, and stayed there obediently.

Carrying the rabbit on her shoulder, she made a set of hand seals and completed the formation. The mini sword that is stabbed in the center straightent, and a transparent barrier is formed from the formation. Ten minutes later, the entire base was covered by a layer of transparent ice blue dome shaped barrier.

She turned around and smiled at Ye Yu. “It’s done. You only need to use the crystal nucleus to provide it with spiritual energy, or inject any ability power into the formation core.”

Ye Yu looked up at the sky and saw the transparent barrier with a complicated expression. Looking at her pale face, he walked over and supported her. “I’ll take you back to rest.”

She tilted her head to look at him. The two looked at each other for a few minutes before she asked, “Why are you being so kind to me all of a sudden?”

He didn’t expect her to ask so bluntly, and was stunned. Looking into her eyes, he said seriously. “You helped me save my mother and you got hurt in the process. I should at least take care of you.”

Knowing his reason, she let go of her doubts. “Well, even if it’s for other people, I’ll do the same. You shouldn’t be burdened by it. Besides, my injury is not because of me helping you.”

He shook his head. “Whatever the reason you helped me that day, I should repay you. Without your help, I can’t save my mother and maybe Wuhan and I will die in the process. Your help saved three lives.”

He looked away and asked in a low voice. “Do you hate me?”

She looked at the tips of his pink ears and laughed softly. “I’m not.”

Satisfied with her answer, he said, “I’ll take you back.”


The two walked slowly back to her small tent, not knowing that the base was in uproar because of the barrier.


A soldier hurried towards the command center, rushed in and said quickly, “General Ye, bad news!”

Ye Guang raised his head from the document and said, “Speak.”

The soldier put down the two documents on the table and said, “This is the report of the research department. The cold winter will come in an hour.”

Ye Guang’s face darkened after reading Mu Zhexi’s report. He put down the report, stood up, and walked quickly out of the tent.

“Ring the alarm. Tell them to stop building the house. The injured will be taken to the medical building with the medical department staff and the rest will stay in the house. Told them not to leave the house.”

“Yes, sir!”

The soldier rushed to do the orders. Walking to the warehouse, Ye Guang placed another order on the way. In the warehouse, he asked soldiers to ration supplies and distribute them equally to everyone.

While the survivors were still evacuating, the temperature suddenly dropped sharply. From the hot weather of fifty degrees Celsius, it plummeted to minus ten degrees Celsius and continued to drop.

Soldiers direct the survivors to the houses and help medics transfer patients, while those who can move help distribute supplies. None of them think to keep these supplies for themselves. When an hour passes, the first snowflakes fall from the gloomy winter sky.

Flakes of snowflakes fell to the ground, accompanied by the bitter winter wind. Just five minutes after the first snowflakes fell, a blizzard blanketed the world and the temperature finally reached the predicted minus fifty degrees Celsius.

The base turned into a silent world, only the roar of the wind could be heard, like an angry dragon. In the house, survivors sit together and keep each other warm. The first day of the cold winter has finally begun.

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