Immortal in The Apocalypse – 38

Chapter 38

When Zhu Lin came out of the kitchen, Hua Xi had already taken a shower. After washing off her makeup and changing into a simple T-shirt and short pants, her true face finally appeared. With wet wavy hair, natural beautiful face, she is beautiful enough to be an idol.

Seeing Zhu Lin, she said, “You go take a shower first. My brothers will take a shower after you.”

She doesn’t need to take a shower because her clothes have a formation that keeps her body clean. Also, as a God, she is naturally clean as her body expels any filth in the form of energy. But now that Hua Xi has proposed it, she will try human culture.


Walking into the bathroom, she slowly took off her clothes and took the first shower in her life. After a few minutes, she came out. Hua Xi, who was still wiping her wet hair, looked at her in surprise.

“You’re so fast.” She said looking at Zhu Lin’s clean body and new clothes.

Looking at her body, Zhu Lin didn’t see anything wrong. She had taken her first shower in her life and had changed from blue to light green Hanfu dress. Her outfit is also beautiful with the accessories. Seeing that nothing was wrong, she sat down on the couch and looked at the kitchen from time to time.

Hua Nan looked up from the notebook and saw that she was staring at the kitchen. Out of curiosity, he put down his notebook and stood up to take a look. In the kitchen, Hua Bei is busy cooking. Looking at the table full of food, he swallowed. He sneaked up to the dining table, picked up a piece of meat and ate it.

“Wow~ Xiaobei, your skills have improved a lot!”

Hua Bei was so frightened by his brother’s sudden praise that the pan in his hand almost fell. “Scared me to death!”

He glared at his brother and said, “It’s not that my skills have improved. But Sister Zhu Lin’s ingredients are very fresh.”

Hua Nan nodded, busy stuffing the delicious food into his mouth. Seeing how fast his hands were moving, Hua Bei slapped his hand. “Stop eating!”

He licked his fingers and looked at the food sadly before going to shower. They wait until everyone has showered and the five of them sit together at the dining table.

Hua Nan looked at the table full of food and said, “It’s a pity that there is no rice.”

Smacking his lips, he couldn’t help but miss the taste of hot rice. Looking at his face, Zhu Lin felt that his image was different from when they first met. He looks a lot like Zou Wuhan now.

“We can already eat this kind of food, which is very good. Be grateful.” Hua Dong reminded him lightly.

“Well… I have a staple food. But I don’t know this ‘rice’ you speak of.” She said hesitantly.

The siblings looked at her with bright eyes. Facing their eager eyes, she froze for a while. Standing up, she took a small bag of all her staple foods. The long kitchen table was quickly filled with countless small bags.

“These are a few types I have. There are other types. If you guys don’t like these, I can take them out. Just tell…”

Before she could finish her sentence, the siblings had already rushed up and opened the bags one by one. In the bag, there are several staple foods from the Six Realms, as well as some staple foods from this world. Hua Nan found a rice bag and showed it to her.

“This is rice.”

Zhu Lin looked at the milky white grains in his palm and nodded. It turns out that the rice in this world is the same as the grains in the Six Realms. It’s a bit different from spirit rice.

“Okay! Wait a minute. I’ll cook it first.” Hua Bei said while taking the rice bag from Hua Nan.

Hua Bei hurried to wash the rice and cook. That night, the siblings ate hot food for the first time since the apocalypse. Dinner lasted an hour, and then they retired to their rooms. The three brothers slept in the master room, and Zhu Lin shared the other room with Hua Xi.

Lying on the bed, Hua Xi yawned. “Good night, Zhu Lin.”

“Good night.”

Not long after, she heard Hua Xi’s slow and even breathing. She sat in a lotus position on the bed and took out the crystal nuclei of the third rank zombie. Looking down at the crystal nuclei in her palm, she could feel a strong spiritual energy from it.

The nuclei of an ordinary zombie is only the size of a little fingernail. The nuclei of a first rank zombie is the size of a thumbnail. The crystal nuclei of a second rank zombie is as big as a marble. And the crystal nuclei of this third rank zombie in her palm was as big as a copper coin.

The prismatic shape of the nucleus was beautiful, but she didn’t intend to keep it as a souvenir. Closing her eyes, she made a simple hand seal and the crystal nuclei floated in front of her. After a few seconds, the crystal nuclei turned into dust.

Opening her eyes, she looked at the dust on her dress. For the ability users, this third rank crystal nuclei is enough for them to be directly promoted from second rank to third rank. But for Zhu Lin, it was just a drop in the ocean. Sighing, she closed her eyes and continued to cultivate.

She opened her eyes as the first rays of sunlight illuminated the bedroom. Last night, they left the windows open because of the heat. Looking out the window, she saw the silent base shrouded in morning light. Gives an illusion of a peaceful world.

She got up from the bed and walked out of the bedroom without saying a word. No one was awake when she came out, so she went out to the balcony. She leaned against the railing and watched the sunrise. While she was still admiring the sunrise, her little bunny came out of the inner palace.



Tu Tu stood on the railing to watch the sunrise with her. When the humans woke up and the activities began, Tu Tu returned to the inner palace. This is a rare peaceful day.

“Sister Zhu Lin, you woke up so early.”

Behind her, Hua Bei yawns and scratches sleepily at his bird nest like hair. Turning to see him, she said, “Um. You woke up early too.”

He stretched out his body and said, “I have to prepare breakfast. It’s rare for us to be able to eat hot food.”

“Do you need any ingredients?”


Seeing his embarrassed look, she smiled. Since there is an agreement, it’s alright for her to give them some supplies. What’s more, Hua Bei’s cooking skills are almost on par with Huo Ming. Walking together to the kitchen, he made a list of what he needed and she had it ready for him. Their day starts with the smell of food.

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