Immortal in The Apocalypse – 21

Chapter 21

The truck shook as the child jumped to the passenger seat window. Quan Yun quickly picked up the walkie-talkie and warned others.

“Be careful! People are starting to become zombies!”

“What?!” Zou Wuhan’s voice came from the walkie-talkie.

The next second, Huo Ming’s calm voice came. “Another group of zombies are here.”


Fu Hu quickly maneuvered the truck to throw the little zombie away from the window, while Quan Yun prepared his wind blades. At the moment when the truck made a sharp turn, he lowered the window, shot out those wind blades, and slash off the neck of the little zombie along with a few zombies behind it.

He quickly closed the window again and picked up the walkie-talkie. “The corpses are also changing. We need to report this quickly.”

“Fu Hu, Quan Yun, go and report to the command center. Huo Ming, Huo Bai, go back to the villa and get our supplies. Return to the command center after you get the supplies.” Ye Yu gave the order calmly.

“What will you do, captain?” Huo Bai asked through the walkie-talkie.

“I’m going to pick up my mother.”

They take their orders and move separately. Fu Hu drove back to the basement, while Huo Ming and Huo Bai drove two trucks back to the villa area. Zou Wuhan drove the Humvee straight to the high-end living area in the inner district.

On the way to Ye’s house, Ye Yu lowered the car window and started to summon lightning, burning the zombies to ashes. Seeing more and more zombies surrounding them, Zhu Lin looked at the roof of the car. Looking at the shape, there should be a door there.

“Zou Wuhan, can you open the roof?”

“I can. But what do you want to do?” He asked while avoiding another group of zombies in front.

“Open the roof.” As she spoke, she drew her sword.

His eyes widened when he saw her draw her sword. “Are you crazy?! The toxic acid rain is still there! Do you want to die?!”

She looked at his angry and worried face for a moment before saying, “Don’t worry. I’ll be fine.”

Seeing that her decision was still firm, he gritted his teeth and pressed the button. The roof began to open slowly. Zhu Lin cast a barrier and stood on the seat with a sword in her hand.

Her upper body is outside as she stands on the car seat. With the barrier, not even a drop of rain could touch her body. But that’s not the case for car interiors. She raised her sword and absorbed the divine energy she had accumulated in her dantian after meditating every day.

When the divine energy stored in her cracked dantian was drawn out, the meridians she had just recovered a little bit began to rupture again. Clenching her sword, she endured the pain and channeled the divine energy to her sword. After a few seconds that felt like an eternity, she horizontally slashed the zombies following their cars.


Sword aura strengthened by divine energy has higher destructive power than ordinary sword aura. The sword aura moved forward and chopped off the heads of all the zombies. When the sword aura passed, everything was divided into two by it, including those buildings along the way.


She coughed out a mouthful of blood after that move as her body felt torn from the inside out. Wiping the blood from the corner of her mouth, she lowered her body and leaned on the car seat.

“Close the roof.” She spoke in a weak voice.

When Zou Wuhan heard her words, he quickly pressed the button and closed the roof of the car. Ye Yu turned around and saw her pale face. He frowned deeply.

“Why are you so pale? Are you okay?” He asked with worry in his eyes.

“I’m fine.”

When he saw the blood on the corner of her lips, he became more worried. “I’ll handle the rest.”


Zhu Lin put away her sword before fainted. In the front seat, Ye Yu was working hard to kill zombies. Before long, there were not many zombies chasing the car. With Zou Wuhan’s driving skills, they easily left the remaining zombies behind.

Inside the inner palace, Tu Tu felt her master’s condition had suddenly deteriorated. Putting down the work in hand, the little white rabbit flashed out of the inner palace. As soon as Tu Tu saw its owner’s pale face and chaotic energy, the rabbit panicked.


Tu Tu forgot to speak telepathically and quickly placed her little fluffy paw in her dantian area, channeling its healing aura to help her sort out the chaotic energy. In the front seat, the two men looked at the talking rabbit that appeared out of thin air with shocked expressions on their faces.

Parking the car in the garage, Ye Yu quickly opened the car door and ran into the house to pick up his mother while Zou Wuhan was still adjusting his three views. Not long after, Ye Yu returned with a beautiful middle-aged woman.

He opened the back seat door and helped his mother into the car. Mother Ye was surprised to see a pale girl laying on the seat while a small white rabbit put its paw on her lower stomach. Before she could ask her son, Ye Yu closed the car door and they drove out of the house.

“Go back to the command center.”


They went back to the command center again in no time. This time, Zou Wuhan drove faster, and their luck was also good. There are only ordinary zombies on the road. The situation is getting worse every second. In addition to those corpses that became zombies, even humans began to transform. The combination of toxic acid rain and poisonous fog is really too strong.

Ordinary people without high antibodies will directly become zombies. Even those ability users have turned into zombies. The bad news is that these ability users directly turn into first or second rank zombies with abilities.

It had just rained for four hours, and eighty percent of the survivors in the base had died and turned into zombies. By the time they found the rest, the situation had spiraled out of control. Ye Guang and other senior officials decided to abandon the base.

They will build the underground city in the future. As long as they are alive, they can build another base. Ye Yin made a decisive decision and went to escort the researchers and medical staff. Another hour later, Ye Yin returned with half of the researchers and medical staff. His face was grim when he reported the situation.

“More than half of the research department has become zombies. Half of the medical department has also become zombies. Citizens… less than four hundred survivors.”

After listening to his report, they couldn’t help falling into despair. Of the three hundred thousand survivors, less than a thousand survived. This toxic acid rain has wiped out more than ninety percent of the base survivors. They don’t know about other places’ situations right now.

Taking a deep breath, Ye Guang opened his mouth and said, “Everyone, go to the basement. We are leaving now.”

“Yes, sir!”

With an order, the well-trained soldier quickly adjusted their mood. Ye Guang looked at his sons and wife firmly. He held Mother Ye’s hand tightly and walked out of the command room. The rest quickly followed him.

In the basement, survivors and soldiers were ready to move out. Ye Guang, Ye Yin and Mother Ye got into another car. While Fu Hu, Quan Yun, Huo Bai, and Huo Ming went to their respective military vehicles.

Ye Yu got into the car, looked back and saw that Zhu Lin still fainted. He looked at Zou Wuhan and asked, “How is she?”

Zou Wuhan shook his head. “I have no idea.”

The two stopped talking when they saw that the little rabbit was still pressing her paw against her lower stomach. They focus their mind and wait for orders. Ye Yin stood on the Humvee roof with his gun ready, signaling the soldier to open the door. As soon as the door opened, zombies rushed in from outside.


Bang! Bang! Bang!

The two soldiers who opened the door got into an army truck under heavy artillery fire. Seeing that the number of zombies was reduced by half, he gave another order.

“Move out!”

A convoy of more than forty military trucks and Humvees rushed out of the central region of ​​the base under the combined pressure of highly toxic acid rain and zombies. When they finally managed to leave the base after hours of fighting, they lost half of their survivors.

Looking back at the base, Ye Yu clenched his hand tightly. There must be a way for them to survive. He will find the way!

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