Immortal in The Apocalypse – 22

Chapter 22

Three days later, the toxic acid rain finally stopped. As this acid rain ends, the world is plunged into another devastating situation. The air is severely polluted by poisonous mist, and humans have no more land to grow crops. All the water sources in the world have been turned into highly toxic water. The only way for humans to get clean water is from the water system ability users.

Animals and plants began to mutate under the poisonous acid rain, turning into monsters more terrifying than zombies. Humanity has lost sixty percent of the world’s survivors and is on the brink of extinction. Under such pressure, more ordinary people have awakened their abilities, and the abilities of the ability users are also evolving or upgrading.

Zombies evolved alongside the ability users. Powerful third rank zombies appeared, while fourth rank zombies that could command thousands of zombies created their own territory and narrowed the safe area for humans.

In addition to the threats from these creatures, the most pressing threat to humanity is the supply of food and water. Without sufficient resources and supplies, humans will die of starvation before being killed by these creatures.

Inside the small tent, a young man sat on a chair beside a bed, reading a report on the latest situation in the world. On the bed, a young and beautiful woman in a blue hanfu dress fell asleep quietly. Her closed eyes moved slightly, alarming the man sitting in the chair. She groaned softly and slowly opened her eyes.

“You’re finally awake. How is your body?”

Hearing a deep voice from a man on the right, she turned around and saw Ye Yu’s worried expression. Zhu Lin opened her mouth to speak, but her throat was too dry.

“Cough, cough…”

Ye Yu quickly opened a bottle of water and fed her slowly. After swallowing a few sips to moisten her throat, she said, “How long have I been unconscious?”

While helping her sit up, he put a pillow on her back to make her sit more comfortably, and said, “It’s been more than three days.”

“I see..”

Ye Yu sat back on the chair and asked again. “How do you feel?”

She shook her head and smiled slightly. “I’m fine. It’s just an old injury.”

He looked at her pale face and sighed. Seeing her awake, a boulder in his heart finally lifted. Looking around, she didn’t know this place at all.

“Where are we?”

“Temporary shelter. After you’re unconscious, we leave the base.”

Looking at his gloomy face, she felt that something must have happened. He couldn’t have left the base for no reason. With a light cough, she asked him in a slightly hoarse voice.

“What happened?”

He looked at her calm face, but didn’t intend to tell her the whole story. She still needs to recuperate and worry is not good for her. After finishing arranging his words, he said, “The rain has turned the corpse into a zombie. We are now preparing for the cold winter. You should rest more and take care of your body first.”

Zhu Lin looked at him in silence. He looked away from her and quickly picked up the report and stood up. “You rest. I still have work to do. I’ll have someone bring food for you. I’ll be back later.”

After that, under Zhu Lin’s calm gaze, he quickly walked out of the small tent. She looked at his back and didn’t drop her eyes until he came out of there. Knowing his character, she knew he wouldn’t lie. And what he just said was not a lie, but a small part of the whole truth.

She leaned against the soft pillow and sighed. She needs to know the real situation to make a plan. She closed her eyes and looked for the rabbit, but couldn’t find it in the inner palace.

[Tu Tu, where are you?]

A second later, a clear and child-like voice comes.

[Master! You finally woke up… wuu… wuu… You scared me to death, master.]

Feeling the sadness and worry of the rabbit, she couldn’t help feeling distressed.

[Do not Cry. Am I not doing well now? By the way, where are you?]

[I was outside with those brothers. Tu Tu will go to the master’s place. Please wait for me, master.]

[Alright. You should be careful.]

Cutting off their telepathic conversation, she opened her eyes and sighed. She looked inside her body and saw that her injuries were worse than before. Using her divine energy to kill those zombies is indeed a risky move. But she doesn’t regret doing it.

Just when she was still thinking about adding a few more crystal nuclei to supplement the energy in her inner palace, the tent cover had been lifted. Looking at the entrance, she saw Tu Tu stay in Zou Wuhan’s arms, and the other four followed behind them.

The small white rabbit jumped down from his arms and pounced on its owner with tears in its eyes. “Master~!”

Zhu Lin raised her eyebrows at Tu Tu, then looked at the other. They were not surprised when they heard the rabbit speak. Did Tu Tu tell them where they came from?

She looked down at the rabbit that was still crying while holding her stomach, and then asked the rabbit through telepathy.

[Tu Tu, have you told the others our origins?]

The rabbit’s body stiffened for a second, then quickly shook her head. The long ears move so fast that they create phantoms.

[I didn’t, master. But… When I felt your chaotic energy, I left the inner palace and forgot the disguise. They discovered that I could speak and have healing ability.]

She looked at the guilty rabbit, stroking her soft fur to relax her. “I see”

Tu Tu raised her little head and cried again: “Master~ wuu… wuu…”

Gently patted the rabbit, she sighed helplessly. “Alright, stop crying.”

Tu Tu sniffed and tried to hold back her tears. Seeing their interaction, the five people standing there didn’t have time to speak, and could only look at each other.

She looked at them and said, “Let’s talk.”

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