Immortal in The Apocalypse – 20

Chapter 20

Ye Guang motioned for Mu Zhexi to speak. He went to the blackboard and pinned the wide sheet of paper there. On that piece of paper was the design of the underground houses and infrastructure. It looks like an underground city with a detailed design.

Standing next to the blackboard, he said, “Build an underground city.”

When they saw the design, their eyes lit up. This Mu Zhexi is really a genius. He can produce such a detailed design in just a few hours.

“Based on the zombie movement data, I predict that after this cold winter, there will be a zombie tide. It will pass our base and move south. If we can build this underground city, then we can survive this cold winter and the zombie tide.

“Our time is too short. There are only five days left until the cold winter arrives.” Su Yintian looked distressed.

“Use the ability users. Gather people with earth system ability and metal system ability to build the city. Wood system ability and water system ability will help solve food shortages. Other ability users will help stabilize the situation with our soldiers.” He said calmly.

Hearing what he said, they felt that this huge project could really be completed in five days. Ye Yu raised his hand and asked, “Has the location been set?”

Mu Zhexi nodded. “We have calculated the data and based on the results, we have determined the best location for the underground city.”

He walked over to the oval table and pointed to the map. “This is the best place. The soil is hard, without any moisture. The ground is solid and the view is clear. Build the underground city here, and we won’t have to worry about the ground collapsing later. We can build a strong fortress on top of the dungeon as an entrance.”

The location he was referring to was not far from this base, only ten kilometers away. It is very convenient for them to move supplies and people back and forth.

Seeing that no one rejected Mu Zhexi’s suggestion, Ye Guang nodded. “Then let’s start. Brother Su will supervise the medical department. Mu Zhexi will be in charge of the research department. Ye Yin will supervise security and supplies. The rest will be handled by Secretary Ao. Underground City project, I will personally oversee it. Let’s do it all in five days and survive.”

“Yes, sir.”

At this point, the meeting is over and everyone does their own work. Sitting there, Zhu Lin already knew the general situation of this world. It seems that what is happening now has a deep connection with the disappearance of the Heavenly Dao in this world.

After everyone left, Ye Guang finally saw her sitting next to Huo Ming. He looked at Ye Yin and wanted to get an answer, but Ye Yu answered him instead.

“Dad, this is my friend Zhu Lin.”

Ye Guang raised his eyebrows and asked, “Friend? What kind of friend?”

Ye Yu looked away and said calmly, “Ordinary friend.”

Disappointment appeared on his face, but disappeared a second later. “Well, then bring her back and introduce her to your mother. Dad still has a lot to do. Ye Yin, go do your work.”

Being chased away by his father, Ye Yin stood up and left quickly. As he passed by Zhu Lin, he said, “Let’s talk later. See you around.”

After that, the father and son left in a hurry. There’s a lot to do and they only have five days. Now, there are only seven of them in the spacious room. Zou Wuhan stood up, closed the door, and sat back in his seat.

“You guys know our situation now. We’d better get as many supplies as we can before the cold winter comes. We don’t know how long this winter will last. Besides food and water, the most urgent thing is clothes.”

His eyes moved to Zhu Lin and said, “Zhu Lin, you said you got a lot of supplies from the mall? Did you get clothes there?”

She hesitated and said, “I don’t know if these can be counted as clothes. To me, it looks like a small piece of cloth only.”

With a flick of a finger, several sets of new clothes appeared on the table. These are indeed clothes. When they saw the red one, those men’s faces blushed. When Ye Yu moved his eyes away, Zou Wuhan coughed and said, “These are indeed clothes. But that red one… is a woman’s underwear.”

Zhu Lin curiously picked up the red erotic lingerie. She looked at Zou Wuhan in disbelief. “Is this a woman’s underwear? Seriously?”

They looked at her incredible face and laughed. This young woman is really different from other women.

“Since you have clothes, how many do you have?” Ye Yu asked and the atmosphere became solemn again.

She thought about it before answering him seriously. “I don’t know how much, but there are about four warehouses.”

“How big is the warehouse?”

“About one hundred and eighty zhang squares.”

“Then it’s enough.”

Quan Yun raised his hand and said, “Please convert it to modern measurement. I’m confused.”

Huo Ming looked at him with pity and said, “About six hundred square meters.”

Huo Bai tapped the table with his fingers and said, “The problem of clothes is solved. What about the food?”

Zhu Lin looked at them calmly. Her voice was clear when she spoke. “I think I can help you with that.”

The voice fell, and six pairs of eyes turned to her at the same time. She coughed lightly and continued: “I have a lot of food. It can feed fifty thousand people for three months.”

“That much?!” Fu Hu asked in surprise.


Looking at her calm face, he secretly swallowed. How much space does she have? What level is she at now? All of that is still a mystery.

Now that they know how much she has, it’s time to negotiate the price. Zou Wuhan glanced at Ye Yu before saying, “Let’s discuss it with Ye Yu’s father first. When we get the price list, we will contact you. What do you think?”

“No problem. All I want is crystal nuclei.”


After speaking, they ended the topic and decided to go back to the villa together. From the room, they went straight to the basement. The toxic acid rain continues and they need a car to get home. Driving the vehicles out of the basement, they saw what was going on outside. It’s worse than when they first came back.

The streets are littered with dead bodies and the air is already polluted with poison gas. For the time being, taking in air isn’t much of a problem. But if they keep breathing in the poisonous air, they’ll die, or worse, turn into zombies.

The chaos continued, with more and more people falling to the ground. On the side of the road, Quan Yun saw a child around five years old standing motionless. His body was covered in burns and blood. The thin, bloody child raised his face as their car passed the child.

As soon as Quan Yun saw his face, he cursed loudly. “Damn it!”


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