Immortal in The Apocalypse – 19

Chapter 19

Inside the Humvee, Zhu Lin calmly flicked away the water from her long sleeves and hem of her skirt. A few drops of acid water fell on the seat, making a few small holes. Zou Wuhan saw it in the rearview mirror with a bitter look on his face. This is high quality leather, ah.

After she got her clothes dry, Ye Yu asked her calmly. “You came out on a mission with those people?”

She looked away from her skirt and shook her head. “No. I was on a mission and ran into them when I’m on the mission.”

“What mission?” He asked again.

“Get supplies. The staff said it was an E – rank mission.”

“So, have you collected the supplies?” Zou Wuhan asked her, looking at her through the rearview mirror.

She nodded slightly, “Um. I followed the picture Huo Bai gave me and found some.”

He raised his eyebrows and asked curiously. “Which one did you find?”

She took out the drawing paper from the Qiankun bag and pointed to the red cross and the tank drawing. “These two.”

He glanced at the drawing, a little surprised. “Didn’t you go to the supermarket? Isn’t the hospital full of zombies? You really dare to go alone.”

She shook her head in disappointment, then said, “I couldn’t find the apple drawing. But I found a huge building with ten floors. There are many small rooms filled with a lot of things. The hospital is also a good place to collect nuclei.”

Ye Yu thought for a while and said, “It’s a shopping mall. Did you get all the supplies there?”

“Yes. I spent three hours collecting supplies there.” Thinking of the exhaustion after that, she couldn’t help sighing with emotion.

Ye Yu glanced at Zou Wuhan and knew that they had the same thought. If she does go to these three places, then they should try to buy more gas and other supplies from her before she sells to anyone else. With this poisonous acid rain, what they feared has really become a reality. Zombies are not the only threat to humanity.

Knowing that this was not a good time to negotiate, they kept quiet until they reached the base entrance. Instead of the usual long queues, they were greeted by panic and screaming.

“Ahh! It hurts!”

“Mommy… I want mommy….”

“Quick! Find a shelter!”

People panicked, screaming and crying muffled by the sound of heavy rain. The rain mixed with blood and mud, and covered the previously barren land. The corpses were badly burned and scattered in bloody streets.. Panic spread quickly as the rain grew heavier. The guards, seeing the increasingly worrisome situation, began to close their doors.

“Drive faster.”

With Ye Yu’s order, Zou Wuhan accelerated. Their convoy passed through the gate on time before the gate was fully closed. Due to the chaos, they bypassed inspections and drove directly to the central command building. Along the way, they saw something more dire than the entrance.

Most slum dwellers are dead because their shelters can’t keep out the toxic acid rain. The blood ran along the rain, and the air was polluted by the poisonous mist. In the middle region, the situation is only slightly better, because the residents are mostly ability users and their families. But the streets are still full of corpses. The central region fared better than the other two regions, but still suffered heavy casualties.

Zou Wuhan drove faster and rushed to the central command building before the roof was damaged by acid rain. Their four vehicles entered the building directly and parked in the basement. When they got out of the car, there was already a group of heavily armed soldiers waiting. The person at the head looks a lot like Ye Yu.

Zhu Lin looked at his face and compared it with Ye Yu’s. She looked at them back and forth until Ye Yu said, “Don’t look anymore. He is my elder brother, Ye Yin.”

Ye Yin looked at Zhu Lin with interest. He knew his brother’s character. He never had intimate relationships with women.

“This is?” He looked at Ye Yu curiously.

“My friend, Zhu Lin.” Ye Yu briefly introduced.

Ye Yin smiled at her and said, “You can call me elder brother. It’s a pity to meet under such circumstances. If not, I really want to get to know you better.”

Just as they were talking, the Dawn Squad had already disembarked from the truck, while the Silverline Squad directed the soldiers to unload the weapons.

Chen Xiaoxian walked up to them and said, “Thank you for the ride. We’re going back to check on the members we have left at the base. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Um.” Zhu Lin nodded at him.

Nodding to Ye Yu and Ye Yin, he led his team out of the basement. After all the weapons were unloaded from the truck, Ye Yin said, “Dad wants to see you.”

Seeing their serious expressions, Zhu Lin said, “Then I’ll go first. I need to report my mission.”

“I don’t think you can report the mission right now. It’s a mess outside.” Ye Yu said.

Hearing his words, she fell into deep thought. In addition to reporting on her mission, she also needs to find a place to live. Before she could make a decision, Ye Yu said, “You go with us first. We’ll go back together later.”

“Alright.” After thinking about it, she still agreed.

Hearing his younger brother’s words, Ye Yin raised his eyebrows. What’s going on? Are they already living together? Is she their new team member or his sister-in-law? Busy with his own guesswork, he didn’t realize that the others were already walking towards the stairs.

Quan Yun patted his shoulder and called him. “Brother Yin, what are you doing? Let’s go.”

He recovered from his thoughts and walked towards the stairs with a blank face. “Oh, let’s go.”

Quan Yun followed behind him and scratched his head. Today, his older brother Yin looks strange. Climbing up the stairs, they arrived at the fifteenth floor. Fortunately, they are all ability users. Ordinary people would be exhausted before reaching the conference room if they climbed these stairs.

Pushing open the door, they saw that there were more than a dozen people sitting around the oval table in the spacious conference room. Sitting on the main seat is a middle-aged man who looks similar to Ye Yu and Ye Yin. Zhu Lin guessed that this man was their father.

Seeing that the door was open, those people looked up at the door. Seeing that his youngest son had finally returned, Ye Guang heaved a sigh of relief. Seeing that they came back unharmed, he motioned them to sit down.

After the others were seated, Huo Ming pulled the seat next to him and motioned for Zhu Lin to sit down. She was at the end of the oval table, sitting beside Hou Ming quietly. Covered by Huo Ming’s tall body, no one paid any attention to her.

Ye Guang opened the file in front of him, his face gloomy. He showed the document to his subordinates and said, “What we worried about has finally become a reality today. A month ago, Ye Yu and his team brought back the observation data. I believe everyone has read the report.”

The others nodded in agreement. He took out another document and opened it, and continued. “This is the last report from our research department. Toxic acid rain is the first natural change after the apocalypse. The next one is a cold winter. Preparations must be completed within five days.”

The man sitting beside Ye Guang took the document and read it. After closing the file, he looked at the others and said, “My Su family can help provide medical support.”

Chief researcher Mu Zhexi stood up and said, “We have to hurry up and prepare. When the cold winter comes, the temperature will drop to minus sixty degrees Celsius. That is the beginning of winter. When we reach the peak of the cold winter, the temperature will drop to minus three hundred degrees Celsius.”

When his voice fell, everyone looked at him with grim expressions. Although the chief researcher is young, he never talks nonsense. If he said it would be so cold, it would be so cold in the future. He looked very capable and serious wearing his white lab coat.

Looking at the worried faces, he continued: “I have a way to get us through this cold winter.”

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