Immortal in The Apocalypse – 18

Chapter 18

When the first rays of morning light appeared on the eastern horizon, Zhu Lin came out of her meditative state and opened her eyes. The sky, still covered with countless stars, is like a diamond blanket. She looked at the sky until the stars disappeared and the sun slowly rose in the sky.

Stretching, she stood up from the boulder, ready to go back to the base. Today is her third day away from the base. She wondered if the Silverline Squad had returned to base. She needs to let Huo Bai teach her more about the world. Before she could take a step, a clear voice came.

“Miss, do you want to have breakfast together?”

Zhu Lin looked back and saw a petite and pretty woman standing there with a smile on her face. She’s not very pretty, but her face makes it easy to like her. Glancing past her petite body, Zhu Lin saw that the other eight were in good condition and were waiting for her answer.

Knowing it was their good intentions, she agreed. “Thank you for your invitation.”

The petite woman smiled brighter and introduced herself. “It’s our honor. My name is Ning Qingqing.”

“This one’s name is Zhu Lin.”

After a brief introduction, they walked back to the others. Standing there, Ning Qingqing said: “This is our captain Chen Xiaoxian and his girlfriend Jiang Xue’er. This is our vice-captain, Long Xiyin. Our space ability user, Yang Bingxin. Bai Zi, Dong Li and our strategist, Shuang Sheng. This is Wei Ziming.”

“Hello, this one’s name is Zhu Lin.” She nodded to them.

Wei Ziming beckoned to her and handed her a plate of food. “Welcome.”

“Our breakfast is not very rich, but I hope Miss Zhu can eat happily.” Chen Xiaoxian said with a smile.

“Please have a seat.” Ning Qingqing led her to sit next to her and started eating. 

The menu is simple, consisting of two sausages, a slice of bread, and two pieces of biscuit. Seeing this kind of food for the first time, Zhu Lin watched curiously with a fork in her hand.

Ning Qingqing, who was sitting beside her, laughed lightly at her reaction, “Is this the first time you’ve eaten Western-style breakfast?”

She doesn’t know what a Western-style breakfast is but still nods.

“Try it. It’s delicious. Although it’s not as tasty as freshly prepared food.”

Zhu Lin imitated her when she saw how she used a fork. She picked up the sausage and took a light bite. The saltiness and meat fragrance of the sausage spread in her mouth as she chewed. Not too bad. Over breakfast, they had a relaxed conversation.

By the time they finished packing, the sky was already bright. Today is cloudy with lower temperatures. Zhu Lin frowned when she felt the air. There is more water vapor in the air today than yesterday, and it feels humid. Based on her experience, this is an early sign before it rains.

“We should go before it rains.”

Jiang Xue’er nodded and said, “Yes, the moisture in the air is higher today and keeps increasing.”

Looking at each other, they quickly walked towards the base. This is the first sign of rain after more than two months after the end of the world. After the apocalypse, everything has changed and they don’t know how this rain will change.

They walked fast, but an hour later, the first raindrop had fallen. The raindrops make hissing sounds as they hit the ground, creating a thin green mist. One of the raindrops fell on Wei Ziming’s arm as he hissed in pain.


The others hurriedly looked at his arm that had touched the raindrops, only to see burn scars the size of a coin, still smoking. Their pupils shrank and their faces pale. This is not ordinary rain, but poisonous acid rain. They need to find shelter as soon as possible or they will die a terrible death.

Chen Xiaoxian knows the effect of normal acid rain on the heart and lungs. Not to mention the poisonous acid rain that has a more terrible effect. He quickly created a thick ice shield three meters in diameter and threw it to Long Xiyin. They have known each other since childhood, and they know each other’s thoughts without saying anything.

Long Xiyin caught the ice shield, lifted it up, and used it to cover them as a temporary shelter. With this shelter, they moved faster while looking for shelter but there was nothing there. Not even a tree. The rain is getting heavier and thick ice shields are slowly melting under the poisonous acid water.

“This is not good. The shield is melting.” Long Xiyin told them calmly.

The situation got worse as the rains became heavier. Seeing that the ice shield was almost gone, Wei Ziming made an earthen shield and shouted at his captain. “Xiaoxian! Cover this with ice!”

“Got it!”

The combination of the earth and ice shield is thicker and heavier than the previous ice shield, but it is not a problem for the power ability user Long Xiyin. He caught the new shield with his left hand and lifted it up before the ice shield completely melted. This time, the shield can withstand even better than the ice shield. But this is only a temporary solution.

As they were rushing back to base, car horns came from behind. Looking back, they saw a Humvee and three military trucks coming. Zhu Lin knew who they were.

Looking at the car, she said calmly, “It’s my friend.”

Dawn Squad looked at her in surprise. Before they could ask her for more information, the Humvee stopped beside them. The car window opened, and they saw a very handsome man looking at Zhu Lin.

“Get in.”

Zhu Lin was not shy and got in the car quickly. Just as the others were about to get into the car, Ye Yu’s cold voice came.

“The rest of you get into other cars.” After saying this, he closed the car window.

Without waiting for them, Zou Wuhan drove the Humvee away. The nine people looked at the car in dismay. They haven’t gotten in yet, ah.

Honk, honk!

Fu Hu lowered the car window and said, “Get in.”

This time, they hurriedly climbed into the truck, for fear that these people would leave them behind. Sitting in the back seat, they saw the truck loaded with supplies and weapons.

Wei Ziming swallowed before speaking. “It seems that this Miss Zhu’s friend is not someone we can offend.”

“You’d better behave and shut up.” Shuang Sheng reminded him.

He nodded hastily, like a chicken pecking at rice. Offending powerful people after the apocalypse is no joke. Without the law, they could be easily killed.

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