Immortal in The Apocalypse – 17

Chapter 17

Zhu Lin and Dawn Squad looked at each other for a few minutes before Chen Xiaoxian came back to his senses. He coughed a few times, cleared his throat and then said, “Hello, is it you who killed the zombies?”

Instead of answering his questions, she observed them. She looked into their eyes because human expressions can be fake, but their eyes can’t. There was surprise, fear, curiosity, and vigilance in their eyes, but no malice.

She looked away and said, “Yes. Do you need anything from me?”

He smiled at her and said, “We don’t need anything from you. We just want to ask your permission to follow you when you leave the city. It’s embarrassing to say, but my team can’t leave this city by ourselves. Can you let us follow you?”

Listening to his polite words, she pondered for a moment. She has spent two days gathering supplies, which should be more than enough for her mission. Thinking of the drawing paper that Huo Bai gave her before, she only had three places to collect supplies. Hospitals, gas stations, and supermarkets. Instead of finding a supermarket, she found this big building.

Looking at him, she nodded and agreed. “It doesn’t matter if you follow me. I’m leaving the city now. Do you want to go somewhere else first?”

He smiled at her and pointed his thumb to his teammate standing behind him. “Our situation is very bad. We need to leave as soon as possible to treat the wounded.”

Without looking at the others, she knew how bad their condition was from the smell of blood on them. Now that they’ve met, let her do them a favor. With a flick of her finger, she took out a small jade bottle from the warehouse.

The Dawn Squad couldn’t hide their surprise when they saw that she took out the jade bottle from nowhere. It turns out that this young lady is a rare space ability user! No wonder she didn’t bring any bags. Knowing her abilities, they became more polite to her.

She didn’t know what they were thinking at this time, so she handed the jade bottle to Chen Xiaoxian. “I see most of you suffered injuries and bleeding. This is hemostatic powder. Put the powder on the wound and it will stop the bleeding and heal the wound. Take it.”

Hearing her words, they were all stunned. What’s even more surprising is that she gave them this precious medicine without asking for anything in return. Chen Xiaoxian’s upbringing is very good, and he can’t take other people’s things without paying.

He knew that after they lost their member with healing ability, they urgently needed medicines. Since this young lady is willing to give them the medicine, they should give her something back. Take out the crystal nuclei of the second rank zombie from the backpack, he hands it to Zhu Lin.

The nuclei of this second rank zombie were obtained after they sacrificed many members. Others saw him take out the crystal nucleus in exchange for the medicine, but said nothing. To them, medicine is more important than that second rank crystal nuclei right now.

“Please accept this second rank crystal nuclei in exchange for your medicine.”

She saw the largest nuclei she had ever seen since she came to this world. Her eyes flickered, but her face remained calm. The spiritual energy contained in this second rank nuclei is comparable to two middle-grade spirit stones. It’s the same as two thousand low-grade spirit stones. In exchange for ordinary hemostatic powder, she really made a fortune.

Feeling sorry for them, she took out a few jade bottles and handed them to him. “This elixir can restore energy. Take a sip and you can restore your energy to its peak state. This one can heal internal injuries. This one can reduce fever and treat any simple ailment.”

She stuffed the four jade bottles into Chen Xiaoxian’s hands and took the second rank zombie nuclei. Without waiting for their response, she quickly put the crystal nuclei into the Qiankun bag tied around her waist. She covers the Qiankun bag with her hands and says, “It’s done. You can’t get it back.”

The Dawn Squad couldn’t help feeling sorry for her when they saw her behavior. Second rank crystal nuclei do have value. But this is just an ordinary second rank crystal nuclei, without any elements. Her medicines are more valuable than this zombie nuclei.

Wei Ziming nudged his captain and pulled him back from his daze. Feeling the nudge behind him, Chen Xiaoxian quickly thanked her. “Thanks.”

Zhu Lin nodded and said, “Let’s go, I’m going back to report my mission.”

Saying that, they quietly followed her as she cleaned out the zombies. It took them five hours to walk from the city center to the outside of the city. On this trip alone, the crystal nuclei inside her Qiankun bag increased a lot. She is like a little rich woman now.

Standing outside the city boundary, the Dawn Squad looked at her bloody sword and swallowed silently. She looks weak, but her sword is not weak at all. Following her, they could see very clearly. The way she uses her sword is like Asura.

She swung the sword to clear the blood, but there was still some dried blood on the sword. With a slight movement of her fingers, she cast a cleansing spell to clean the sword and put it back into the sheath. While the others were talking at this time and didn’t pay attention to her.

Looking up at the sky, she saw that the sun had moved towards the western sky. It takes her half a day from the base to the city. If she goes back now, it will be night by the time she arrives at the base.

Before she left, the guards had told her that the base would close its gates after sunset. So, if she goes back now, she still needs to stay outside the base for the night. She’d better camp here and go back tomorrow morning. After planning, she looked at the others. They are still seriously discussing.

Not wanting to disturb them, she looked around for a suitable place to camp tonight. After the apocalypse, it’s hard to see any greenery. Barren lands are everywhere. After walking for twenty minutes, she finally found a suitable place. The place is far enough from the city, but not too far from the main road, and there are no zombies in sight.

Satisfied with the place, she took out a pile of high-quality charcoal that she had bought in Human Realm a long time ago. She made a small mound of charcoal and lit it with a simple fire spell. After meditating every day, she can now use some basic simple spells. Too bad, those basic spells that require more spiritual energy like Water Summoning or Wood Summoning still can’t be done.

When the charcoal turned red, she flicked her finger and the fire was gone. With charcoal, she won’t have to worry about a cold tonight. The pile of charcoal was enough to keep her warm. While she doesn’t really need to, she still likes to follow the local custom. She sat cross-legged on the ground and began to cultivate.

Not far from her, the Dawn Squad also decided to wait until the morning before returning to the base. They lit a small campfire and built small tents to keep out the cold. One of their members is a space system ability user, but her space is only ten square meters. While the men set up their tents, the women prepared food and tending for the wounded.

The space system ability user Yang Bingxin, opened the cap of the jade bottle and sniffed the contents. She didn’t smell anything and frowned. She poured a little bit of the hemostatic powder on her fingers and looked carefully. The powder is pearly white, very smooth and has a very fine texture. After hesitating for a moment, she tapped the wound with her finger and spread the powder thinly.

The moment the powder touched her wound, her wound began to heal at a speed visible to the naked eye. She widened her eyes and hurriedly called her captain.

“Captain, captain! Come and take a look!”

Hearing her urgent call, Chen Xiaoxian stopped his work and looked in her direction. Frowning, he walked to Yang Bingxin.

“Lower your voice. Do you want to summon zombies? What are you shouting for?”

Listening to his rebuke, she lowered her voice but her voice was still very excited and urgent. “Look at this medicine. We’ve got a really good deal today!”

He looked at her arm and saw no more wounds. His eyes flickered as he squatted beside her. “Is your wound healed?”

“Yes. I applied this hemostatic powder a little, and the wound healed immediately.” She said excitedly.

He didn’t believe her exaggeration and looked at Shuang Sheng. He is a mental ability user without any offensive strength. This is also the reason why he was injured the most.

“Give me the medicine.”

Yang Bingxin handed him the jade bottle and followed him towards Shuang Sheng. Sitting next to him, Chen Xiaoxian opened the bottle and sprinkled the powder on his wound. The same thing happened and Shuang Sheng wounds healed instantly. Seeing this, he couldn’t hide his surprise while Yang Bingxing grinned at him.

Since this hemostatic powder has such a miraculous effect, the effect of other medicines will not be too different in quality. Shuang Sheng was their core and now he’s in a coma with a high fever with serious internal injuries. He didn’t waste time and ordered Yang Bingxin to take out the medicine for internal injury and fever before feeding it to Shuang Sheng.

The medicinal pill touched the tip of Shuang Sheng’s tongue and turned into warm energy that flowed to his meridian before gathering at his dantian. His heavy breathing became smooth, and the fever disappeared. This time, both of them couldn’t help but look at Zhu Lin who was cultivating not far from them. The same question came to their minds. Who is this young lady?

It’s a pity that they didn’t dare to ask her or investigate her background, so they could only keep this secret by themselves. The night passed without incident, as the Dawn Squad regretted not meeting Zhu Lin earlier.

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