Immortal in The Apocalypse – 16

Chapter 16

After leaving the hospital, Zhu Lin walked aimlessly. She walked for a while before saw a huge building with many large picture boards hanging outside the building. She walked towards the building curiously.

There aren’t many zombies in this building compared to the hospital, so she looked around and decapitated the zombies along the way. To her surprise, in this building, there are many small square rooms with many different objects inside. If the Silverline Squad sees this building, they’ll tell her it’s a mall.

Looking at the untouched things, her eyes lit up. Because of her calm personality, she really rarely gets excited. But seeing so many new things she had never seen before, she couldn’t contain her excitement. She looked up and counted the floors, and found that this building had more floors than the hospital. This is a ten-story building.

Without further ado, she quickly began to collect supplies while cleaning up the surrounding zombies. Just when she put those things into the inner palace warehouse, Tu Tu’s voice came.

“Master, what are these?”

[Ah, this is the supplies I prepared for the mission. Why are you asking? ]

Tu Tu jumped around, inspecting the things that were already piled up in four warehouses, and said, “Master, do you still want to collect more of them?”

Thinking that the rabbit’s voice sounded hesitant, she asked, [What’s the matter?]

“We probably don’t have enough warehouses. We only have seven warehouses left.”

Listening to Tu Tu’s words, her hand that collecting supplies stopped. Having only seven warehouses left is indeed a problem. She only collected half of the items on the ground floor. There are ten more floors to collect. After thinking about it, she hurriedly collected the remaining supplies, then closed her eyes and entered her inner palace with her divine sense.

Her real body cannot enter her inner palace, but her consciousness can. She walked to the warehouse area and saw Tu Tu sorting out the messy things she had collected in the past two days. The white rabbit saw its master and rushed towards her.


“Tu Tu.”

She picked up the little white rabbit and held it in her arms. Her hands habitually stroked the rabbit’s soft fur, looking at the scattered objects. Tu Tu lay in her arms and explained the situation.

“Master, I moved the things from this world to the back area. Those warehouses in the front area are for our usual things. But considering these amounts, we need to add warehouses in the back area and some in the front area.”

“Alright. I’ll build more warehouses.”

When she walked to the front area, she waved her hand and immediately built more floors to the existing warehouses. Then she went to the back and built another twenty new warehouses and more floors to store the supplies. A warehouse of six hundred square meters can store many items for every floor. But since Tu Tu likes to sort items, not all warehouses are full.

“Is that enough?” She asked Tu Tu.

Looking at the neatly arranged warehouses, Tu Tu nodded. “Enough for now, master.” The rabbit’s voice showed how satisfied she was.

She put the rabbit on the ground and patted it lightly. “Alright, then you go busy. I’ll keep collecting more. We can sell these for more crystal nuclei later.”

“Yes, master.”

After talking with Tu Tu, Zhu Lin’s consciousness came out of her inner palace. When she opened her eyes, she found the same aura from last night. It looks like she needs to work faster before those people come.

Stepping out of the maternity and baby shop, she performed the Immortal Arts : Light Step Technique, to move faster. While Zhu Lin worked hard like a bee, Chen Xiaoxian and his team members walked cautiously. They looked around and didn’t see any zombies in the area.

Wei Ziming scratched his head in confusion, looking at the headless zombies scattered on the ground.

“Xiaoxian, look at these zombies. Their heads were cut off in one fell swoop. Do you think there’s a strong team that killed these zombies before us?”

Chen Xiaoxian squatted down and looked at the zombie’s body carefully. After examining the body, he shook his head.

“No. All zombie corpses show that it was all done by one person. The cut is very neat. This person must be someone who is proficient in weapons. Look at this.” He pointed to the zombie’s forehead.

The other members took a closer look at the zombie head. They looked at each other, but didn’t know what he was going to say, by telling them to take a look. He looked at his teammates’ confused faces and sighed.

“See this five centimeter wound? The crystal nuclei of this zombie have been dug out. But it’s not messy at all. If I didn’t look carefully, I would think the crystal nuclei were still there.”

Standing up, he looked at the heads, convinced that his observations were correct. These zombies were killed by one person. The scary thing is that this person can clean up more than hundreds of zombies by himself. But that person only used his or her skill with the weapon, without using any abilities. What if the person could also use an ability? It’s horrible just to think about it.

Thinking in his heart, Chen Xiaoxian said seriously: “Let’s follow this person’s path. I believe this person will leave this city in the near future. By following this person’s path, we can avoid those zombies.”

The other team members nodded and agreed with his arrangement. The horror they felt when they were besieged by zombies yesterday is still vivid in their mind. If they could leave the city without fighting zombies, they would agree without hesitation.

Zhu Lin didn’t know that there was a group of people following her. After cleaning up the supplies in the mall, she finally took a rest. Taking a few breaths, she wiped the rare sweat forming on her face. She really needs to repair her meridians quickly. Without smooth energy channeling, she wouldn’t be able to use even one percent of her true strength.

After a five-minute rest, she jumped from the window on the tenth floor to the ground outside. As soon as the soles of her feet landed, she heard a few gasps.


She straightened up and looked at those people standing in front of her.

Zhu Lin : “……”

Dawn Squad : “……….”

It was the first time Dawn Squad members had seen her, but not the first time she had seen them. This is the group of people she saw last night. The two parties looked at each other and the atmosphere was very awkward.

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