Immortal in The Apocalypse – 15

Chapter 15

When the moon still hung up in the night sky, Zhu Lin came out of the state of meditation. She detected a group of humans approaching the hospital building, followed by at least three hundred zombies. The group was two kilometers away from the hospital building.

Withdrew her divine sense, she opened her eyes, got off the bed and looked at the situation outside. Looking out from the window, she could see that there were ten people in the group. Three were seriously injured, five were slightly injured, and only two were uninjured. But they were all pale and exhausted.

Looking at their situation, she wondered if she should save them? Quan Yun told her that after the apocalypse, saving people may end in her own death. He advised her not to save people easily and not to trust people easily. Things got worse for that group as she weighed her decision.

“Captain! We can’t hold on any longer!”

Chen Xiaoxian looked at the situation of his teammates, his calm eyes darkened. The situation is getting worse every second. If they can’t escape the siege of these zombies, they will surely die. He threw the ice spear at the zombies attacking behind his members and shouted, “Don’t be distracted!”

When Wei Ziming saw that his captain had just saved his life, a chill ran up his spine. Fortunately, Chen Xiaoxian was behind him. But their situation really couldn’t be worse than it is now. Before he could catch his breath, a scream came from his right side.


He turned his head and saw that one of his teammate was dragged away by the claws of the zombies and drowned under the bodies of those zombies. Blood and body parts scattered instantly. That’s their teammate with healing ability!

“Xiaoxian! We lost our healer!”

Chen Xiaoxian gritted his teeth and ordered. “Run to the hospital!”

“We can’t! Hospitals are the most crowded places!” The water system ability user shakes her head.

“Jiang Xue’er! You’d better run for me!”

Dragging her, he summoned more ice spears, opening a way to the hospital. Seeing that their leader had already opened the way, Wei Ziming forced himself to create a huge earth wall to block the zombies, and then followed behind his teammates. They run to the hospital and desperately kill the zombies with their remaining strength.

Seeing that that group of people could survive on their own, Zhu Lin walked away from the window. Looking at the situation just now, she has made a decision. If they were really desperate, she would save them. But seeing their eyes, she knew they could survive.

Humans are truly a unique race. Their survival instincts are excellent and they can climb out of even the deepest hells. That’s why she doesn’t help humans casually unless they ask her to help them. It’s also a way for humans to grow stronger. Sitting on the bed, she continued to meditate and repaired her meridians.

Back to the group of people, they finally broke through the siege of zombies outside, but were surrounded by zombies in the hospital. Dragging the injured teammates and finding a hiding place while killing the zombies.

Chen Xiaoxian saw the hospital laboratory twenty meters away from them. His eyes lit up and he quickly informed the others.

“Quick! Run to the lab!”

The other team members obeyed his orders and forced their way towards the laboratory. If they can get to the lab, they still have a chance of surviving. Drenched in the blood and brain matter of the zombies, the exhausted people finally closed the door of the laboratory and quickly eliminated several zombies inside the laboratory.

Wei Ziming locked the door and enforced the door with the earth barrier, then fell to the ground, panting. Jiang Xue’er took out a few cups from her backpack and filled them up with water. She gave each of them a glass of water, and then sat beside Chen Xiaoxian.

After drinking the water, he looked at his girlfriend. She looked tired and pale, but there were only light wounds on her body. With a sigh of relief, he looked at the others with calm eyes. The zombies outside still kept banging on the door.

He knew their situation was not good. But as the captain, he can’t show weakness now. Only when he stays strong will his team members persevere. Holding Jiang Xue’er’s hand, he took a deep breath before speaking.

“We stay here today. When we recover, we’ll get out of the city. Eat and rest well. We’ve got a hard battle to fight.”

They looked at their captain and saw his calm face. Their heavy hearts finally calmed down. Taking out the food from the backpack, each of them ate and drank to replenish their energy.

Three hours later, the sun finally came out and the first rays of light peeked out from the clouds. Zhu Lin opened her eyes and got off the bed. Feeling refreshed, she drew her sword and walked out of the room. Today, she will continue her unfinished work.

Going to the emergency stairs, she opened the door, and two zombies roared to greet her.


She swung her sword and chopped off the head cleanly. These two zombies are ordinary zombies. Not all ordinary zombies have nuclei, and she already knows which one is an ordinary zombie and which one is a first rank zombie based on the dark energy surrounding the zombies. This knowledge shortened the time she spent picking up those nuclei.

She walked to the third floor and repeated yesterday’s routine. Clean up zombies, take out the nuclei, and get supplies along the way. Today, getting used to this kind of work, she moves faster than yesterday.

Speeding up, she quickly cleaned up the third floor and walked to the second and first floor. When she came out of the hospital, the sun was still hanging in the eastern sky. With the good harvest from the hospital, she walked away in a good mood and continued to kill the zombies wandering outside the hospital.

A few hours later, the members of the Dawn Squad woke up one by one. Chen Xiaoxian opened his eyes and looked at Jiang Xue’er who was sleeping on his chest with a gentle gaze. While drinking the water left in the glass, he frowns. It’s too quiet outside.

“Xue’er, wake up.” He patted his girlfriend’s face lightly.

“En… what’s wrong?”

Jiang Xue’er woke up and looked around, everything was normal. Chen Xiaoxian waited for her to wake up before going to wake the others up. When everyone woke up, he said, “Get ready. Something strange happened outside. It’s too quiet.”

The others listened intently. As he said, it was too quiet outside. When they came in last night, the zombies kept knocking on the door. But they don’t know when the noise is gone. Looking at each other, they saw the despair in the eyes of their teammates. When there is no sound of zombies, it is very likely that there are stronger zombies around.

Seeing their desperation, Chen Xiaoxian said, “Alright, get ready. I’ll open the way and Ziming will cover the rear. Xue’er and Baizi will cover left and right. Dong Li, you give the back up for others. The rest of you, stay in the middle and provide support.”


After composing the formation, he carried his backpack and walked towards the door. He nodded towards Wei Ziming to move the earth wall away, and summoned several ice spears in front of him. At the moment when the earth wall collapsed, he pushed open the door and rushed up, ready to face the zombies. But what he saw was countless zombies with their heads chopped off.

“What’s the situation now?” Dong Li asked in surprise as he looked at the bloody scene in front of him.

“I… don’t know.”

It was the first time they saw the dismayed look on their captain’s calm face.

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