Immortal in The Apocalypse – 14

Chapter 14

Zhu Lin came out of the base and walked in the direction she remembered. There are no zombies around the base because the ability user cleans them up every day. Because the road to the city was peaceful, she called her little bunny.

[Tu Tu, how about the seeds I bought last time?]

Tu Tu was busy harvesting the mature plants, and heard her master’s question. The rabbit stopped what she was doing, looked up at the sky, and said, “Master, the plants already mature. After getting enough new seeds, I replanted it.”

[How about other herbs and fruits?]

“Other ordinary medicinal materials and fruits have been harvested twice. Spirit herbs, spirit fruit, and spirit food, I let them grow and not harvest it for the meantime.”

[Good job, Tu Tu. This is what I promised you before.]

She took the pack of chocolate out of her sleeve and put it in the inner palace, in front of Tu Tu. When the little white rabbit saw the small package of chocolate, her red eyes lit up. Tu Tu quickly picked up the chocolate and hugged it with her fluffy paws.

“Wow~ Master, what is this?”

Closing her eyes, she looked inside her inner palace and saw the happy bunny. With a smile on her lips, she opened her eyes.

[It’s called chocolate. You try it. If you like it, I’ll get more for you later. ]

Tu Tu nodded happily, and carefully put away the small bag of chocolates. “Thank you, master.”

[Um. Call me if you need anything.]

“Alright, master.”

After chatting with Tu Tu, she looked up at the sky and saw that the sun was already above her head. The temperature today is higher than yesterday. Fortunately, her clothes were embroidered with a formation array that could adjust the temperature. Otherwise, even as a God, she will feel uncomfortable too.

Sighing lightly, she didn’t know why this world’s Heavenly Dao had turned this world into such an environment. Heaven and earth are in chaos, and there are no traces of the Heavenly Dao. In the Six Realms, even mortals can clearly feel the existence of the Heavenly Dao. Something must have happened in the past to cause what is happening now.

Thinking about it along the way, she came to the city unknowingly. Seeing those zombies wandering around, Zhu Lin looked around and jumped onto the roof of the collapsed building not far from there. She used the immortal arts light step technique, which does not require divine energy.

Jumping from one building to another, she quickly moved towards the city center. From talking with the others this morning, she knows that to get supplies, people mostly go to places like supermarkets, hospitals or warehouses. If she sees a place called a gas station, she has to go there and collect the liquid stuff there. This liquid thing is very valuable after the apocalypse.

Following their advice, she went to find those places while avoiding the zombies. After leaping around for ten minutes, she saw a large board in front of the open space with a few strange square things on it. She stopped and took out a drawing paper from her Qiankun bag. For convenience, she kept those little things in this bag instead of her inner palace warehouse.

She opened the drawing paper and compared Huo Bai’s drawing with the painting on the large board. After comparing for a minute and confirming that this was their so-called gas station, she jumped off the roof and ran over.

When she came down from the roof, the surrounding zombies turned their heads and attacked her immediately. Zhu Lin knew that she had to clean up the zombies before she could grab the stuff there, so she stopped not far from the gas station and took out her sword.

Slash! Slash!

Without wasting any more time, she started beheading those zombies and clearing the area. A few minutes later, the zombies around had lost their heads. Without Tu Tu, she needs to pick up the nuclei with the tip of her sword before cleaning it up with a simple water spell. Putting those crystal nuclei into the Qiankun bag, she walked towards the gas station.

Standing in front of the machine, she looked at the machine with a headache. She had no idea how to get gasoline. Even though those instructions were written on the machine, she couldn’t read them. Looking around, she couldn’t find anyone and realized that the most important thing was to learn the language of the world.

She rubbed her brows, sighed softly, and called her rabbit.

[Tu Tu, are everyone else awake?]

After she finished asking, Tu Tu’s sweet voice came. “Not yet, master. Do you need anything?”

[Well… I finally realized that being illiterate is really troublesome.]

The little white rabbit tilted her head in confusion. She actually wanted to learn the language of this world by borrowing the ancient skills of the Dragon Clan. But she now needs to cancel the plan and study on her own.

[It’s nothing. I’m looking for Qinglong but since he hasn’t woken up yet, then forget it. ]

Without choice, she walked around the gas station, trying to find a way to get gasoline. By some luck, she found five tanks full of gasoline. She looked up at the tank and saw a ‘5.000 L’ printed there. Not knowing what it meant, she knocked on the water tank to see if it was full or empty.

Dung~ Dung~

There was a dull sound from her knocking, indicating that those tanks were full. Satisfied, she put the five tanks full of gasoline in one of her inner palace warehouses. After getting the gasoline, she looked at the drawing paper from Huo Bai again.

The next place to go is the supermarket. She came out of the gas station, found a tall building, and jumped to the top. Standing high, she scanned the area for pictures of the supermarket. Too bad she couldn’t find the big apple anywhere, but found a red cross instead.

Putting the drawing paper back in the Qiankun bag, she jumped towards the hospital. According to what Zou Wuhan told her, there are many zombies in the hospital. Before the end of the world, many people fell ill and went to the hospital for treatment. But in the chaos, those who were sick suddenly fell into a coma and woke up as zombies.

Going there to get supplies is very dangerous. Most missions to get medical supplies require at least fifty ability users to join whenever the base releases a mission. And this time, Zhu Lin went alone.

She stopped on the roof of the hospital and saw five zombies there. Pulling out her sword, she killed the five zombies with ease. Too bad none of the zombies have a nucleus. She walked down from the rooftop, cleaned up the zombies along the way and took away all the items she thought could be classified as supplies, including those medical equipment she didn’t know the purpose of.

There are seven floors in this hospital building and it took three hours for her to reach the sixth floor. There are only ordinary zombies and some first rank zombies in this hospital, but the number is countless. She also spends time collecting zombie nuclei and supplies.

When the sun had disappeared from the horizon, she had just swept the fourth floor. Today, it was decided that she could not return to the base. After killing zombies for a long time, the injured body was finally a little tired. Without divine energy to nourish the meridians and dantian, she needs to rest like a mortal.

Taking a breath, she closed her eyes and looked at the fourth floor with her divine sense. Finding nothing, she cast a cleansing spell to clear her body and sword before going to find a place for tonight.

Pushing the door open, she saw that the room was very spacious, with a large bed by the window. The room was dusty but there was no blood, and there was even a couch and a low table. Satisfied with the room, she decided to stay here tonight.

Walking to the edge of the bed, she cast a cleansing spell before sitting cross-legged on the bed. She pulled a string of divine energy from her inner palace and slowly repaired the meridians and dantian. She needs to replenish her strength as much as possible. Tomorrow is another long day of beheadings and looting.

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