Immortal in The Apocalypse – 13

Chapter 13

Early the next morning, Zhu Lin stopped meditating when she heard a knock on the door. Opening her eyes, she got up from the bed and went to open the door. Standing outside the door is the quiet Huo Ming.

He looked at her face and said, “Breakfast.”


They are all people with poor communication skills. The two only said two words and went downstairs to the restaurant for breakfast together. When they arrived, the others were already seated and eating.

Huo Ming pulled the chair for her, let her sit down first and then sat on the only empty chair beside her. Today, they had a simple Chinese breakfast. Fried dough and porridge.

Seeing that she was motionless and only looking at the food, Huo Ming brought a bowl full of porridge and placed it in front of her. Then he picked up the fried dough and put it on a small plate, and put it in front of her. She looked at the food in front of her and followed the way they ate.

If the actions of the Silverline Squad were seen by others, those people would definitely scold them. After the end of the world, food is one of the hardest and most important things to get. It is impossible for others to let Zhu Lin not pay for food.

She didn’t know that the free food they gave her was very generous, so she had no pressure to eat it. But deep down in her heart, she knew it was their kindness. After their simple breakfast, she took the lead in the conversation. She takes out a stack of water-type summoning talismans, puts it on the table.

“This is a water summoning talisman. I heard from Zou Wuhan that your team has no water system users and needs to buy water. Since I receive your kindness, I will use these talismans as a return gift. Thank you for letting me live here last night and for the food.”

She smiled slightly and continued: “I explained to Zou Wuhan how to use the talisman last night. One talisman can summon a hundred barrels of water. I hope your team will accept my gift.”

They looked at her and the talismans on the table in surprise. Zou Wuhan had already discussed the water summoning talisman with Ye Yu and the others last night and decided to buy it from her. Who knew that this young lady would give it as a gift today.

With a bright smile on his face, Fu Hu scratched his head embarrassedly. “It’s not good, right? How can we take your stuff at will?”

She shook her head and said, “It’s my gratitude for your help since we met. If you need more things in the future, please let me know. If I can help, I will help.”

Ye Yu watched her and the others chatting in silence. He had observed her since they met her and knew that the other members liked her very much. After spending time with her, he also knew that this young lady was a simple-minded person. She is also kind and trustworthy with a clear conscience. It’s just, her personality is a little weird.

He looked at Zou Wuhan and nodded. As he nodded, the smile on Zou Wuhan’s face suddenly lit up.

“Then I thank you for your generous gift.” Zou Wuhan took the talismans and put them in a small bag tied to his thigh.

Zhu Lin was relieved to see that they had accepted her gift. She doesn’t want to owe them any karma. As a god, owing a karma is the most taboo thing. Repaying a drop of kindness with an ocean of gratitude is what her brother told her since her childhood.

The seven of them chatted for a while before the Silverline Squad needed to go out to perform a new mission. Since she has nothing to do, she decides to check out the mission as well. After she gave them a bunch of fresh lychee from her inner palace, they parted and went about their own business.

With the fresh lychee, the Silverline Squad happily left the base while Zhu Lin went to the hotel building with the map that Huo Bai had drawn for her. Following the map carefully, she finally arrived at the building without getting lost.

Walking into the building, what she saw was the scene from yesterday. She went to the mission board and looked at the missions posted there, but she forgot that she was illiterate in this world. Depressed, she went to the mission front desk to ask for a mission. After waiting in line for half an hour, she finally arrived at the front desk.

“Excuse me.”

The staff looked up when she called him. “Can I help you, miss?”

“I want to ask, do you have any mission suitable for one person? I don’t have a team,” She explained calmly.

He frowned: “You can select a mission on the mission board and bring it here to register.”

“It’s like this. I can’t read,” She said quietly.

The staff looked at her clothes and thought there was something wrong with the young lady’s head. Looking at her beautiful face, he said, “Okay. Then try this. This is an E rank mission. You need to collect supplies and bring them back in exchange for contribution points. How much you earn depends on how much supplies you turn in.”

She nodded and accepted the mission. The staff registered the mission under her name and asked her to take the mission file. She will need to bring the mission file with her later when she reports the mission. Thanking him, she left with the mission file.

While she decided where to get the supplies, a group of people came towards her. The leader is a man in a black T-shirt and combat pants. There is a long spear strap behind him. He was followed by seven young women.

Zhu Lin already knew that they had walked towards her from their footsteps and turned around before the man’s hand patted her on the shoulder. He looked at her face, stunned. It was the most beautiful face he had ever seen in his life.

Looking at her indifferent eyes, he coughed lightly. “Hello, my name is Su Liangzhong. Nice to meet you.”

She didn’t introduce herself, just nodded at him. Didn’t get her name, he smiled and said, “Are you here to take up the mission? Do you want to join us?”

She glanced at those women behind him and shook her head. “No need. Thank you for the invitation.”

After saying this, Zhu Lin walked away calmly. The women standing behind him secretly smiled, while one of them stepped forward and hugged Su Liangzhong’s arm. Her breast squeezed his arm as she spoke coquettishly.

“Liangzhong, forget it. It’s enough with us here.”

He looked at her and stroked her face gently, his voice showing laziness. “You don’t understand. As a man, I need to protect weak women. Besides, she looks so weak. It’s not good to leave her alone.”

She pursed her bright red lips covered by thick lipstick, but said nothing. She understood his thoughts and knew that he had set his sights on that young woman just now. In this apocalyptic age, women like them can only rely on men. Even if she is not satisfied with his decision, what else can she do? There was nothing she could do.

Seeing that his woman didn’t say anything, he was satisfied. His eyes moved to the door, but he could no longer see the beautiful woman.

After leaving the hotel building, Zhu Lin walked towards the main entrance of the base. Fortunately, Huo Bai drew her a complete base map. According to the procedure, she needed to register her name before she could leave the base.

Since her mission is to collect supplies, she needs to find a place to get them. She remembered that when she came here, they passed through the city with a lot of zombies. Looking at the situation in the city, she thought, there should not be many people who dare to enter the city to get supplies.

After confirming the location, she walked towards the city based on her memory. Behind her, a group of one man and women also come out of the base. When Su Liangzhong saw her walking out of the base alone, a smile appeared on his face. This time, he must get this beautiful woman’s name.

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