Immortal in The Apocalypse – 12

Chapter 12

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Zhu Lin waited patiently for them to digest her words. She knows that this world is different from the Six Realms where immortals, gods, devils, ghosts, demons, and humans coexist. In this world, she currently only sees humans race. Those living dead and mutants cannot be regarded as one of the races in her opinion. So it’s normal for them not to believe her words, because there is no such thing in this world.

After a few minutes, the others came back and sat down. They looked at the jade bottles on the table and looked at the contents curiously. Just when they were busy with curiosity, Zou Wuhan finally raised his head and spoke.

“To be honest, your medicine… My squad can’t afford it. The effect is too excellent, and the price cannot be measured. If this medicine is thrown to the public, there is only price and no market.”

Ye Yu nodded in agreement with him. The other four did not see the effect of the medicine directly and could only look at their captain and vice-captain in surprise. If even their captain agrees, it must be true. They looked at each other and quietly put down the jade bottle in their hands.

Zhu Lin tapped the tabletop slowly with her slender fingers, falling into contemplation. Not knowing what she was thinking, Zou Wuhan continued. 

“Since we already know how good your medicine is, I can only propose to buy your medicine in nuclei. What do you think?”

She nodded and asked, “How much?”

He pushed up his glasses slightly and said, “Ten nuclei for one pill.”

“Which one?” She asked again.

This time, he glanced at her and was silent for a few seconds before speaking. “Are the prices different?”

She nodded and pointed to a few bottles. “It’s a basic grade.”

Pointing to the other bottles, she said, “These are all intermediate grade. The ranks are based on material, function, effectiveness, and difficulty. There are sixteen ranks, divided into four grades. First rank to fourth rank are the basic grades. The fifth to eighth rank is the intermediate grade. The ninth rank to the twelfth rank is the top grade. The thirteenth rank and above is the divine grade.”

Unaware of the silence, she continued to explain calmly. “I only take out first to fifth rank. No matter how high, the mortal body can’t take it higher than that. The energy contained in the pill will explode and kill you the moment you eat it. If you cultivate higher, You can take higher-level pills or elixirs.”

After talking for so long, she finally caught up with the weird atmosphere. Looking around, she saw them looking at her with complicated expressions on their faces. The first person to come back to his senses was Quan Yun. As the youngest member, his adaptability is the highest.

There was a smile on his young face, revealing his eyes full of admiration. “Zhu Lin, I never knew you really went all out. You can even rank your items. I’m impressed!”

She didn’t quite understand what he was talking about, so she just smiled. At Quan Yun’s words, everyone else nodded as Zou Wuhan was in deep thought. Since she said that her medicine has ranks, it means that the higher the rank, the better the effect and of course the price will rise.

Their squad is arguably the best in this small base, but they’re not rich. The apocalypse happened two months ago. In these two months, they have only collected about three hundred nuclei. The difficulty of collecting these nuclei is also affected by the rate at which zombies have nuclei. Now the probability of zombies having nuclei is less than fifteen percent.

He glanced at his captain and did not withdraw his gaze until Ye Yu glanced at him. As a vice-captain, his job was to figure out how to make money and support the team. He shouldn’t rely on their captain for everything. Thinking of this, he regained his confidence.

He raised his head, pushed his glasses slightly, and his eyes fell on Zhu Lin’s face. When the others saw his actions, they knew that this cunning fox had already started his work mode.

“Then let’s talk about the price. You can list it first and we’ll discuss it later.”

Zhu Lin saw that it was time to do business, and arranged the jade bottles according to their rank. The five rows of medicines, after she sorted them out, were neatly placed there.

“From left to right, it’s first rank to fifth rank. I’ll make it simple for you. First rank pill, each is ten nuclei, add twenty nuclei for every higher rank. For elixirs, the first rank is eight nuclei, add ten nuclei for every higher rank. For medicinal powder, ointment, and concoction, I’ll give you a special price. The first rank is five nuclei. Ten more nuclei are added for every higher rank.”

Listening to her, he understood that she gave him a good price. But even at that pricing, they can only buy some lower ranks. He smiled at her and said, “Can you give us some more discounts? Either lower the price, or give away some bonuses? I can give you chocolates for extra bonuses or discounts you gave me.”

Hearing the word chocolate, Zhu Lin’s eyes lit up. She really wanted to try this thing called chocolate. Resisting her urge, she pondered for a moment, and said, “Then… you give me more chocolate and I can give you some bonuses. I need a lot of nuclei, so I can’t give you any discount. How about that?”

Achieving the goal, Zou Wuhan agreed and simply completed the transaction. Zhu Lin sold two hundred zombie nuclei worth of pills and gave away a bottle of energy replenishment elixir. Under the disapproving gaze of the team members, Zou Wuhan gave her a pack of chocolates in exchange.

Both parties were satisfied with the deal and decided to rest early. Zou Wuhan stood up from his seat and suddenly remembered that Zhu Lin had no place to stay.

“Zhu Lin, do you have a place to stay tonight?” He asked again to confirm.

She turned and shook her head at him. He looked at Ye Yu and asked, “Captain, can she stay here tonight?”

“Do as you wish.” Ye Yu left that sentence and went to take a shower.

After getting permission, he smiled at Zhu Lin and took her to the guest room. Standing in the guest room, he said, “What do you think? Do you like this room?”

She looked around and walked towards the single bed. The corners of her lips curved up when she touched the soft and smooth bed cover. Her voice was soft when she said, “So soft.”

Seeing that she liked it, he opened the bathroom door. “You can take a shower here. You wait a while. I have to fill up the water first.”

Zhu Lin walked towards the bathroom and saw an empty bathtub, a mirror, a sink and a cabinet hanging on the wall. She looked at Zou Wuhan next to her and asked, “Do you add water manually?”

He scratched his head and nodded. “Yes. Our team has no water system users, so we need to buy water from the base or water users. Now, the water is in the kitchen on the first floor.”

After looking at his troubled face for a few seconds, she looked down at the small bag of chocolates in her hand. She thought this man was a good man. Looking away from the chocolate, she looked at him and said, “I can help you.”

Zou Wuhan looked down at the young lady beside him and raised his eyebrows. “You can help me?”


With a flick of her finger, she took out a Water Element Summoning Talisman. She went into the bathroom, stuck the talisman to the wall behind the tub, and looked back at him. “This is the Water Summoning Talisman. To activate the talisman, just press here.”

She pressed the circle in the middle of the talisman paper and water spewed out of the talisman paper, filling the bathtub. When she saw that the bathtub was half full, she removed her finger and the water stopped.

When he saw what she had done, the corners of his mouth twitched. He sighed and said, “Zhu Lin, you really gave me a lot of surprises tonight.”


Seeing her puzzled face, he waved his hand, turned around and left. “I’ll go first. You rest early. We’ll talk tomorrow.”

He walked out of the guest room, closed the door, and left the confused Zhu Lin behind him. She looked at the bathtub, walked out of the bathroom and sat cross-legged to cultivate on the soft bed.

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