Immortal in The Apocalypse – 11

Chapter 11

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Zhu Lin sat quietly in the dining room, watching the six men quarrel over two small pots of spirit rice wine.

“Hey, Captain. You need to share.”

Ye Yu glanced at Fu Hu lightly while he poured the remaining spirit rice wine into the empty bowl until there was not a drop left. He shook the empty jug with disappointment in his eyes. The wine jug is too small and he hasn’t had enough.

Quan Yun picked up another wine jug, shook it and put it down in disappointment. “Too little. One jug only equals three bowls.”

Seeing that the wine was gone while they only took a few sips, six pairs of eyes looked at Zhu Lin eagerly. Startled by their fiery gazes, she quietly took out four more wine jugs. This time, she opted for fruit and floral wines with lower alcohol content.

Ye Yu saw four wine jugs appearing on the dining table and a rare smile appeared on his face. He opened his lips and a low voice came. “Thank you for the wine.”


Seeing that Zhu Lin didn’t speak, they attacked the four jugs of wine. Fresh peaches and fragrant plum blossoms envelope the dining room, making people intoxicated.

Huo Ming took a sip of wine and sniffed the peach wine in the bowl. He drinks wine as a rare delicacy. “Zhu Lin, where did you get this wine? It’s really delicious. I can even feel my strength increasing.”

Zhu Lin looked at his calm face and felt praised. Her voice became light, with a hint of a smile. “I brewed it myself. Is it good?”

“Very good.” He nodded and took another sip of plum wine.

Their small talk was also overheard by others. Zou Wuhan looked at the wine in his bowl and her with a glint in his eyes. “Zhu Lin, do you have any other goodies? Let’s exchange them.”

“Exchange?” She tilted her head in thought.

“Yes. What do you want? I remember you were interested in chocolate.”

She remembered the sweetness of chocolate and nodded. “I’d like to try something called chocolate. What can I use to exchange?”

“You can tell me what you have and we can negotiate.” He smiled at her.

While they were speaking, Ye Yu glanced at him disapprovingly. “Don’t lie to her.”

Zou Wuhan looked innocent and said, “I didn’t lie to her. I’m here to provide cooperation.”

The other five looked at his innocent face and snorted. Only ghosts believed him. Seeing that the team members didn’t believe him, he just smiled and turned his attention back to Zhu Lin.

“What do you think? Want to exchange?”

Zhu Lin pondered for a moment and raised her eyes. “What do you want? If you tell me, maybe I have.”

Knowing that she knew very little about common sense, he nodded. “Then… first, it’s your wine. It’s really delicious and has ability-enhancing effects. Second, my team doesn’t have any healers, so we need medicine. It’s really hard to get medicine right now. The rest , let me see what you want to change, and we’ll discuss it later.”

After listening, she looked at her inner palace warehouses. Seeing the little white rabbit working inside, she called the small rabbit.

[Tu Tu, do we have any medicine that mortals can use?]

The white rabbit heard its master’s voice and looked up at the sky in the inner palace. “We have it, Master. Which one do you want?”

[Do we have many types? How much is each?]

Tutu felt that the master did not know her treasure house, so she could only explain it. [Master, there are almost all medicinal pills and elixirs in the Six Realms here. How much each is, I don’t know. It’s so much that you never told us to count it.]

Not sure how much it actually was, she asked another question. [What about wine? I remember I brewed some before.]

Tu Tu rolled its red eyes at the sky. Her voice was helpless. [Master, you still dare to say that. You have brewed too much in the past thousand years. Huoyan needs to dig more wine cellars and constantly nagging about not enough space to store those wines.]

She rubbed the bridge of her nose with her finger, feeling distressed for fire qilin. [Um.. then I’ll get some good things for you later.]

Tu Tu pricks up her long ears when she hears good things. The little white rabbit jumped up and down happily. [Then I will wait for the good things from Master. Tu Tu will work hard!]

[All right. Thank you for your hard work.]

After talking to Tu Tu, she realized that everyone else was looking at her. The quiet dining room feels awkward. With a light cough, she said calmly, “I have medicine but I don’t know if you can use it.”

Before they could respond, she flicked her finger and took out dozens of small jade bottles. The dining table was immediately filled with those jade bottles, and there was no room left. Seeing that there was no more space on the table, Huo Ming stood up and started to clean up the table. Huo Bai, Quan Yun and Fu Hu also stood up and helped him up.

When the others were clearing the plates, Ye Yu, Zou Wuhan and Zhu Lin looked at each other. Ye Yu opened a jade bottle and smelled it. There was only a fresh and bitter medicinal smell there. Curiously glanced at the jade bottle, there were several round pills in it.

“What is this?”

“It’s for replenishing blood. If you lose too much blood, you’re going to die.” She spoke softly with flat tones.

Raising his brows, he closed the lid, put the jade bottle back and took another one. This time, the bottle is bigger than the first and the contents are liquid. Shaking the jade bottle gently, he looked at her. “This one is?”

Zhu Lin glanced at the label on the bottle before answering his question. “This is an elixir for energy replenishment. Take a sip, and the energy consumed can be replenished back to the peak.”

Ye Yu looked at the bottle in his hand in disbelief. He asked two questions, and she answered both. But her answer seemed to come from some fairy tale. He looked at Zou Wuhan, who was busy looking at the jade bottles, and then put the jade bottle in his hand back on the table.

Seeing that he didn’t believe it, she took a jade bottle. This is hemostatic powder. Without hesitation, she used her aura to draw a long wound on her arm. Her action shocked the two men sitting in front of her.

“What are you doing?!”

Zou Wuhan quickly stood up and wanted to take medicine, but she raised her hand to stop him. “Calm down.”

Opening the bottle lid, she directly sprinkled the white powder on her wound. When the powder touched her wound, the bleeding stopped immediately and the wound healed very quickly. In less than a minute, the long wound on her arm had completely healed.

They opened their eyes wide when they saw the powder effect before looking at each other. With this evidence, they couldn’t not believe her words. After calming down, Zou Wuhan sat back and looked at Zhu Lin seriously.

“Can I ask where you got these medicines?”

She didn’t change her face, and said calmly, “I refined it myself.”

Thinking of what they saw just now, he was no longer surprised with any strange things but was still surprised by her answer. Refine it yourself? Does she consider herself one of those divine alchemists in the novel? Is her second disease more serious than he thought before?

Ye Yu was very calm and did not react like Zou Wuhan did. He looked at her with interest and believed her words. Although it sounds really unbelievable.

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