Immortal in The Apocalypse – 10

Chapter 10

The team house of the Silverline Squad is located in the middle area where most of the ability users live. They walked for more than thirty minutes before arriving at the villa area where their team house was located. Zou Wuhan pointed to the four-story villa not far from the main entrance of the villa area. “That villa is our team house.”

Zhu Lin looked at the expensive looking villa and nodded. The houses and buildings in this world are indeed different from the Six Realms. Most of the Celestial Clan live in cultivation caves or palaces. While each race in the Six Realms has a different culture, their houses also have different designs. She looked at the villas and found that the design was unique.

They walked for a few minutes and then reached the team house. Ye Yu pushed open the iron gate and walked on the stone path followed by Zou Wuhan and Zhu Lin. Before they could reach the door, Quan Yun had already opened the door.

“You are finally back. I almost starved to death, ah. Come in quickly. Someone is looking for the captain. It’s…” Halfway through his words, his eyes fell on Zhu Lin.

His eyes lit up and he walked towards her gleefully. “Hey, we met again.”

“Nice to see you again.” Zhu Lin nodded at him and the four of them walked in together.

When the other members saw that dinner was coming, they quickly took out the cutlery and put them on the dining table. Ye Yu came to the dining table with those paper bags while Zou Wuhan brought Zhu Lin to the living room.

“Wait here for a moment.”


He smiled at her and went to the table to help. Sitting there, Zhu Lin looked at the interior with interest. The room was bright, but the light did not come from the luminous pearl as she thought, but from a chandelier on the high ceiling. The furniture also looks unique. As she looked around curiously, she felt a glare from her side.

“It’s you!”

She turned her head and saw a woman in a red dress, wrapping her body like a second layer of skin. The red dress was too short and when sitting on the soft couch, Zhu Lin almost saw her secret area. She blushed when she saw the woman’s clothes. Too revealing.

The woman in the red dress glared at her, but she didn’t know who she was. Why are you staring at me like that?

The woman saw she tilted her head in confusion and only then did she realize that Zhu Lin had forgotten who she was. “We’ve met before,” she said through gritted teeth.

Zhu Lin looked at her, frowning while trying to remember. She really doesn’t remember her. Well, it’s not actually her fault. As a god, her brain can remember almost everything in an instant, except for people’s faces. There was an obstacle blocking her memory.

She said apologetically, “I’m sorry. I don’t remember.”

The woman in the red dress sneered at her and kept silent. Seeing that the woman ignored her, Zhu Lin continued to observe the furniture and design. The silence continued until Fu Hu came.

“Xiao Lin, let’s go. Wuhan said to invite you to dinner.” He said with a smile on his face.


The woman in the red dress looked at him. With a smile on her red lips, she slowly stood up from her seat. “Uncle Fu Hu, where is brother Yu?”

He still looked at her with a smile, but there was no smile in his eyes. “Captain is inconvenient now. How about Miss Su coming back another day?”

Hearing his answer, she pouted with anger in her eyes. She crossed her arms over her sexy chest, raised her chin and said with displeasure. “I want to see him today!”

The smile on Fu Hu’s face disappeared as he spoke. “Miss Su, stop making trouble. Please leave.”

“No. I want to join you for dinner too.” She refused to go, brazenly staying.

The two looked at each other, sparks in the air. As a guest, Zhu Lin just stayed aside and kept silent. Before the women could walk to the dining room, Huo Ming came to call them again. “Why haven’t you come yet?”

He looked at the woman in red and said, “Su Yueniang, go back by yourself before I throw you out. The captain doesn’t want to see you.”

Facing Huo Ming, Su Yueniang could only clench her hands. “Humph! Don’t think you can separate me from brother Yu!”

Then she walked to the door and deliberately bumped into Zhu Lin, who was watching silently at the side before leaving the villa. Zhu Lin looked at her open back and looked away. This woman really dared to show her back like that. She is really underdressed.

“Let’s go, let’s go. I’m starving to death.” Fu Hu said as he brought her to the dining table.

Huo Ming pulled a chair for her, sat down by himself and the dinner began. These six people ate like hungry ghosts. Zhu Lin looked at the table full of food curiously. Some food she’s seen before, some food she’s never seen before. When she was still thinking about which one to eat, a large meat bun was already placed in her bowl.

“Try this. It’s delicious.” Quan Yun grinned at her.

“Thank you.”

She picked up the meat bun with chopsticks and took a small bite. The buns are soft and fragrant, and the meat filling is juicy. It was really tasty. Quan Yun saw her surprised eyes and put more food into her bowl. Before long, her bowl was full of food.

Seeing this, Huo Bai couldn’t help but want to tease Quan Yun. His gentle voice was interspersed with chuckles. “Yun, it’s rare to see you care so much about others.”

Quan Yun glanced at him and snorted, “Is she the same as everyone else?”

“Oh? What’s the difference?” Huo Bai asked with a smile.

Quan Yun put another piece of meat on Zhu Lin’s bowl before answering him. “She’s strong.”

Listening to his simple answer, the other five looked at each other and remained silent. After dinner, Fu Hu rubbed his stomach and sighed. “It’s a pity we don’t have beer. I’d love to have a drink right now.”

How can there still be alcohol to drink after the apocalypse? Most of the alcohol will now be kept as medical supplies. Zhu Lin ate all the food in the bowl and put down her chopsticks. She wiped her lips with a handkerchief and asked, “What is beer?”

Hearing her question, Zou Wuhan explained calmly. “Beer is an alcohol. There are many types of alcohol, such as red wine, fruit wine, rice wine, beer, whisky, etc.”

She nodded and asked again, “Is beer the same as rice wine?”

“It’s different, but it can be said that both contain alcohol.” Fu Hu said, licking his lips.

“I see.”

Now that she eats their food, she needs to give something back. Looking at the radiant faces talking about wine, she calmly took out two jugs of spirit rice wine from the inner palace. The clay jug appeared on the dining table and surprised everyone else.

“Hey, are you a space system ability user?” Quan Yun asked her excitedly.

Thinking of the black badge she got this morning, she nodded. “Maybe. The female worker gave me the black badge with square carving.”

The others listened to her and nodded. It’s a rare ability, but it’s not impossible to meet someone with a space system. After the initial surprise, Fu Hu rubbed his big palm and opened a clay jug. As soon as the seal was opened, a thick fragrance of rice spread to the surroundings. Six pairs of eyes instantly lit up.

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