Immortal in The Apocalypse – 09

Chapter 9

After the shouting, Zhu Lin’s thoughts became clear and the voice she tried hard to recall gradually disappeared back to the depths of her memory. Looking back, she saw more than a dozen men facing her with a trace of malice in their eyes. She pursed her lips, not happy that they disturbed her. Her eyes suddenly turned cold.

Not knowing that they had poked a hornet’s nest, a man who looked like the leader stepped forward and lifted his chin. The tall and strong body emits the heavy pressure, but she didn’t feel anything. Seeing that his pressure did not affect her at all, the leader’s eyes flashed and he became more alert.

“I know you are a space system ability user. Hand over everything you have, and we can leave your body intact.”

Hearing his blatant robbery and threats, Zhu Lin’s icy eyes darkened even more. What does she hate most? It’s a threat that is not backed by strength. The leader looked at her motionless body. Thinking she must be too frightened to move, the corners of his lips curved and there was a hint of desire in his eyes when he looked at her.

He licked his lips, and a disgusting sound came from between the yellow teeth. “Beauty, how about you follow me? I can protect you and make sure you live in wealth and glory.”

His malicious aura was getting stronger and stronger, spreading and polluting others. Zhu Lin could see it clearly. Those dark auras that come from the bottom of their hearts, meridians and dantian really disgusted her. Closing her eyes, she tried to restrain her disgust and turned to leave. Killing is her last resort. Even against such existence.

The men saw her walk away, and looked at their leader excitedly. The leader gritted his teeth and spat on the ground.

“Refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit! Go!”

“Come on, guys! We’ve got some good stuff today!”

Zhu Lin heard their words and drew her sword. When she turned around, her eyes were calm without emotion. Those men couldn’t hide their greed when they saw the sword in her slender hand.

“That sword is mine!” The leader shouted from behind.

Without giving them any time to prepare, her sword flicked lightly, and the sword aura gushed out from her body, paralyzing the men. They fell to the ground under the pressure of her sword aura with widened eyes. Fear spread from their hearts and they felt chills down their spines. 

They are all thinking about the same thing now. This seemingly weak woman is very strong. But their regrets were too late. Seeing the weakness of these people, Zhu Lin felt that it was not worth killing them with her own sword.

She retracted her sword and lifted her index finger. A cold aura came from her index finger, hitting the foreheads of those people, killing them instantly. Looking at those eyes with clear fear, she lowered her finger and left calmly. Leaving more than a dozen corpses behind.

After dealing with those irrelevant people, she continued to find her way back to the tallest building. She couldn’t reach the tallest building until the sun was already hidden under the orange sky. The hot temperatures have dropped and the air has become cooler.

People started coming out. Some set up stalls, some went out to do missions, some went to where they should go, and some just came out to find food. Sighing heavily, she gave up and stood on the side of the road, lost in thought.

Not far from her, Ye Yu saw her after buying dinner. Her clean and beautiful Hanfu is really eye-catching between those dirty and simple modern clothes. He looked at her as Zou Wuhan patted him on the shoulder.

“Captain, what are you looking at?” He asked and followed his line of sight. “Eh? Isn’t it Zhu Lin? What is she doing standing there?”

Ye Yu shook his head. Seeing that the captain didn’t know what she was doing there, Zou Wuhan decided to ask her directly. Encounter is fate.

“Let’s go ask her.” They walked towards her with several paper bags in their hands.

Unexpectedly, there were two men standing in front of her, and Zhu Lin was still thinking about where she would live tonight. The two looked at each other when they saw her lowered head. Zou Wuhan coughs to get her attention.


Hearing this, she raised her head and saw a familiar face and an unfamiliar face. She nodded calmly at them. “It’s a surprise to meet you here.”

Zou Wuhan smiled at her while pushing his glasses up lightly. His long eyelashes covered his eyes and thoughts. “Zhu Lin, what are you doing here?”

She looked at him and felt that this man always came at the right time. She didn’t hide from them and answered truthfully. “I’m lost. I can’t find the tallest building.”

They looked at the hotel building a hundred meters away, then turned to look at her. How bad is her directional blindness? Zou Wuhan’s lips twitched when he asked her again. “How long does it take you to find the hotel building?”

She tilted her head and thought. “Hotel building? You mean the tallest building?”

He nodded, and she sighed sadly. “Since the sun is still leaning in the eastern sky.”

This time, even Ye Yu, who didn’t say a word, couldn’t help but have a little movement on his face. Zou Wuhan wanted to laugh, but held back until his body trembled. After successfully holding back his laughter, he coughed a few times to hide it.

Looking at her depressed face, he suddenly felt like he was bullying a child. With a smile on his lips, he asked her sincerely. “Zhu Lin, how about you having dinner with us?”

She looked up and saw his smiling face. Although she doesn’t need to eat, eating is no problem for her. If there are impurities in the food, her body will automatically disperse the impurities in the form of energy. Feeling his sincerity, she nodded in agreement.

“Great. Let’s go back first. The others are already waiting.”

She nodded and glanced at Ye Yu. Feeling her gaze, he looked at her without expression. Zou Wuhan looked at them and found that she still didn’t know his captain’s name. Patting his forehead, he quickly introduced.

“This is our captain, Ye Yu. He was the one wearing the mask when we met.”

Knowing who he was, she nodded at him and they walked back to the team’s house, while Zou Wuhan tried to introduce the base to Zhu Lin. Hopefully she can remember the streets and buildings to prevent her from getting lost again.

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