Immortal in The Apocalypse – 08

Chapter 8

Leaving the registration front desk, Zhu Lin looked at the mission front desk on the left and the general affairs front desk on the right. Both were crowded. She looked outside, it was still bright. Therefore, she decided to look around the base first and then decide the next move. Walking out of the building, she put the black badge into her inner palace.

Behind her, countless pairs of eyes stared at her until she left there. Without a good sense of direction, Zhu Lin stood on the dirty street for a while, then walked away aimlessly. Her steps were unhurried and her eyes were looking around curiously. She walked aimlessly and came to a wide street full of vendors selling things.

She looked at the strange things on display and her heart moved. She had lived for more than twenty two thousand years, and it was the first time she had seen such a place. As the only younger sister of the Heavenly Emperor and born as a god, all she has done in this life is to cultivate and train. So, when she saw this kind of mundane place, her curiosity appeared.

Looking left and right, everything is unfamiliar and unique. She couldn’t decide which one she wanted to see first. A stall owner called out when he saw her standing there with a blank face.

“Miss, do you want to buy my goods?”

Zhu Lin looked in the direction of the voice and saw a young man grinning at her. The young man motioned her to approach with his hand. Following his meaning, she walked towards his position. Looking at the things on the cloth, she bent down to take a look.

Seeing her reaction, the young man picked up a bag of potato chips. He shook the bag of chips and smiled at her. “Miss, do you want to buy this? You can also exchange it for other things or nuclei. The price is negotiable.”

She looked at the bag in his hand and didn’t speak. Her eyes fell on a piece of jade on the corner of the cloth. She calmly pointed to the piece of jade. “Can I see that jade?”

The young man picked up the jade and handed it to her while looking at her. Indeed, even if it is the apocalypse, the pampered young lady is only interested in useless things. Not knowing what the young man was thinking, she glanced at the jade and checked it with her divine sense.

After a while, she looked up at the young man. “How much is this?”

The young man scratched his head and raised five fingers. “Five zombie nuclei.”

She took out five zombie nuclei without hesitation, handed them to the young man, then got up and left with the jade. Seeing her undiscussed remuneration, the young man patted his thigh and sighs with emotion. He should ask for a higher price.

Putting away the newly bought jade, Zhu Lin continued to browse the street. This time, she stopped in front of a stall selling fruit. She looked at the yellowed, wrinkled fruit with no interest. Before passing the booth, she saw bags of seeds on display. After thinking about it, she walked to the booth.

“Excuse me, how are these seeds sold?”

The stall owner was a thin woman with a thin baby in her arms. She raised her head and saw Zhu Lin, her eyes were a little dazed. Zhu Lin tilted her head and waited patiently for her answer until she regained her senses. The woman quickly picked up the seeds and opened the little bags to show her.

“These are vegetable seeds that are only twenty percent contaminated. You can exchange them for food, water or powdered milk. Anything will do. Please give us food,” The woman said in a desperate voice.

Zhu Lin squatted down and looked at the seeds. There is a thin dark energy surrounding the seed, but she can easily remove it. After thinking for a while, she glanced at the thin baby sleeping in the woman’s arms. The baby’s breathing is shallow and weak. Without examining the baby, she knew that the baby would not live more than two days.

As a god, she has a compassionate heart. Seeing this little life desperately trying to survive, she couldn’t ignore it. In addition, the mother provides seeds in exchange for food. She nodded and looked at the thin woman.

“Young mother, what kind of food do you want?”

The thin woman’s eyes lit up when she heard her words. She quickly licked her chapped lips and said, “My baby only needs milk and water.”

Zhu Lin looked at the baby and asked again. “How old is your baby?”

The thin woman held her baby tighter before answering. “He’s six months old.”

A six-month-old baby, but looks like a two-month-old baby. It’s not an easy life for mother and son. With a flick of her finger, a small bag appeared in her palm. This is a low-rank Qiankun bag of 100 square meters, commonly used in the Six Realms. In the bag, she put enough food and water for the mother and son to live for a year.

The thin woman looked at the bag that suddenly appeared in Zhu Lin’s palm, her eyes moved slightly. This young lady is a rare space system ability user. Seeing the thin mother looking at her with fear, Zhu Lin took her thin hand and put the Qiankun bag in her palm.

“I put food in this Qiankun bag. I’ve cut off ownership. Put a drop of blood on the Qiankun bag and you can open it. This bag will become yours in exchange for those seeds.”

The thin woman looked at the bag in her hand, a little stunned. When she came back to her senses, Zhu Lin had already left with the bags of seeds. Putting those seeds into the inner palace, she called Tu Tu.

[Tu Tu, help me soak these seeds in the divine spring water for an hour before planting them.]

Tu Tu looked at the bags of small seeds just sent by its owner and opened it with its fluffy paws. These seeds have a thin layer of dark energy on their surface. Tu Tu took those bags to the divine spring lake and answered her.

[Rest assured, master. Tu Tu will finish sowing the seeds today.]

Listening to the bunny’s energetic voice, she smiled and thanked the hard-working bunny. After walking around, the sun was already high. Temperatures have also risen sharply. Many people are already hiding in their houses from the scorching sun. Seeing that there was nothing to see, Zhu Lin found the highest building and walked there. She needs to find a place to stay tonight.

Due to her directional blindness, she walked around the base and still couldn’t find her way to the hotel building. She could see the buildings but couldn’t find the way. Really frustrating. Before long, she heard countless footsteps following her. Ignoring those people, she continued to look for the entrance of the hotel building.

Walking around, those who followed her became impatient. One of the men looked at their leader with a grim expression on his face.

“Boss! Does this woman know we’re following her and walking around on purpose?”

The tall and strong man squinted at Zhu Lin’s slender back. “She’s just a space system ability user. She won’t realize we’re following her. When she gets to that corner, we’ll go.”

“Yes, boss.” The men looked at her back with various expressions on their faces.

Feeling the malice coming from behind, Zhu Lin glanced slightly before returning to her calm pace. Human nature is really difficult to change. Not to mention these dark temperaments that are more disgusting than the Devil clan.

Thinking of the Devil clan, she suddenly thought of him. The only one who could kill her, but chose to die under her sword. What was the last thing he said to her? She tried to recall his face, but only vaguely remember the voice that she loved the most coming from her deep memory.

“If it’s you, I would be happy to give my life for you. Just… don’t forget me.”

Replaying his last moments, she walks in daze until a loud voice pulls her back from her memory. “Stop right there!”

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