Immortal in The Apocalypse – 07

Chapter 7

After walking for an hour, Zhu Lin finally came to the main entrance of the tallest building. She was lucky because it was an eighty-story hotel that could be clearly seen from a distance. Otherwise, even if she walked for a few days, she would not be able to find the building.

Before she could take a step towards the entrance, Tu Tu’s voice came.

[Master, the plants and fruits in the inner palace are ripe. Do you want to harvest and replant?]

After a few seconds, she telepathically said: [All harvested and replanted. Plant more variety of spiritual food and plants that can fill the stomach.]

[Alright. Does the master also want to plant those low-level medicinal herbs?] Tu Tu asked again.

With her head down, she fell into contemplation. She is a sword cultivator and she is not very good at other things. But it is still possible to refine simple weapons or medicine pills. Nodding, she said back to Tu Tu.

[Plant all types. We know nothing about this world. Preparation is a must. Remember to keep the seeds as well. You help me take care of the inner palace for the time being.]

[Yes, master.]

After the conversation, she raised her head and walked into the building. Wearing a Hanfu style dress, she gets a lot of attention everywhere, but she doesn’t care. Glancing at the bustling hotel lobby, she walked towards the only empty front desk.

“Excuse me, where can I apply for temporary resident?”

The female worker behind the front desk raised her head and smiled at her. She looks professional because Zhu Lin’s unique outfit doesn’t make her show anything unusual on her face. With a warm smile on her face, she put a piece of paper on the table.

“Please fill in your information and I will help you apply for a temporary resident card.”

The female worker put the pen on the paper and continued to work. Zhu Lin looked at the piece of paper and the strange things on it before picking it up. Strings of foreign words fill half the paper and leave the other half blank.

The female worker raised her head and saw Zhu Lin staring blankly at the piece of paper. A few seconds later, her voice came. “Miss? Please fill in the information.”

Zhu Lin raised her head and put down the paper. She wants to do as the female worker says. But what to do? In this strange world, she is illiterate. If she writes in her language, they can’t read it either, right? Her calm face blushed slightly as she coughed softly and opened her lips hesitantly.

“I can’t read.”

The female worker was startled. This young lady looks like those rich ladies but is illiterate? After calming down, the female worker picked up the pen and paper with a smile on her face. “Then I’ll help you. Name?”

“Zhu Lin. Zhu as bamboo and Lin as forest.” She explained.

The female worker wrote her name. “Age?”

“Twenty two..”

Before the words were finished, the female worker had already written it down. “Do you have any ability?”

“My age, it’s twenty two thou..”

The female worker asked again. “No ability?”

Zhu Lin closed her half-open lips and shook her head. The female worker glanced at her and wrote another line on the paper. “Any additional information?”

She shook her head again. After the female worker wrote a few words, she put down her pen and smiled at her. “Please wait.”

Seeing Zhu Lin nodded, she took the piece of paper and walked to the back room. A few minutes later, she returned with a small piece of stainless steel card. She put that card on the front desk and pushed it to Zhu Lin. There was still a smile on her face.

“This is your temporary resident card. Please pay for one kilogram of food as registration fee.”

Nodding again, Zhu Lin took out a bag of spirit rice from her inner palace. This bag is exactly two jins or one kilogram. The female worker looked surprised when she saw a bag of rice appeared on the table. She glanced at Zhu Lin again and pursed her lips.

“Miss, you need to provide real information when you apply for a resident card. You are a space system ability user, but you say you have no ability. You let us work twice now.”

The female worker looked disapproving at her, took the resident card from the front desk, and walked towards the back room again. Before long, she returned with a different card. This time, it’s a small black square badge. In the center of the black badge, there is a box-shaped engraving with a silver outline.

The female worker pushed the badge over and said, “This is a badge for space system ability users. It can also be used as an identity card. Since you are an ability user, you can accept missions from the mission board without applying for any resident card. Missions can be done as a team or as an individual.”

Then she pointed to the other side of the hotel lobby and continued, “Did you see that crowded front desk?”

Zhu Lin looked in the direction she was pointing and nodded.

“You can go there to apply or report missions after completing them. rank F until C missions will be posted on the mission board, and tasks above rank C can only be found at the mission front desk. For more information, you can ask the mission front desk directly. This kilogram of food will be returned to you. If you want to rent a room, you can do it at the general affairs front desk. Is there anything you need, Miss?”

Zhu Lin shook her head again. Seeing that Zhu Lin no longer needed her, the female worker smiled at her. “If you need to register your team, please come again.”

Seeing that she was very helpful, Zhu Lin took out a bunch of spirit grapes and handed it to her. When the female worker saw the grapes, her eyes widened.

“This is to thank you for your help. Thank you.”

Putting down the grapes, she put away the spirit rice and turned to leave. The female worker looked at the big, plump and fresh grape with a little dew on the surface, with a blank expression on her face. This lady is really generous. After the end of the world, there is no more fresh fruit.

With limited arable land, humans can only grow staples that better fill their stomachs. Who will plant the fruit that is not well harvested and difficult to raise? When she came back to her senses, the female worker trembled and looked at Zhu Lin’s back in fear. How strong is her space to be able to keep these grapes fresh? The female worker kept in her heart to never offend Zhu Lin. She was lucky enough to have these grapes today.

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