Immortal in The Apocalypse – 06

Chapter 6

After driving for another two hours, Zhu Lin finally saw a big fortress in front of her. The fortress was surrounded by high walls made of things she didn’t know about. A lot of people stood on top of the wall, holding the same weapons as these six men. Under the high wall, several lines of survivors stood in front of a huge iron gate.

“That’s the base.” Zou Wuhan’s voice came while she was busy looking at the fortress.

Before long, their convoy arrived at the base gate and stopped for inspection. Zou Wuhan lowered the window and handed a piece of paper to the soldier guarding the gate. The soldier looked at the paper, motioned to the other soldiers to open the door, and returned the paper to him.

“Open the gate!”

A Humvee and two military trucks loaded with supplies drove in under the watchful eyes of countless people. Zhu Lin sat in the car and observed the survivors. They looked thin and dirty, with yellowed skin and hopeless eyes. Only a small part looks better. Those people had different eyes than the crowd, full of hope, arrogance, contempt, disgust and some pity.

Unable to understand their complicated emotions, she looked away from the survivors and looked around. When she looked at the surroundings, they had stopped in front of two large tents. The sleeping Ye Yu opened his eyes, opened the car door lazily and got out of the car, while Zou Wuhan looked at her with a smile.

“We need to pass some inspections. If there are no bites wound or scratches, we can go in. Let’s go.”

She nodded and followed him out of the car. Everyone looked at her strangely as she got out of the Humvee. Glancing at those people, she calmly followed Zou Wuhan in the direction of the tents.

He stopped in front of the tent and smiled at her. “You go in and do the inspection. I’ll wait here.”


She opened the tent cover and walked in. Seeing her, the female worker glanced at her from top to bottom with a look of surprise on her face, and then made a gesture to Zhu Lin. “Please go behind the screen and undress.”

“Do I need to undress?” Zhu Lin asked, blushing slightly.

The female worker looked at her flushed face and couldn’t help but guess where this young lady came from. She was wearing this complicated Hanfu, and her face flushed when she heard that she was about to take off her clothes. Looking at her young face, the female worker smiled at her.

“Before you enter the base, we need to thoroughly examine your body. This is a rule that must be followed. You don’t have to be shy.”

Looking at the tent, Zhu Lin saw only the two of them there and reluctantly agreed. She walked behind the screen and slowly undressed until she was only left with dudou and her panties. Taking a deep breath, she called the female worker.

“I’m ready.”

The female worker went behind the screen and saw that she was still wearing some clothes. But before she told her to take everything off, Zhu Lin’s voice came. “I can’t take more.”

The female worker looked at her flushed face and trembling body, sighed softly. This lady looks like those ancient ladies, ah. Going forward, she waved her hand. “Okay, move your hands away. I need to check your body.”

Zhu Lin endured her shame and raised her hand for the female worker to check her body. After ten minutes full of shame, the inspection was finally over. The female worker nodded and stepped out of the screen.

“Alright. You can go.”

Hearing this, Zhu Lin breathed a sigh of relief and quickly put back her clothes. She can do it with spells, but she doesn’t have any divine energy now and can only do it manually. Stepping out from behind the screen, the female worker handed her a piece of paper.

“Show this piece of paper to the soldiers and they will let you into the base.”

“Thank you.” She thanked her sincerely.

The female worker looked at her back and scratched her head. Very few people are truly grateful these days. After all, the apocalypse reveals the worst of human nature.

“Completed?” Zou Wuhan’s voice came out when she stepped out of the tent.

Seeing that all five of them were already waiting there, she nodded. Ye Yu was nowhere to be found. Without wasting any more time, they drove towards the outer ring of the base. Zuo Wuhan drove to the base warehouse while Zhu Lin looked left and right with clear curiosity in her eyes. Arriving at the warehouse area, they come down and the soldiers start unloading.

She got out of the car and waited for him to complete the formalities. Seeing her standing there, he walked towards her and asked, “What’s your next plan?”

“Apply for temporary resident.”

“You wait here. I’ll send you when I’m done here.”

She shook her head and politely declined. “There’s no need. Thank you for bringing me here. I will repay this kindness in the future.”

He looked at her calm face and nodded. He knew that although she looked like a weak collage girl, she was actually very strong because she could kill those mutant scorpions cleanly. He took out a pen and paper and wrote down their addresses. “Here. This is my team’s address. Call us if you need anything.”

She took the small piece of paper and clapped her fist. “Thank you for your help. If fate allows, we will meet again. Take care.”

“See you later.” Zou Wuhan looked at her slender back and touched his chin while falling into deep thought.

Just when he was still thinking, Ye Yu’s voice came from behind. “What are you doing here?”

He looked back and saw the paralyzed face of his captain. With a faint smile on his face, he replied calmly, “Just thinking of something interesting.”

Ye Yu looked at his smiling face for a while. This sly fox is about to deal with someone again. Not wanting to pay attention to him, Ye Yu reminds him. “Don’t forget to report the task and receive the reward.”

“Yes, sir.”

Not far away, Zhu Lin felt a chill on her back and a bad feeling came from the bottom of her heart. She rubbed her arms, looked around carefully but found nothing and continued walking towards the tallest building there.

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