Immortal in The Apocalypse – 05

Chapter 5


Zou Wuhan used his driving skills to stabilize their car after drifting a few times while contacting the other two cars behind. “Enemy attack!”



As soon as the words come out, there is an answer. Zhu Lin sat quietly in the second row, looking out from the window.

“Stop the car.”

A calm and deep voice came from the passenger seat. Seeing that his captain finally opened his eyes, Zou Wuhan almost cried. “You’re finally woken up, Captain!”

The man opened the door and walked out calmly. Zhu Lin looked at him and saw that he took out two long swords tied to his back and started beheading the zombies. Soon after, other members of the team joined the fray.

“Stay here and don’t go out.”

Zou Wuhan left this sentence and joined the battle outside, leaving Zhu Lin to sit there. Since he let her stay inside, she will wait for them. The obedient goddess sat in the car, and the six men fought against the zombies army.

The teenager pursed his lips, complaining as he used his wind ability to cut the heads of zombies around him. “Why did you choose this path? There are zombies everywhere.”

Zou Wuhan kicked the zombie behind him, burned the zombie to ash and then yelled at the teenager. “Is there any other way? Then you should drive instead of me. Stinky Quan Yun!”

The middle-aged man sighed when he heard their quarrel. “Stop bickering and move your ass!”

He punched three zombies in a row and blasted their heads directly with his hands. His black gloves were instantly covered with brains and blood. He looked at his gloves with disgust in his eyes. Other members saw his face and laughed at his misfortune.

“Uncle Fu Hu, you should replace your hands with weapons, ah. Every time we fight, I feel sorry for you. How much water do you need to wash off the stench from your hands?” Quan Yun laughed at him while rubbing salt on his wound.

“Shut up, you stinky brat!”

Their captain looked at the nucleus that had not been picked on the ground, and called two team members. “Huo Ming, Huo Bai, pick the crystal nuclei.”

“Roger.” They answer at the same time with identical voices.

The twin brothers used their abilities to pick up nuclei from the ground. Huo Ming controlled the sand, collected the crystal nuclei and put them in his backpack directly. Huo Bai summoned thin vines from his palm and directly picked the crystal nuclei from the dead zombies, and put them to Huo Ming’s backpack calmly.

The battle lasted an hour before they managed to clear the area. Zou Wuhan looked around and frowned. Something was missing, but he didn’t know what it was. Walking to Ye Yu, he kept looking around.

“Captain, did we miss something?”

“What did we miss?” Fu Hu asked while cleaning his gloves with a piece of paper picked up from the ground.

Zou Wuhan scratched his head, trying to recall. The zombies they just killed were all ordinary or first rank zombies. This kind of zombie has no power at all that can threaten their lives. While he was still thinking, he heard Ye Yu’s voice.

“Which zombie hit our car?”

He looked up and remembered that they had stopped the car because of the big collision. But an hour after killing the zombies, they didn’t see any zombies that could hit their car that hard.

“Not good! Zhu Lin is still in the car!”

Boom! Boom!

Before he finished speaking, two loud collisions came from the direction of the car. The six people saw that on the roof of the car where Zhu Lin was, a huge zombie squatted and kept banging on the roof.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

“Zhu Lin! Get out of the car!” Zou Wuhan shouted in the direction of the car, and at the same time shot out a fireball towards the zombie.

Inside the car, Zhu Lin looked at the bent roof and heard Zou Wuhan’s voice. The loud crash still came from the roof and the car shook violently. She looked at the car door, trying to recall how Zou Wuhan opened the car door before. After another minute, she finally found a way.


Boom! Boom!

The sound of punching was mixed with the sound of the door opening, and they saw her come out of the car calmly. The zombie abruptly stopped the punch, stared in her direction and roared.


With a jump, the zombie punches towards her head. Looking at this scene, Zou Wuhan felt that he was too slow. “Zhu Lin, be careful!”

Looking up, the rotten face was rushing towards her quickly. Without changing her face, she drew her sword and parried the punch.


The surroundings fell into silence. They saw that the sword appeared from nowhere and the slender hand holding the sword easily blocked the zombie’s punch. The Zombie is angry that its punches are blocked.


There was another roar as the zombie punched her with the other hand. She glanced at the six men standing not far from her and saw their surprised faces. However, only one person showed no expression. The man with the mask. Thinking she needs to find more information, she shouldn’t act too much until she knows about this world. After thinking, she pushed the zombie away with her sword and then coughed out a mouthful of blood.

“Cough, cough.”

This blood is not fake because she was really seriously injured by the heavenly purple lightning. Without divine energy, she could not heal her injuries nor repair her meridians and cracked dantian. She is really miserable now.

“Zhu Lin, are you okay?” Zou Wuhan looked at the blood on her lips. This young lady is so pitiful.

“I’m alright. Thank you.”

With his support, she stabilized her breathing and watched the battle in front of her. The man with the mask is battling the zombie alone. He summoned lightning, hit the zombie’s body and burned a hole in the zombie’s body.


The zombie tried to grab him with its hands, but was unsuccessful and was beheaded from behind instead. The movement is smooth and neat.


The huge body fell to the ground, making the dust fly.

“Captain, you are too strong!” Quan Yun gave him a thumbs up with a bright smile on his young face.

“Take the nuclei.” He gave the order calmly.

“Yes, sir.”

After cleaning the blood on the sword, he put the sword on the scabbard. This time, they encountered this first rank mutant power zombie and successfully killed it. But why is this place still full of zombies after being cleared many times by the base?

He looked at the young woman standing beside Zou Wuhan and their eyes met. After staring at each other for a while, he took his eyes away from her. “Let’s go.”

On his orders, they returned to the base.

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