Immortal in The Apocalypse – 04

Chapter 4

Zhu Lin stopped and looked down at Tu Tu, who covered its eyes with her paws. Standing there, she could hear laughter behind her.

“Master, let’s just follow them.” Tu Tu whispered.

“…. Alright.”

Turning around, she walked towards the six people calmly. Her direction blindness is not a matter of a day or two. The entire Six Realms knew that True God Zhu Lin has severe direction blindness and without the help of the Heavenly Emperor, she would not be able to find her way. She will not be ashamed if more people know about it.

“Young lady, let’s go together.” The middle-aged man grinned at her.

With a polite smile on her face, she sincerely thanked them. “Thank you.”

The middle-aged man waved his hand and laughed. “No need to thank us.”

He saw that the other team members had collected all the materials from the mutant scorpion, turned around and walked towards the car. “Come on, young lady.”

She looked at the three strange things and saw that they put materials from the body of the sand scorpion in that thing and then they went in too. Out of curiosity, she followed the middle-aged man to those strange things.

“Young lady, you go with the captain. My car is full right now.” He pointed to the car in front of his car.

Looking at the car in front, she nodded and walked forward. The man behind the steering wheel was the glasses man while the mask man sat on the co-pilot seat. The man with glasses saw that she hadn’t climbed into the car, and turned to look at her.

“Don’t stand there. Go in.”

[Tu Tu, do you know how to open this thing?]

[How do I know, master?]

The man with glasses saw that she and the rabbit looked at each other, got out of the car and opened the door for her. Zhu Lin saw him open the car door and thanked him before entering. The man with glasses frowned, climbed back into the car and started the car.

Inside the car, Tu Tu curled up into a small white ball while staying close to Zhu Lin’s body, with her paws on her long ears. Their five senses are too sensitive and the rabbit’s ear is in pain right now. Although the sound is very light for normal people. Stroking the soft fur of the white rabbit, she telepathically communicates with her.

[If you feel uncomfortable, go back to the inner palace.]

[Alright. Master must be careful.]

[Don’t worry.]

Tu Tu entered her sleeve and flashed back to her inner palace. Without her rabbit, she sat there and started looking at what was inside this thing called a car. There were many things she had never seen before. Out of curiosity, she opened the box beside her and looked inside. There are many bottles of water. She closed the box and opened another. This time, it’s full of small packages.

The man with glasses glanced at her in the mirror and saw her curiously examining the box. He lowered his voice and whispered to the captain. “Pst! Pst!”

He saw that his captain was still sitting there with his eyes closed and motionless, so he had to give up. He looked at Zhu Lin in the mirror and saw that she was holding a pack of instant noodles and observed it carefully. He became curious when he saw what she was doing. She looked like a newborn baby who was curious about everything.

“Young lady, what is your name?”

Zhu Lin looked up from the package in her hand. She saw the man with glasses looking at her from the mirror in the middle, answering his questions calmly. “This one name is Zhu Lin.”

Hearing her answer, he couldn’t help but feel that the way she spoke was like those of the ancients. “My name is Zou Wuhan. Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too, young master Zou.”

After greeting each other, she turned her attention to the package in her hand. Zou Wuhan kept glancing at her and saw her looking at the bag of instant noodles with intense gaze. He felt a pity when he thought that this young lady that looked like nineteen or twenty years old, probably hungry. Who hasn’t been hungry after the apocalypse? The end of the world came too suddenly and without warning.

“Are you hungry? Do you want to eat that instant noodles?” He asked her after a long silence.

Zhu Lin heard another new word in his question and looked up at him through the mirror. “Instant noodles? Is that the name of this thing?”

Hearing her question, Zou Wuhan was a little surprised. Where did this young lady live before? She is very lacking in common knowledge.

“Yes. We need to cook it before we eat it. But it can be eaten directly too. It’s just not tasty and dry.” He answered her while keeping his eyes on the road.


He heard her mumbling to herself and looked at her again. She still looked at the package of instant noodles, but didn’t say whether she wanted to eat it or not. With a smile in his eyes, he looked away from her and concentrated on driving. They will reach the border of the desert and pass a densely populated city before reaching the base.

Zhu Lin, who was sitting in the back, finally put the package of instant noodles back in the box and looked at the other boxes. This world is really different from the Six Realms. Even the food and clothes look unique. Looking at the boxes one by one, she finally found another interesting thing. It smells sweet and fragrant with dark color in different shapes.

This box contains small bars, small packages and small boxes. She picked up a small bar from the box and sniffed it. It smells sweet with a bit of bitterness. Curious, she looked at the text on the bar, but couldn’t understand it at all. It’s written in a different language.

“What’s the name of this thing?” After giving up reading, she asked Zou Wuhan.

He glanced at the thing in her hand. “Oh, it’s chocolate.”

“Chocolate?” She looked at the five-centimeter bar in her hand and smelled it again. The smell is really fragrant and she loves it.

He glanced at her and asked, “Do you like it?”

She nodded, but her eyes stayed on the small piece of chocolate in her hand. He looked at her and chuckled softly. “I’ll redeem one for you when we get to base. Consider it our meeting gift.”

“This thing still needs to be redeemed?” She asked in surprise.

“Of course.”

He paused before he asked her why she didn’t know such a basic thing. This young lady is different from ordinary people. She lacked even common sense like how to open a car door. As an older one, he should teach her more. With this reason, he started to teach her some basic knowledge of the world.

“After we arrive at the base, you can apply to become a temporary resident or a full-time resident. You need to pay the application fee but I can lend some to you. See that you can kill those mutant scorpions, you should be able to take missions and earn contribution points. These points are used to redeem things or rent a place. You can use it at other bases too.”

Listening to his explanation, Zhu Lin understood that in this world, this contribution point is a kind of currency. She nodded and put the chocolate back in the box. She shouldn’t take other people’s things. “What fees do I have to pay to apply for a temporary resident or a full-time resident? Is it different?”

“Yes. Temporary residents need to pay monthly, otherwise you need to leave the base. Full-time residents pay only once and you can rent or buy a dwelling. For temporary residents, you need to pay one kilogram of staple food every month. For regular residents, you need to pay for five kilograms of staple food.”

“Kilograms? How much does it compare to jins?”

Zou Wuhan began to feel that this young lady is a person who has traveled from ancient times. She doesn’t know kilograms and uses jins instead? He concealed his mind and answered her calmly.

“One kilogram equals two jins. One jin is five hundred grams.”

Nodding, she opened her lips and wanted to ask another question, but something hit their car and the force of the impact pushed the car off the ground.


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