Immortal in The Apocalypse – 03

Chapter 3

Tu Tu jumped off Zhu Lin’s shoulders, scolding them as Zhu Lin stored the nuclei inside her inner palace. “Sneered at my master?! Did she forget that the master just saved their lives?! So angry!”

Chuckled at her rabbit’s big anger, Zhu Lin shook her head helplessly. It seems that she needs to train Tu Tu more in the future. With a flick of her finger, she cleaned the dirty paws of Tu Tu, then picked her up and held the little white rabbit in her arms.

“Alright, alright. You are so small but your temper is so big.”

Tutu looked up at her master’s calm face and pursed her petal-like mouth. “Master, what are your next plans?”

“Didn’t young lady Su say they go to a safe base not far from here? Since we lack information, we should check it out. So far, we have only managed to collect forty-two nuclei from those zombies. Not even close to one low-rank spirit stone. Let’s find a way to get more nuclei.”

“Alright. Tu Tu will follow wherever the master goes.”


Since her injuries are still very serious, she cannot use her divine energy. So she could only walk and can’t use her flying sword. Master and rabbit walked for a day and a night before they stopped.

“Master… Looks like we got lost.”

Zhu Lin : “…..”

Tutu covered her eyes with her paws and sighed inwardly. Her master is smart and powerful, but she has severe direction blindness. Without the Heavenly Emperor, who would pick them up and show them the way? She suddenly misses the benevolent and gentle Heavenly Emperor.

Just as they were thinking while standing in the middle of the desert, a gulu gulu sound came from the sand under their feet. Before the thing touched her feet, Zhu Lin jumped a few meters away lightly. A sharp tail struck, stabbing where she was standing a second before.

“Is this a spiritual beast?” Tu Tu asked curiously, looking at the tail.


They waited for the thing to appear, but the tail got into the sand instead. Not long after, another attack came from under their feet. With a wave of her hand, she summons her sword and parries the attack.


The tail bounced back and was submerged under the sand again. Closing her eyes, she used her divine sense to probe around and found that not only one, but more than ten mutant animals attacked her. She put away her sword and said calmly: “There are at least ten under the sand. Hold tight.”

“Yes, Master.”

Tu Tu stood on her shoulders, grabbing her clothes with her paws, while Zhu Lin took five talismans from her inner palace. According to the law of the Five Elements and Eight Trigrams, the sand falls on the earth system and it is the wood system that can restrain the earth. She threw out those five talismans to form a basic star formation.

Since she couldn’t use divine energy, she could only use the talisman as a medium to make some basic formation. Just the next second after the star formation appeared in front of her, countless vines flew out of the formation and drilled into the sand. The vines quickly tied up what was under the sand accurately and pulled it out.

“Kiii!! Kiii!!”

As those things hung in the air bound by thick vines, the clamor followed. The real body of that thing is a sand scorpion that is more than three meters long, and the largest one is more than ten meters long. The tail color is black-green, and looks poisonous at a glance.

Before the sand scorpion could free themselves, she summoned her sword, jumped to the nearest one and slash off the head. As a sword cultivator, her attacks are always clean and ruthless. One by one, those heads fell on the sand without much blood spilling out.

“Master, these look like demon beasts. But a very weak one.”

She uses a cleansing spell to cleans her sword, and puts it back. Looking at Tu Tu, who flipped over the sand scorpion’s head curiously, she sighed again. It looks like her rabbit likes to play in the dirt.

“Did you find something?”

Tu Tu pulled the same stone from the sand scorpion head and showed the stone to her. “Master, the stones of these beasts are better than those of the zombies.”

She picked up the stone on Tu Tu’s dirty paw and looked at it. “You are right.”

She turned her attention to the sand scorpions. The dark energy surrounding them slowly dissipated into the air, mixing with the other energies in the air.

“Master, something is coming.”

Tu Tu’s sweet voice pulled her back from her thoughts. She flicked her fingers, put the nuclei collected by Tu Tu into her inner palace after cleaning it, cleaned up the rabbit again and waited. They lost and these people really came just in time.

Broom~ Broom~

The strange sound was getting closer and louder. Tu Tu covered her long ears with her furry paws and got closer to her. After waiting for a few minutes, she saw three strange things parked not far away. The loud voice disappeared and after a while, six people came out of the weird thing.

Those people were dressed in black and their clothes looked weird. Clothes were glued to the body, and many things were tied around the legs and waist. Really indecent. They hold strange things in their hands and Zhu Lin guesses it was a weapon. They walked up to her and stood at a distance of two meters.

“Did you kill those mutant scorpions?”

The man was wearing a mask and she couldn’t see his face. She nodded, her eyes fixed on them. A glasses man standing behind the first man smiled and looked at her. “The young lady looks young but strong.”

Under their gazes, she observed them calmly. The short man standing behind the glasses man looked at her curiously. “Hey, how old are you? Are you still wearing Hanfu even now?” His tender voice indicated that the short man was still a teenager.

She didn’t know what Hanfu was. But looking at the boy’s eyes, she knew that Hanfu was referring to her clothes. Instead of answering his question, she asked them back. “Excuse me, do any of you know the way to the nearest safe base?”

They looked at each other before the masked man nodded to her. “We know.”

She breathed a sigh of relief and smiled politely at them. “Can you show me the way?”

The middle-aged man standing behind grinned at her, and his lively voice was full of laughter when he spoke. “It’s quite far from here. The nearest place is three hundred kilometers from here.”

Listening to his answer, she pondered for a moment and clasped her fists at them. “Thanks for the information. This one will take her leave.”

She turned and started walking away. The middle-aged man scratched his head and looked at his captain. “The young lady… she went in the wrong direction. Should we bring her together? We’re also on our way back to base.”

The boy laughed and said, “She looks strong, but she has directional blindness.”

The masked man looked at the mutant scorpion corpses on the sand and nodded. “Take the materials.”

The middle-aged man smiled and shouted at Zhu Lin’s back. “Hey, young lady! You are going in the wrong direction! Come with us!”

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