Immortal in The Apocalypse – 02

Chapter 2

When Zhu Lin looked back, she saw a group of people running towards her, followed by a group of living corpses. Tu Tu couldn’t help disdain seeing those humans running away from the slow-moving corpses.

“Humans are really greedy for life and afraid of death. They can easily kill those lowly corpses by themselves as long as they are brave.”

Zhu Lin patted Tu Tu’s head lightly and looked at the humans calmly. “Not everyone has a brave heart. It’s human nature to prioritize themselves.”

“Master is too relaxed.” Tu Tu came out of her palm, lay on her shoulders, and closed her mouth.

[Master, we had better talk like this.]


Zhu Lin smiled and pats Tu Tu again, before turning her attention to the humans and living corpses who came in.

“Help us! Please help us!”

The young woman who ran at the front quickly hid behind Zhu Lin, and the others followed. She looked at the girl in an ancient costume and held a snow-white silver colored sword in front of her, her eyes flickering.

Knowing what the woman hiding behind her was thinking, Zhu Lin didn’t say anything. Human nature is difficult to change. Moving on, she started another round of beheadings. She slashed off the heads while Tu Tu jumped off her shoulders to start collecting the stones in those heads. Owner and rabbit worked together to remove more than twenty living corpses in one minute.

[Master, it seems that not all corpses have stones in their heads. Of the twenty-two corpses, only ten had stones.]

Zhu Lin shook off the dark colored blood from her sword and nodded.

[I know. The corpse moves differently. Some are slower and stiffer than others. Those with stones have thicker dark energy around them.]

Tu Tu jumped back on her shoulder with the stone and spoke telepathically. [Then the corpse also has ranks like demon beasts?]

[Maybe. We need more information to draw conclusions.]

While the owner and the rabbit were still talking, those people fell to the ground, gasping for breath. The woman hiding behind her walked towards her with a smile, but the greed in her eyes couldn’t escape Zhu Lin’s eyes. The woman looked at Zhu Lin’s clean clothes and beautiful face with jealousy in her eyes, and her eyes moved to the stone on Tu Tu’s paw.

“This young lady, you are so strong. You can kill those zombies effortlessly. My name is Su Yueniang. Is this rabbit your pet?”

Zhu Lin looked at her and smiled slightly. “This one name is Zhu Lin. And this is Tu Tu, my companion.”

Su Yueniang felt that this young lady’s way of speech was just like those actors in ancient dramas. Maybe she has a secondary disease? Just when she was busy thinking and guessing, Zhu Lin’s clear voice came.

“Just now, you called these corpses zombies?”

Su Yueniang looked at her strangely, but the smile on her face became brighter and brighter. She nodded, looking at the corpses on the ground in disgust.

“Yes. We call these corpses zombies. I just saw your rabbit pick up a lot of stones from the heads of zombies. Those are zombie’s nuclei.”

She saw that Zhu Lin was listening, and felt that this young lady was inferior to her, before continuing to explain proudly. “Two months ago, the world suddenly changed. Many people became zombies, animals transformed into monsters, the air and water were polluted. It’s really hard to survive now. Don’t you know?”

Zhu Lin shook her head as Su Yueniang smiled and stared at her. The pity in her eyes showed clearly. Tu Tu patted Zhu Lin’s shoulder very dissatisfied.

[Calm down.]

Su Yueniang didn’t care about their interaction as she still talked about common sense. “Zombies and monsters have become stronger and stronger over time. Look at you, are you a water system ability user?”

“Ability user?”

Su Yueniang frowned and looked at her contemptuously. Don’t tell her this young lady is an ordinary person. She has good skin and looks very beautiful. This is a common feature of water system ability users. Su Yueniang tried her best to hide her contempt, opened her palm and a small water drop appeared, floating in her palm.

Tu Tu looked at her palm and became excited. [Master, master! It’s water energy!]

[I know. It looks like humans have the same stones in their heads as those corpses.]

Tu Tu glanced at her master, hesitated for a moment, and asked: [Master… You don’t plan to open the human head, right?]

She glanced lightly at the little white rabbit and looked away. Seeing that its master didn’t speak, Tu Tu just kept her mouth shut and behaved.

“I am a water ability user.” Zhu Lin looked at the proud Su Yueniang and nodded.

Not getting any reaction, Su Yueniang’s smile stiffened. “Young lady, look at your face, you look so young. Do you want to join my team? We’re going to a safe base not far from here.”

[Master, don’t go with her. Looking at her greedy eyes, even my rabbit brain knows she wants to use us as freelancers.]

Zhu Lin smiled when she heard what Tu Tu just said. She calmly looked at the other humans who were already standing behind Su Yueniang. They only have small injuries.

“Sorry, I prefer to go alone. Thank you for your kind invitation.”

Seeing her rejection, Su Yueniang sneered and turned around. Tossing her hair, she glanced at Zhu Lin and said, “Then don’t regret it. Let’s go.”

The group led by Su Yueniang walked away, leaving behind the angry Tu Tu and the calm Zhu Lin.

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