Immortal in The Apocalypse – 01

Chapter 1

“…ter… Master! Master, wake up!”

Feeling a soft paw on her face, Zhu Lin frowned. Her body hurts like being crushed by a mountain, and she can’t feel any divine energy in her dantian.


“I heard you.” She said with a hoarse voice.

She opened her eyes and saw a soft white paw that enlarged before it touched her eyes. Raising her hand, she picked up the palm-sized white rabbit from her face and sat up from the ground.

“Tu Tu, why are you so flustered? You forgot my teaching?”

Tu Tu looked at her master and hated that iron was not steel. Her four paws moved frantically in the air, looking left and right at the same time. “Master! Look at your surroundings!”

Zhu Lin looked away from the bunny and saw a group of corpses walking towards them. The black aura around those corpses also scattered in the air. She frowned enough to crush a mosquito to death.

She got up from the ground, drew her sword, went to the corpses, and began to behead their heads. This kind of walking corpse is not uncommon in the Six Realms. With dark energy, they can move and also have the power to kill. The stronger the dark energy, the stronger the corpse.

Seeing that Master could easily chop off those heads, Tu Tu breathed a sigh of relief and patted her chest with her furry paws.


When Tu Tu heard her master’s calm voice, it jumped out of Zhu Lin’s palm and stayed on her shoulder. After a while, her sweet childish voice came. “I don’t know why there is dark energy everywhere.”

Glancing at the little white rabbit on her shoulder, Zhu Lin knew that this rabbit was not good at explaining. As she slashed off the walking corpse’s head, she asked calmly, “Where are we?”

“I don’t know” Tu Tu shook her little head left and right.

“Where are the others?” Another ten rotten heads fly off from the shoulders.

“Sleeping in the master’s inner palace.”


Tu Tu suddenly became energetic. The petal-like pink mouth moves with the small white round tail.

“I know this! When the master slashed towards the last purple lightning, the space ruptured. In order to save the master’s life, the others forcibly broke the sealed inner palace and used up their strength to drag the master to the void, avoiding the last purple lightning. When we got here, they couldn’t stay awake anymore. Shuang asked me to take care of the master and they all went back to the master’s inner palace to heal their wounds and recover their divine energy.”

Listening to Tu Tu’s explanation, Zhu Lin knew that they used the space void to come to another world. It was really reckless to do so but they were also lucky to be able to get out of the void of space. Otherwise, they will turn into dust, floating in the endless dark void. Even the Primordial God Nuwa couldn’t save them.

“I understand.”

She quickly cleared the surrounding walking corpses within minutes. Tu Tu jumped off her shoulders and walked towards a severed head on the ground. The white rabbit poked the rotten head curiously.

“Master, look at this. There is something in the head.”

Flicking the long sword to clean up the sticky blood, she walked towards Tu Tu. The little rabbit rummaged over the corpse’s head and took out a white stone from its head. The stone looks cloudy and irregular in shape. Zhu Lin looked at the dirty paw holding the stone and sighed helplessly.

“Look at your paws. So dirty.”

Tu Tu jumped towards her and lifted her dirty paws. “Look at this, master.”

Zhu Lin squatted down and picked up the dirty stone from Tu Tu’s paws. She looked at the stone, her eyes flickering. “Spiritual energy?”

“Um. The strange thing is that these devil things have stones with spiritual energy in their brains.” As Tu Tu said, she rummaged through other severed heads and picked up the stones.

Standing up, Zhu Lin closed her eyes and felt the energy around her. After a few seconds, she opened her eyes and deep in thought.

“How is it, master?”

She looked at the busy white rabbit and said, “This world is strange. The air contains thin energy, but all kinds of energy are mixed together. There is no divine energy, immortal energy nor spiritual energy at all. There is only dark energy and elemental energy. I couldn’t feel the Heavenly Dao either.”

She looked at the stone in her palm and continued. “But this stone contains spiritual energy, just like a spirit stone. Unfortunately, the energy in this stone is only one percent of that of a low-rank spirit stone. To recover from my injuries and repair my meridians and dantian, I need countless such stones.”

Tu Tu came back with a lot of stones, put them on the ground, and went back to pick up the stones in the other head. The busy rabbit looked at the calm face of its owner. “So, can the master absorb energy from the air? Isn’t it faster?”

“I can’t. The energy is too thin and mixed together. Even the mortal realm contains spiritual energy that is richer and purer than this world. The only way is to either absorb energy from these stones or use spirit gathering formation. If I use the spirit gathering formation, the energy of this world will disappear completely in less than an hour.”

Tu Tu came back, put another pile of stones on the ground, and looked up at her. “Then… we can’t go back?”

Looking at the depressed rabbit, she picked it up with a smile. “Don’t worry. Although I can’t absorb divine energy here, we can collect spiritual energy from these stones. Besides, have you forgotten that your master has an inner palace? I am a god, and my inner palace is like an independent world. The divine energy inside will slowly recover. When the energy there is enough, I can extract it, open the space void, and return to the Six Realms.”

Looking at the master’s clear eyes, Tu Tu calmed down. That’s right. Her master is the only true god in the Six Realms beside the Heavenly Emperor and she almost became a Primordial God. The strongest of the six realms. There is nothing she can’t do. Tu Tu nodded, his eyes brightened, and his small petal-like mouth moved.

“Um. Tu Tu believed that master could do it!”

Zhu Lin patted the little rabbit’s head, flicked her fingers to clean those stones before stuffed it into her inner palace, and flicked her fingers again to clean up their bodies. Before she could move her footsteps, a cry came from behind.

“Help! Please help us!”

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