Yu XinYue – 03

Chapter 3

“Ngh..” Yu XinYue woke up from her long dream and let out a groan.

Her eyelashes fluttered slightly and she slowly opened her eyes. She noticed that she was still in the space but this time, she could see all the places in the space in her mind.

She could even clearly see the wind-swept grass on the mountain peaks. Looking around, the space looked different from the ones she had created before. There are many plants and animals she has never seen before. Not to mention the buildings that appear out of thin air.

She propped herself up and looked for the black wolf cub but was nowhere to be seen. It seemed that the black wolf cub had disappeared. Not noticing that the jade token and bracelet disappeared from her waist and wrist, she stood up and walked towards the bamboo house near the lake.

The design of the bamboo house is simple, and all the furniture in it is made of bamboo. The house looks simple yet gives a cozy feeling. It can soothe people’s nerves when the bamboo leaves are rustled by the wind.

She took a deep breath to calm her chaotic mind and tense nerves. During the course of a day, she experienced a lot of bizarre things. She needs time to digest what’s going on and what she should do next.

What happened to her can only be found in those fantasy stories. She never thought it would happen to her one day.

She sat on a stone chair by a plum tree in the front yard of the bamboo house. Closing her eyes, she recalled what had happened before she came to her conclusion. She was struck by lightning while standing in front of her house and woke up in an unfamiliar world. Afterwards, she was sent to this place before she lost consciousness.

So what happened next? She can’t remember. She felt like she had a long dream, but she couldn’t remember anything. She rubbed her temples and let out a long sigh.

‘Maybe I should look around and try to find any information about this place.‘ She stood up and walked into the bamboo house.

Inside the bamboo house, there are several rooms. A living room with a round table in the middle, a few chairs, a cabinet full of jade bottles and dried medicinal materials, and a screen to separate the living room from the inner room.

Behind the screen, there is a small room which is covered with a four-square-meter bamboo mattress with a bonfire in the middle. A bronze kettle hangs above the stove and a tea set is placed on a small table beside the bamboo mattress.

She saw that there was an antique round door about five meters away from the bamboo mattress, connecting the room to the backyard. On the other side of the round door, she saw a one-meter-wide balcony made of bamboo.

Walking on the balcony, she saw a small hot spring on the left, full of cabinets and toiletries. On the right is a small garden full of colorful flowers and a lotus pond in the corner of the backyard.

She walked back to the inner room, looking left and right, it was a study room full of jade slips and ancient bamboo scrolls. She had never seen the words on those scrolls and jade slips but strangely, she understood the meaning from those words.

Walking out of the study, there is a bedroom opposite the study. The bedroom is adorned with a thin strip of purple silk that hangs from above to the floor, acting as a screen dividing the bedroom into sections.

She passed by the thin purple silk and saw a round bed with a soft white mattress, a few pillows embroidered with lotus flowers and a soft, thick blanket. Touching the bed, she felt a soft and cool feeling from her fingertips into her body and she couldn’t help sighing contentedly.

To the right of the bed, there is a huge round window with a view of the lake. If viewed from the bed, it looks like a painting. A low table and cushions sit next to the table, ideal for a nap or reading while enjoying the breeze.

This bamboo house is beautiful even though it is made of bamboo. Although she didn’t know what materials the house was built and decorated with, she knew the place was a perfect example of simplicity and luxury.

Smelling the faint sweet fragrance in the air, she saw a small blue incense burner emitting soft blue light in the corner of the room. She doesn’t know who the owner of this place is, but this place is really to her liking. It was as if the place was built based on her preference.

She smiled and shook her head, putting away the ridiculous idea. In her 26 years of life, she was just an ordinary person. It’s just that her brain is a bit better than everyone else’s, but that’s no genius either.

When she inspected the house, she found that there was a kitchen built behind the bamboo house with complete cooking utensils. The problem is, there are no ingredients at all. Without anything to work with, even a good chef also couldn’t cook anything.

She clutched her rumbling stomach with a pitiful look on her face. Suddenly, one image after another flashed in her mind. It turned out that there are many mountains in this place, filled with all kinds of ingredients. Not to mention those grasslands, forests, seas, and even floating mountains in the sky.

But for her without spiritual energy, collecting these materials is an impossible task for her. Just when she was sighing about her poor situation, looking at the peach tree in her mind, she was drooling when a big round peach appeared in her hand. Seeing the big round peach in her hand, she was stunned.

‘What is happening? This peach suddenly appeared, is this real?’

She rubbed the peaches in both hands, it felt very real. She leaned closer to the peach and smelled it. The scent of peach crept into her small delicate nose and made her feel refreshed. This was the first time she had seen such a delicious, fresh and fragrant peach.

Swallowing her saliva, she hesitated for a while and finally took a bite of the peach. When she took a bite of the peach, a burst of juice poured into her mouth. It tasted sweet and cool, but as she swallowed the juice, a warm current flowed into her body.

The warm current surrounded her body and finally landed on her pubic bone. She didn’t know that the warm current was spiritual qi and that place is her dantian. She ate a spiritual peach to fill her stomach.

Because peaches are big while her appetite is small, she feels full after eating only one peach. As her “salted fish” sisters often say, when the stomach is full, the eyelids will loosen. And now, she feels sleepy after filling her stomach.

Glancing at the soft and fluffy bed, she walked over, lay down under the quilt, and fell asleep. She didn’t know that in her dantian, the black wolf cub was absorbing spiritual qi from the spiritual peach. Whenever the aura was absorbed by it, its weak little soul glowed with a soft red light and then a thin layer of black mist enveloped its whole body.

At the same time, in a floating mountain, a man wearing a black robe with a red pattern embroidered on it slowly opened his eyes from a state of meditation. His pupils shone with golden color, then slowly dimmed into a deep emerald color.

Looking down at his left palm, the man clenched his left palm and opened it again. An image of a black wolf cub curled up into a small ball floats above the man’s palm. His deep eyes lit up slightly, and the corners of his lips curved up. That cold and ruthless face, with that smile, turned the stone cold man into a charming and handsome man.

“Finally, I found it.” A deep magnetic voice reverberated in a huge room covered with black crystal that glistened like stars.


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