Yu XinYue – 02

Chapter 2

Yu Xinyue opened her eyes and found herself floating in space, surrounded by billions of stars. The lack of gravity made her feel nauseous.

She hugged the little black wolf cub tightly, not knowing what happened and she was a little worried. If only she could stand on solid ground. Thinking of this, the entire space distorted and slowly changed its shape.

Feeling the dizziness getting worse, she closed her eyes. The next moment, she opened her eyes and saw a vast grassland in front of her. 

‘Where am I now? Am I being teleported again?’

Looking down at her birthday outfit, she felt embarrassed. 

‘I should have found something to cover myself first.’

The next moment, an ancient costume appeared in front of her. She stared at the clothes with wide eyes, full of shock.

“Xiao HeiLang, what do you think is going on here? No matter what I think of, it will appear in the next second.” She asked while stroking the wolf cub’s fur.

The black wolf cub yawned, closed its eyes and gave her no response.

Forget it, now no matter what happens, I have to cover myself first. She thought while holding that set of clothes. With that thought, the clothing wrapped itself around her body. A few seconds later, she was already wearing that dress.

These ancient clothes are made of unknown materials. It feels so soft and cool on her skin. A breeze blew by and her clothes fluttered in the wind. These dresses really fit her figure like her second skin.

Soft purple, embroidered with spider lilies at the hem, these clothes make her aura more mysterious. She looks ethereal.

Even her hair was done. A red jade hairpin was used to hold her “fairy bun” hairstyle and the rest of the hair was placed loosely behind her back. Without other accessories, she looks elegant and noble. On her wrist, there is a black bracelet with red lines around it. Touching it, she could feel its pulse.

On her belt, there is a jade token engraved with a wolf and fox pattern. Iridescent light emanated from it, purple crackles and some reddish-black mist swirling around it.

‘Is this place the legendary space of that Xianxia genre?’

She was lost in thought as she played with the bracelet on her wrist. Moments later, she tried to remember the residence she had built when playing online games with her sisters to pass the time.

Thinking of this, the space began to vibrate and a mountain appeared in the distance. Covering a lot of land, the mountain got higher and higher until she could no longer see the top of the mountain. At the same time, clouds appeared in the sky and the sun, moon and stars appeared one by one, creating day and night in this space. Occasionally, thunder can be heard in the wind.

Colorful flowers and trees sprout from the grasslands, creating a forest and garden. Near the forest, there is a lake that looks so clear and shiny. Looking up, it turns out that the lake is connected to the waterfall on the mountain. Between waterfalls and the lake, there are rivers dividing the land. Because the mountain was covered with clouds, the waterfall seemed to fall from the sky and there was a rainbow in the middle of the waterfall.

Yu Xinyue spent a long time creating and transforming the space into her ideal “residence” design. After finished, she looked at the sleepy black wolf cub. She squatted down, touched its head and said, “Xiao HeiLang, should we go out from here?”

The black wolf curled up on the ground with its eyes closed. Suddenly, she felt a splitting headache, her brain felt like it was being smashed by a hammer. Holding her head, she felt her body soften and fell to the ground before losing consciousness.

The bracelet and jade token on her body trembled and flew up. It stopped in mid-air in front of her. The black wolf opened its eyes and approached her.


With a howl of the black wolf cub, the bracelet and jade token rushed into her body. A red light flashed in the black wolf’s eyes, then disappeared before entering her ocean consciousness. At that moment, Yu XinYue felt that she had a very long dream.

In her dream, she saw a man born from nothingness in a place without time and matter. The man curled up into a fetal position and slept for a long time. His hair grew longer and longer until it covered his entire body.

Until one day, he opened his eyes. She tried to see his features, but no matter what she did, she couldn’t see clearly. It was as if fog enveloped the man’s facial features. She witnessed how that man created galaxy after galaxy. His words became the way of heaven between heaven and earth.

She felt that even though this man possessed a whole world and immeasurable power, he looked very lonely. With a wave of his hand, he can destroy anything or anyone he wants. However, he stands alone on his throne, high above. Seeing that man’s lonely back, her heart tightened.

She has witnessed the journey of his life. His happiness, his sadness, his anger, his loneliness, his justice, his good, his evil, his everything. Until a certain moment, he created a man with his own heart blood. It was supposed to be a sacrifice to create another galaxy but before he sacrificed it, at his weakest, he fell into the schemes of his most trusted creation.

They stripped his soul from his body and burned it in an eternal flame for millions of years. However, this is still not enough for them. They sacrificed his soul for immeasurable power. They wanted to erase his existence.

At this point, she realized that this was her dream all along. She shouted at the man with all her strength. “Run! They want to kill you!”

But no matter how she shouted, no one could hear what she said. She could only watch helplessly as they sacrificed his soul. She saw his soul being sent far away. Floating alone for billions of years before a small light finally appeared.

His soul moved towards the light source, trying to find warmth before they became one. She closed her eyes as a dazzling light shot from the center of the souls. She heard an explosion before she felt a force hit her and throw her away.


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