Yu XinYue – 01

Chapter 1

In the night sky covered with billions of stars, a star suddenly fell from the sky. It flies faster than the speed of light.

When it reached a snow-covered peak, it stopped and floated in mid-air. It looks like a circular white light covered in a rainbow of light with purple crackling around it. Sometimes there are golden particles moving around.

The white light began to shake, heaven and earth moved with it. Between heaven and earth, there is a mist-like substance that seeps into the white light. The mist-like substance became thicker and thicker until it turned into a cocoon that enveloped the white light. The thunder roared, the sky and the earth split open.

After a while, the white light brightened. A rainbow of colors shines from it, illuminating the surrounding mountains. Suddenly, a purple sky thunder blasted towards the white light. All light, particles, elements, and Qi are absorbed by the white light, forming a vortex.

After the light dissipated, a girl floated in the white light. With her eyes closed, like a fairy, she descends to earth. Everything has returned to calm, as if nothing had happened before. Only the cracks in the earth and the mountains are the evidence of this magical night.


The next morning……

Yu Xinyue’s eyelashes trembled and she slowly opened her eyes.

“Engh…” She wanted to move, but she felt pain all over her body. She felt her body being crushed and her head felt so heavy.

After several more tries, she was finally able to open her eyes. What she saw was the blue sky, the white clouds fluttering, and she could feel the cool breeze blowing across her face. It made her feel comfortable.

The sun rose from the horizon, and the surrounding clouds were dazzling gold. It looks beautiful. She was stunned for a while before she came back to her senses, feeling that something touched her finger.

She looked down and saw a black wolf cub lying beside her with its tail touching her finger. When the sun shines on its black fur, it sparkles like crystal. She had never seen such a beautiful wolf before. Although its fur looks firm, it feels so smooth and soft.

She felt the connection with this black wolf cub. Somewhere in her soul, she knew this was her companion.

She moved her hand and patted the black wolf cub’s head. The black wolf cub turned around and looked at her. It has a pair of clear and bright emerald eyes, as if it can see through your soul and look directly at her. She was stunned when she saw those eyes.

After lying down for a while, she felt a little hot in her throat. She pushed her body and sat up. Looking around, she was stunned by the suffocating scenery around her.

When she saw the sky before, she didn’t find anything special. It is only more beautiful than other sunrise landscapes. But when she saw the whole picture, it turned into a spectacular picture.

She saw rows of peaks covered with snow. Those mountains are covered in rainbow colors. One mountain is pink and the other is covered in purple. Sometimes clouds drift over those peaks.

Looking down, she saw that she was sitting on a green field. These grasses grow so tall. It almost reached her chest when she was in a seated position.

She stood up slowly, picked up the black wolf cub, and walked down from the top of the mountain with it. Every time she took a step, she felt the pain under her feet climbed to the top of her head.

She walked until she couldn’t feel her feet anymore, before she finally saw a river. She quickened her pace regardless of the stinging pain in her body.

Arriving by the river, she squatted down, put down the black wolf cub beside her, and then scooped up the water in the river with her palm. She fed the cubs first, and then scooped more for herself.

After taking a few more sips, she finally breathed a sigh of relief when she felt her burning throat was better. She glanced at the river and was stunned. Inside, she saw a very beautiful woman looking at her with her eyes open, her lips slightly parted.

She was startled and fell on her bottom. Taking a few deep breaths, she slowly crawled to the river and took a peek at it. Sure enough, she saw the lady again. She touch her face, and the lady also touched her face. She squeezed her cheek, and the lady squeezed hers too.

Um? Is that me?

Yu Xinyue fell into contemplation, and then slowly remembered what happened. It felt like yesterday when she was struck by lightning.

So, is she dead? So is this place an afterlife? Well, not right. She felt pain all over her body. Suddenly, a strange conclusion came to her mind. Did she transmigrate when she died?

She had read her sister’s novels before. The most commonly used theme is reincarnation or rebirth after death. Considering that she had never seen this place in google’s pictures before, she felt that she was more likely to be transmigrated rather than reborn. Also, this face is not hers. Did she possess someone else’s body?

Glancing at the river’s surface, she finally saw her figure clearly. Beautiful curved eyebrows, long black eyelashes fluttering like butterfly wings, a slender nose, rosy cheeks, lips as smooth and glossy as cherry blossoms, and a melon-seed-like face, these five facial features combined are simply breathtaking.

Approaching, she saw that her body had a golden ratio. She has a curvaceous figure, slender fingers like fine jade, long straight and slender legs, and cute little feet, with body as soft as willows. Her skin is fair and tender, and her physique is top-notch.

She touched her head and felt a long, thick silky hair. It was so smooth and soft to the touch that it slipped out of her fingers when she tried to grab it.

She is very satisfied with this body. But her favorite thing is her eyes. She has phoenix eyes with bright black pupils. The white part is very clear. Looking closely, she found that her eyes glowed with different colors as her mood changed. There are billions of stars in her eyes.

After admiring her figure for a long time, she finally noticed that she was wearing her birthday outfit! No wonder she doesn’t feel right! She folded her arms and squatted down, making a deafening scream that echoed through the mountains. Her mind was a mess and she felt dizzy.


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