Yu XinYue – 00


A night without the moon or stars. The weather was overcast and cloudy with lightning. Inside the hospital, a young woman in a white doctor’s coat fell asleep on the table. She muttered to herself in her sleep.

“Don’t kill him! Run!!”

Her forehead and back were covered in cold sweat, and she woke up with an exclamation.

Rubbing her forehead, she noticed her sweat.

“It’s this dream again. Maybe I’ve been too tired recently.” Yu Xinyue said while massaging her temples. She got up and packed her things and put them in the cabinet.

She is a young lady from a working-class family. After years of study, her hard work paid off and she graduated from the best medical school in the country as one of the best students.

Her features and size are average, and no one notices her when she walks through the crowd. Unlike her sister Feng Zhi Jiu who is so beautiful, or another sister Han Luoye who is so lively and cute, the only thing that she is good at is study. 

The reason why she devoted herself to medicine is to cure her sister Feng Zhijiu’s illness. That’s why she studied Eastern and Western medicine. She even learned traditional acupuncture from an abbess.

After visiting the patient, she walked to her office. Looking at the clock on her wrist, it was past midnight.

Turning off the laptop and picking up the bag, she walked to the door and turned off the light.

The hospital at night was so quiet. The smell of disinfectant is very strong. However, she likes it here.

After driving for an hour, she arrived at their house. After parking the car and getting off, she found that the lights in her sister’s room were still on.

“These two are really… It’s so late and they haven’t slept yet. They really need to be scolded!” Yu Xinyue muttered as she walked towards the door.

The moment she pressed the door lock, she heard a crackling sound behind her. Before she could turn around, she felt a heavy blow from the top of her head. That blow brought her pain worse than death. She felt that her soul was torn apart and her body was burned to ashes. She lost consciousness.

Her soul flew out of her body in a few seconds, flew into the night sky, and then appeared in a space without time and matter, floating there quietly. Suddenly, the space was torn apart, and another soul floated beside her. Her soul is pure white, with some purple flickering around it, and sometimes golden particles can be seen.

The other soul is pure black without any color. No light can illuminate this soul. Only dark red clouds and purple sparks swirled around it. When these two souls come into contact with each other, suction is created and pulls these souls together. As they spin, they get closer and closer until they become one.

As they spin faster and faster, a rainbow of colors glows from its middle. When the iridescent gets so bright, it explodes into billions of particles, shooting in every direction at the same time.

These particles form stars and become the universe. Time begins to move in this space for the first time. The white and black soul became transparent and slowly dissipated until only a small part remained. The white soul flies to the left, while the black soul flies the other direction.


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